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MARCH 5,-DECEMBER 31, 1836.









In presenting to the Public the First Volume of the Scottish Christian Herald, the Conductors cannot refrain from stating the high satisfaction which they feel in contemplating the success with which their labours have, thus far, been crowned. The Periodical was originally projected with the avowed design of “ Illustrating and enforcing the doctrines of the Bible,—the great essential principles of Evangelical Grace and Truth ;” and how far this design has been fulfilled may be readily seen by a reference to its pages. The most strenuous efforts have been exerted to combine solid Scriptural instruction with interesting and varied information, and it must certainly afford sincere pleasure to every well constituted mind, that a periodical exclusively devoted to topics connected with the spiritual and eternal concerns of mankind, should be so widely diffused, in the course of a few months, as to cover the length and breadth of the land, and be welcomed weekly, with ever increasing interest, by all classes of the community. Such a result is in the highest degree encouraging, and calls for the liveliest gratitude to Almighty God, the promotion of whose cause,—the wisest, the noblest, and the best,—the Scottish CHRISTIAN HERALD is humbly destined to subserve.

In the present Volume are contained Original Articles by upwards of One Hundred Authors, clerical and lay. In point of literary merit, the contributions speak for themselves; and it is impossible, we conceive, to find, within the same limited space, in any other publication whatever, so great a quantity of varied and valuable information, bearing the authority of the names of the Authors.

That a Publication of this nature is calculated, under the Divine blessing, to produce the most salutary effects can scarcely, for a moment, be doubted, communicating, as it does, a varied combination of truths, both useful and entertaining, and that too, compressed within such narrow limits as to be readily perused by multitudes who have neither leisure nor opportunity to avail themselves of works of larger dimensions. And, accordingly, it appears from the accounts received from all parts of the country, that even in districts the most remote, and hitherto excluded from the range of periodical literature, whether secular or religious, the SCOTTISH CHRISTIAN Herald has been uniformly received as a boon, and has led, in numerous instances, to the most gratifying change in the character and conduct not of individuals merely, but of whole families. There is reason to hope, indeed, that the weekly distribution of Forty Thousand Copies of a Publication so completely adapted for instructive perusal, both on Sabbath and week-days, will ultimately be productive of incalculable good to the country at large. In these encouraging circumstances, the Conductors pledge themselves to proceed with redoubled alacrity and vigour in the Christian cause in which they have embarked, trusting in the strength of Him to whom they are desirous that all the glory of their success should be ascribed.

31: December, 17836.}

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Advent, Our Lord's Second, 127.

Adrersity, $6.

Sanctified, 31.

The Benefit of, 367.

Necessary to Successful Preach-

On the Efficacy of, 335.

Africe South, Moravian Settlement in, 583.

African Prince, An, 320.

iserica, Nominal Christians in, 224.

Åberg, South, Stray Leaves from a Jour-

mal in. By the Rev. David Waddell, 286,

615, 679.

Amusemneats, Frivolous, 543.

Lawfulness of, 79.

Angels, The Ministry of, 96.

Angusina, a Greenland Convert, 123.

Anne, Princess, 240.

Apologue, An Old, 623.

Apprentice, An American, 448.
Ararat, Mount, An Ascent to the Top of,
Argument, An Ingenious, 544.
Arminianisn, 447.
Arran, the Isle of, Narrative of a Revival of

Religion in, 506.
As, The. By the Rev. David Mitchell, 651.
Assassin, An intended, arrested, 640.
Asteanbly, General, Pastoral Address on Fa-
mily Worship, 513.

Essays read at their
School, in Calcutta, 381.

Assistance. Make the attempt while you pray

for, 527.

Assured Christian, Character of the, 639.
Asyiums, Lunatic, The Importance of Reli-
gious lastruction in, 237.

The Beneficial Effects of
Religious Instruction in. By James Glass-
ford, Esq.,


Atheista, On, 382.

Atheist, an, The Conversion of, 560.

Atonement, 239.

Atamn, On. By the late Rev. William

Gillespie, 208.

Evening, The, 560.


Bacon, Lord, 272.

Paily, Rev. John, 544.

Baptist, 142

Bateman, Dr T., Biographical Sketch of, 147.

Bedfordshire Peasant, 160.

Behold! I stand at the door and knock, 127.

Beliet, The Obligation of, 639.

Believer, his Privileges, 191.

How he may know whether his

Prayer is to be heard. By the Rev.

Duncan Macfarlan, 465.

Believers, Suffering the Portion of, 575.

Benevolence, Christian, 112.

The Divine, 356.

Bera, 48.

Bible, The Value of the, 32.

Testimony to the Value of the, 123.

Love of the, 80.

The, a Comfort in Trouble, 144.

The English Translation of the, 525.
Society Report, On Reading a. By
Viss Anna L. Gillespie, 192.
Ha never-ending, Death the Entrance to,
Boutieg, Vain, 416.
Bads, Resurrection of the. By the Rev. J.

A. Wallace, 252.

Backs, 415.

Boston, the Rer. Thomas, Biographical

Sketch of, 82.

Rev. Thomas, Junior, Notes of a

Farewell Serinon, preached at Etterick,

by, 348.

Mrs, Letter from the Rev. Mr Da-

vidson to, on the Death of her Hus-

band, 551.

Letter from the Rev. Samuel


on the Death of her Hus.

band, 598.

Bread from Heaven, 160.
Brown, John, of Priesthill, 199.
Bunyan, John, 192.

Bunyan, John, Biographical Sketch of, 290. Christians, A Mint to, 192.

All, are not alike, Section I

By the Rev. Duncan Macfarlan, 605.
Caffraria, A Missionary Scene in, 246.

II., 636.

Calvary, A Walk to. By the Rev. Marcus Christianity, 367.

Dods, 90, 103.

Why are Christians averse to

Calvin, John, Biographical Sketch of, 499. recognize their own. By the Rev. James

Camels. By the Rev. Robert Jamieson, 268. Sieveright, 81.

Canticles 11. 1-5, Paraphrase of. By the

The Testimony of Infidels to

Rev, Archibald M'Conechy, 272.

the Value of, 213.

Catechism, The Assembly's Shorter, On the

> Contrasted with Paganism, 239.

Arrangement observed in. By the Rev. Colliers, The Kingswood, 299.

Duncan Macfarlan, 14.

Collins, the Poet, 48.

-, History of the Shorter. By the Comfort in the Work of Christ, 192.

Rev. Duncan Macfarlan, 109.

Christian, 223.

Catechumens, Form of admitting, to the Coming, The Second, 239.

Lord's Supper. By the Rev. Henry Companions, On the Choice of. By the Rev.
Duncan, D.D., 573.

Alexander L. R. Foote, 337.
Change, An Important, 496.

Confidence, Christian, 351.

Charity, 431.

Conscience, 95.

Chatterton the Poet, A Sketch of the Career


of, 491.

Compounding with, 447.

Child, The, to her Mother, 400.

A Guilty, The Horrors of, Exem-

On the Death of a, 464.

plified. By Thomas Brown, Esq., 647.

Playing, To a, 112.

Consistency, The Necessity of Christian, 96.

Chira. A Picture of, in its Religious and Consistent, Be. 351.

Moral Aspect. By the Rev. A. Bonar, 44. Contentment, 416.
Christ, The Love of, 79.

Continent, The, 64.

The Condescension of, 111.

Contrast between Christ and Mahomet, 351.

The readiness of, to receive Sinners. Cottager, A Female, 656.

A Discourse, by the Rev. James Buch- Covenant, The Solemn League and, 61.

anan, 120.

Conversions, Sudden. By the Rev. Robert

Faith in, 160.

M'Cheyne, 203.

The Second Coming of. A Discourse, Covenanters, The. By John Galt, Esq., 480.

by the Rev. Robert Menzies, 184.

Counsels, Salutary, 415.

The necessity of Founding our Hopes Cowper, Rev. J., A.M. Last Hours of, 578.

upon. A Discourse, by the Rev. John Curiosity, On the Evil of Vain. By the Rev.

Bruce, A.M., 200.

James Foote, A.M., 581, 621, 652.

The Followers of, 256.

Craig, John, Some striking passages in the

On Fellowship witn, 271.

Life of, 141.

Think of, 287.

Cranmer, Archbishop, The Martyrdom of,

is All, 287.


The Example of. A Discourse, by Creation, On the Wisdom of God as Dis-

the late Rev. William Gillespie, 328. played in the Works of. By the Rev.

Safety lies in, 351.

David William Gordon, 257.

Forgiveness through, 367.

Crellius the Socinian, 31.

Be Active in Seeking and in Serving, Cripple, A Poor, 512.


Cruden, The Benevolent, Author of the

Put on, 431.

Concordance, 608.

a Helper, 463.

Coming to, 495.


The Necessity of Looking to, 559. Damascus, A Description of, 653.

The Death, Burial, and Resurrection "Day, As thy, so shall thy Strength be," 16.

of. A Discourse, by the late Rev. Sir Dead Sea, The, 541.

Henry Moncrciff Wellwood, Bart. D.D., Dead, The Burial of the. By the Rev.


William Malcolm, 684.

is Willing to Save, 575.

Death-Bed Scenes. By the Rev. Alexander

is All-Powerful, 639.

Moody, A.M., 45, 92, 156, 451.

A View of the Character of. By the Death, Preparation for, 47.
Rev. George Burns, D.D., Minister of


Tweedsmuir, 641.

of the Righteous, 64.

the Passion of, 687.

Thoughts on the.

the Effects of Putting on, 687.

By the Rev. John A. Wallace, 65.

Christian Love, 46.

The Ruling Passion in, 208.

Light, 62.

Certainty of, 319.

Lukewarmness, 46.

A Mother's. By the Rev. Stevenson
The, a Stranger and Pilgrim up-

M'Gill, D.D., 336.
on Earth, A Discourse, by the Rev.

Winter an Emblem of, 685.
Robert Lee, 472.

Deluge, The Traditions of, 373.
Duty and Privilege, 399.

Desert, On Mungo Park's finding a Tuft of
Difference between the, and the

Green Moss in the African, 80.
Man of the World, 575.

Destruction, The Broad road leadeth to, 319.
The, Death of, a Sleep. A Dis. Devotee, The Indian, 464,
course, by the Rev. Hugh Ralph, LL.D., Dew, 560.
Minister of the Scotch Church, Oldham Diligence, 223.
Street, Liverpool, 664.

Discontent, The Sinfulness and Unprofit-
The Dying. By the Rev. David ableness of, 287.
Landsborough, Minister of Stevenston, Discovery of Unsuspected Sin, one of the re-

sults of Sanctified Affliction, 223.
Principle and Consistency, The In- Disease, Man's, and the Gospel Remedy, 63.
fluence of, 428.

Disinterestednes3 Rewarded, 464.
Christian's, The Dying. Anticipations of

Divine Love, The Believer's Soliloquy on, 432.

Death and Glory. By Richard Huie,

Will, Submission to, 480.

Esq., 608.

Truth, Providence Exemplified in

Progress towards the Perfection connection with the Power of. "By Alex.

of Heaven. A Discourse, by the Rev. Tough, Esq., 542.

David Strong, 40.

Doddridge, Dr Philip, Biographical Sketch

Great Work. A Discourse, by the of, 131.

Rev. James Somerville, 392.

Dogs in Eastern Cities. By the Rev. Robert

Motive in bis Great Work. A Dis- Jamieson, 71.

course, by the Rev. James Somerville, Drew, Samuel, A.M., Biographical Sketch


of, 531.

Christians, the Support of the World, 16. Drunkard; The Family of the, a Sketch.
Ancient, 32.

By the Rev. Thomas Dimina, A. M.,

Difference among, 479,

Minister of Queensferry, 694.

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