Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis: Or, An Account of the Results of Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of Different Grasses and Other Plants Used as the Food of the More Valuable Domestic Animals: Instituted by John, Duke of Bedford. Illustrated with Numerous Figures of the Plants and Seeds Upon which These Experiments Have Been Made ...

James Ridgway, 1826 - 438페이지

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xv 페이지 - Flora rustica; exhibiting accurate figures of such plants as are either useful or injurious in husbandry. Drawn and engraved by FP Nodder . . . With scientific characters, popular descriptions, and useful observations.
383 페이지 - In general those waters which breed the best fish are the best fitted for watering meadows; but most of the benefits of irrigation may be derived from any kind of water.
290 페이지 - Marquess of Hastings. The seeds were sown in the Experimental Grass Garden at Woburn Abbey, where they vegetated readily, and produced plants which flowered the second year from seed. These perfected seed in the month of October, and the plants raised from this seed the following spring differed in no respect from those the produce of the Indian seed ; our figure is taken from a plant of the later sowing.
247 페이지 - When an excess of grass seeds is sown, the seeds, in general, all vegetate, but the plants make little, if any progress, until, from the want of nourishment to the roots, and the confined space for the growth of the foliage, a certain number decay, and give the requisite room to the proper number of plants; and that will be according as there are a greater or less variety of different species of grasses combined in the. sward.
134 페이지 - The proportional value which the grass of the latter-math bears to that of the seed crop, is nearly as 13 to 9 ; and the proportional value or nourishment contained in the autumn grass, exceeds that of the first grass of the spring, as 9 to 7.
119 페이지 - The term sandy, for instance, should never be applied to any soil that does not contain at least | of sand ; sandy soils that effervesce with acids should be distinguished by the name of calcareous sandy soil, to distinguish them from those that are siliceous.
v 페이지 - HORTUS GRAMINEUS WOBURNENSIS : Or, an Account of the Results of Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of different Grasses, and other Plants, used as the Food of the more valuable Domestic Animals : instituted by John Duke of Bedford.
119 페이지 - The term clayey soil should not be applied to any land which contains less than one-sixth of impalpable earthy matter, not considerably effervescing with acids ; the word loam should be limited to soils, containing at least one-third of impalpable earthy matter, copiously effervescing with acids.
142 페이지 - ... and sweet-scented vernal, the greater proportional value is always, on the contrary, found in the grass of the flowering crop. Whatever the cause may be, it is evident that the loss sustained by taking these grasses at the time of flowering is considerable. In ordinary cases this seldom happens in practice, because these grasses perfect their seed about the season when hay-harvest generally commences, unless...

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