Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Third Edition

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The Analytical-Literal Translation: Third Edition (ALT3) is the most accurate translation of the New Testament available. Its name reflects its main features. "Literal" refers to ALT3 being a word for word translation. All words in the original Greek text are translated. The original grammar is retained as much as possible. Words added for clarity are bracketed. "Analytical" refers to the detailed "analysis" done on the grammar of the text, which is then translated in a way that brings out "nuances" often missed in other translations. "Analytical" also refers to aids included within the text which enable the reader to "analyze" and understand the text. ALT3 is based on the most up-to-date and accurate Greek Text, the Byzantine Majority Text: Second Edition.

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Based on the reliable Majority text similar to KJV

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This reads like the Amplified Bible, but it also translates the verb tenses more accurately. It is based on the majority Greek text, which I consider to be more reliable than the recent critical text ... 전체 리뷰 읽기

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