Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Government Operations


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522 페이지 - Department of Health. Education, and Welfare Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of the Interior Department of Justice Department of Labor Department of State Department of...
36 페이지 - ... or used, and the amount of that portion of the cost of the project or undertaking supplied by other sources, and such other records as will facilitate an effective audit.
20 페이지 - ... decent, safe and sanitary dwellings. The housing, so far as practicable, shall be in areas not generally less desirable in regard to public utilities, public and commercial facilities and at rents or prices within the financial means of the families and individuals displaced and equal in number to the number of such displaced families or individuals and reasonably accessible to their places of employment.
30 페이지 - Director shall direct. (b) Such further measures and dispositions as the Director of the Bureau of the Budget shall deem to be necessary In order to effectuate the transfers...
25 페이지 - ... assuring that employees are protected against coercion for partisan political purposes and are prohibited from using their official authority for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or a nomination for office.
14 페이지 - The consent of the Congress is hereby given to any two or more States to enter into agreements or compacts, not in conflict with any law of the United States, for cooperative efforts and mutual assistance in the...
34 페이지 - In the performance of, and with respect to, the functions, powers, and duties...
168 페이지 - Also, the Comptroller General, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Director of the Bureau of the Budget conduct a continuous program for the improvement of accounting and financial reporting.
8 페이지 - displaced person" means any person who moves from real property on or after the effective date of this chapter as a result of the acquisition or reasonable expectation of acquisition of such real property, which is subsequently acquired, in whole or in part, for...
58 페이지 - Office, containing recommendations concerning the legislation he may deem necessary to facilitate the prompt and accurate rendition and settlement of accounts and concerning such other matters relating to receipt, disbursement, and application of public funds as he may think advisable. In such regular report, or in special reports at any time when Congress is in session, he shall make recommendations looking to greater economy or efficiency in public expenditures.

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