The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808

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20 페이지 - What prospect of success from an apostate? On whom I cannot look without disdain ; And who will read her shame upon my brow. The hardest trial of a generous mind Is to court favours from a hand it scorns. Cha. Think it is Lusignan we seek to serve.
27 페이지 - What mean'st thou ? They were infant slaves together ; Friends should part kind, who are to meet no more. When Zara asks, I will refuse her nothing : Restraint was never made for those we love. Down with those rigours of the proud seraglio ; I hate its laws — where blind austerity Sinks virtue to necessity. — My blood Disclaims your Asian jealousy ; — I hold The fierce, free plainness of my Scythian ancestors, Their open confidence, their honest hate, Their love unfearing, and their anger bold.
19 페이지 - I'll go, and in the anguish of my heart Weep o'er my child If he must die, my life Is wrapt in his, I shall not long survive. 'Tis for his sake that I have suffer'd life, Groan'd in captivity, and outlived Hector.
36 페이지 - Bir. Live ever in these arms. Isa. But pardon me, Excuse the wild disorder of my soul ; The joy, the strange surprising joy of seeing you, Of seeing you again, distracted me Bir.
19 페이지 - A temple sav'd us, till the slaughter ceas'd ; Then were we sent to this ill-fated city, Here, in the palace of our former kings, To learn, from Saracens, their hated faith. And be completely wretched. Zara, too, Shar'd this captivity; we both grew up So near each other, that a tender friendship Endear'd her to my wishes : My fond heart...
44 페이지 - To give me any comfort, if she could : Lost to herself — as quickly I shall be To all the world — Horrors come fast around me ; My mind is overcast — the gath'ring clouds Darken the prospect— I approach the brink, And soon must leap the precipice ! Oh ! Heav'n ! [Kneels. While yet my senses are my own, thus kneeling...
30 페이지 - O, this separation Has made you dearer, if it can be so, Than you were ever to me. You appear Like a kind star to my benighted steps, To guide me on my way to happiness : I cannot miss it now.
14 페이지 - The frailer flesh, and bow my body down : But there's another, nobler part of me, Out of your reach, which you can never tame.
36 페이지 - I was preserved but to be made a slave : I often writ to my hard father, but never had An answer ; I writ to thee too Isa.
36 페이지 - I'm thy debtor my deliverer ! Laer. No, valiant prince, you over-rate my service : There is a worthier object of your gratitude Whom yet you know not — Oh, I have to tell — But then, to gain your credit, must unfold, What haply should be secret Be it so ; Yon are all honour.

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