The Works of Cornelius Tacitus: With an Essay on His Life and Genius, Notes, Supplements, &c, 5권

H. C. Carey & I. Lea, 1822

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285 페이지 - And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. 21 Then let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.* 22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things, which are written may be fulfilled.
275 페이지 - Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof; but in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the Lord : thou shalt neither sow thy field nor prune thy vineyard.
267 페이지 - Who knows but He whose hand the lightning forms, Who heaves old ocean, and who wings the storms, Pours fierce ambition in a Caesar's mind...
224 페이지 - Lest the wife should think her sex an exemption from the rigours of the severest virtue, and the toils of war, she is informed of her duty by the marriage ceremony, and thence she learns, that she is received by her husband to be his partner in toil and danger, to dare with him in war, and suffer with him in peace. The oxen yoked, the horse accoutred, and the arms given on the occasion, inculcate this lesson ; and thus she is prepared to live, and thus to die. These are the terms of their union :...
275 페이지 - In six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and rested the seventh day : wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it.
221 페이지 - The chief must show his liberality, and the follower expects it. He demands at one time this warlike horse, at another that victorious lance imbrued with the blood of the enemy. The prince's table, however inelegant, must always be plentiful : it is the only pay of his followers.
217 페이지 - ... religious groves. When occasion requires, they are harnessed to a sacred chariot, and the priest, accompanied by the king, or chief of the state, attends to watch the motions and the neighing of the horses. No other mode of augury is received with such implicit faith by the people, the nobility, and the priesthood. The horses, upon these solemn occasions, are supposed to be the organs of the gods, and the priests their favoured interpreters.
229 페이지 - Their public spectacles boast of no variety. They have but one sort, and that they repeat at all their meetings. A band of young men make it their pastime to dance entirely naked amidst pointed swords and javelins. By constant exercise, this kind of exhibition has become an art, and art has taught them to perform •with grace and elegance.
112 페이지 - ... removing the film or cataract, the patient might recover. As to the disabled limb, by proper applications and invigorating medicines, it was not impossible to restore it to its former tone.
130 페이지 - Jerusalem, enriching the place with gifts and offerings. Hence the wealth and grandeur of the state. Connected amongst themselves by the most obstinate and inflexible faith, the Jews extend their charity to all of their own persuasion, while towards the rest of mankind they nourish a sullen and inveterate hatred. Strangers are excluded from their tables. Unsociable to all others, they eat and lodge with one another only ; and though addicted to sensuality, they admit no intercourse with women from...

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