Christ, Muhammad and I

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Mohammad Al Ghazoli was raised a Muslim. But the more he read the ancient literature of Islam, the more convinced he became that Allah could not be the True God. And the more he studied the life of Muhammad, the more obvious it became that Muhammad was not God's prophet. Then one day, someone placed a Bible in his hands and said, "Read." Soon Ghazoli had found the True God, and forgiveness through His Son. This book isn't just Ghazoli's testimony. It is much more than that. It contains the facts from the literature of Islam that shows why Allah can't possibly be the True God. It gives proof from Islam itself that whenever Muhammad wanted more wives, or riches, or when he had a problem, Gabriel was always standing by, ready to give another verse to exempt Muhammad from the law and morality. How convenient!

Many of the stories in the book will be unfamiliar to the Western reader, but very familiar to Muslims. It is this inside view of things that makes the book so powerful as a witnessing tool for Muslims. Over and over again, Ghazoli asks, Is this the behavior of a prophet who was sent by God? What kind of god would send a prophet like that? The arguments contained in this book will give you powerful evidence you can show to Muslims you may try to witness to. Because it is written by a respected Arab writer, who was an advisor to the Arab league and even to Libyan ruler Qhadaffi, you can give the book to a Muslim and tell him, "Read."

Learn about:
  • The 220 contradictions in the Quran. 
  • Verses which reverse and replace prior verses. Did Allah make a mistake? 
  • The verses used to justify terrorism. 
  • Even the Quran admits Jesus was crucified! Then it denies it. 
  • Muhammad's 23 marriages, including one to a little girl.

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The I
Allahs Messenger or Man with a Message?
Muhammads 23 Marriages
The Dictator the King of Racism
Terrorism and Intimidation in Islam
Is the Quran GodSent or ManMade?
Christ vs Muhammad
Christ in The Quran
Was the Bible Altered?
How The Quran Distorts The Bible
Muslim Rituals
Suicide Bombers and Paradise
Appendix A
Appendix B

The Cross and The Crucified

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