The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, 10권

Sir David Brewster, Robert Jameson
Archibald Constable, 1824
Contains the proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Wernerian Natural History Society, etc.

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128 페이지 - The days of our age are three score years and ten; and though men be so strong, that they come to four score years; yet is their strength then but labour and sorrow; so soon passeth it away, and we are gone.
378 페이지 - What — the blude and stomach ? NORTH. Just so, James. Apparitions are likewise considered by him as nothing more than ideas, or the recollected images of the mind, which have been rendered more vivid than actual impressions.
186 페이지 - ... surface became elevated into a small cone above each of the wires ; waves flowed off in all directions from these cones ; and the only point of rest was apparently where they met in the centre of the mercury between the two wires. On holding the pole of a powerful...
305 페이지 - In 283 common with the inhabitants of Koonawur, the greater part of them have a flint and steel for striking fire, attached to their apparel by a metal chain. The women, whose dress resembles that of the men, were literally groaning under a load of ornaments, which are mostly of iron or brass, inlaid with silver or tin, and beads round their necks, wrists, and ankles, and affixed to almost every part of their clothes.
365 페이지 - Change, the higher notes hardly attracted the elephant's notice, but the low ones roused his attention. The effect of the higher notes of the pianoforte upon the great lion in Exeter Change was only to excite his attention, which was very great. He remained silent and motionless. But no sooner were the flat notes sounded, than he sprang up, attempted to break loose, lashed his tail, and seemed so furious and enraged as to frighten the female spectators.
365 페이지 - Boncourt, having its broad base resting on the ground, and its summit lost in the clouds. It consisted of a thick and blackish vapour, in the middle of which were often seen flames in several directions. Advancing along with the storm, it broke or tore up by the roots, in the space of a league, seven or eight hundred trees of different sizes, and at last burst with great violence in the village of Marchepoy, one half of the houses of which were instantly destroyed. The walls, overturned to their...
379 페이지 - In the succeeding, and by far the most considerable part of this treatise, the research is of a novel kind. Since apparitions are ideas equalling or exceeding in vividness actual impressions, there ought to be some important and definite laws of the mind which have given rise to this undue degree of vividness. " It is therefore chiefly for the purpose of explaining such laws, that the present dissertation is written. But I here enter into a perfectly new field of research, where far greater difficulties...
378 페이지 - Sam very ingeniously points out that, in well-authenticated ghost-stories, of a supposed supernatural character, the ideas which are rendered so unduly intense, as to induce spectral illusions, may be traced to such fantastical...
378 페이지 - February 1823, at li> 10' p. M., in E. Long. 85" 33', and N. Lat. 52°, experienced a shock similar to that of an earthquake. A tremulous motion of the vessel, as if it were passing over a coral rock, alarmed all on board, and this was accompanied with a loud rumbling noise, both of which continued two or three minutes. As the ship was going only...
186 페이지 - I found that when two wires were placed in a basin of mercury perpendicular to the surface, and in the voltaic circuit of a battery with large plates ; and the pole of a powerful magnet held either above or below the wires, the mercury immediately began to revolve round the wire as an axis, according to the...

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