Sharpe's British Theatre, 16권

J. Sharpe, 1805

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11 페이지 - Lie there, thou shadow of an emperor; The place thou pressest on thy mother earth Is all thy empire now: now it contains thee; Some few days hence, and then 'twill be too large, When thou'rt contracted in thy narrow urn, Shrunk to a few cold ashes; then Octavia (For Cleopatra will not live to see it), Octavia then will have thee all her own, And bear thee in her...
58 페이지 - I know the town and the world ; and give me leave to say, that we merchants are a species of gentry that have grown into the world this last century, and are as honourable, and almost as useful, as you landed folks, that have always thought yourselves so much above us; for your trading, forsooth, is extended no farther than a load of hay or a fat ox.
43 페이지 - O fatal name to Cleopatra's love ! My kisses, my embraces now are hers ; While I But thou hast seen my rival ; speak, Does she deserve this blessing ? Is she fair ? Bright as a goddess ? and is all perfection Confined to her ? It is.
47 페이지 - Men are but children of a larger growth ; Our appetites as apt to change as theirs, And full as craving too, and full as vain ; And yet the soul, shut up in her dark room, Viewing so clear abroad, at home sees nothing; But, like a mole in earth, busy and blind, Works all her folly up, and casts it outward To the world's open view...
64 페이지 - Hast pushed my boat to open sea; to prove, At my sad cost, if thou canst steer it back. It cannot be; I'm lost too far; I'm ruined! Hence, thou impostor, traitor, monster, devil ! I can no more: thou, and my griefs, have sunk Me down so low, that I want voice to curse thee. Alex. Suppose some shipwrecked seaman near the shore, Dropping...
23 페이지 - Alex. First, to these noble warriors, who attend Your daring courage in the chase of fame Too daring, and too dangerous for her quiet She humbly recommends all she holds dear, All her own cares and fears, - the care of you. Vent. Yes, witness Actium. Ant. Let him speak, Ventidius.
14 페이지 - What would the fop be at now? In good time, indeed, you shall be setting up for a fortune! TOM. Dear Mrs. Phillis, you have such a spirit that we shall never be dull in marriage when we come together. But I tell you, you are a fortune, and you have an estate in my hands.
36 페이지 - Yes; when his end is so, I must join with him; Indeed I must, and yet you must not chide ; Why am I else your friend?
65 페이지 - Believe me, madam, Antony is yours. His heart was never lost, but started off To jealousy, love's last retreat and covert; Where it lies hid in shades, watchful in silence, And listening for the sound that calls it back.
38 페이지 - What, is she poison to you? — a disease? Look on her, view her well, and those she brings: Are they all strangers to your eyes?

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