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301 페이지 - A reasonable time after this (for my tale is merciful and skips formalities and torturing delays) — these two were very happy — they were once more upon the railroad, going to enjoy their honeymoon all by themselves. Marian Dolignan was dressed just as before — ducklike, and delicious ; all bright, except her clothes : but George sat beside her this time instead of opposite ; and she drank him in gently from under her long eye-lashes. " Marian," said George, " married people should tell each...
95 페이지 - He was shocked, and, strange to say, she, whose death-warrant he had signed, ran and brought him a glass of wine, for he was quite overcome. Then she gave him her hand in her own sweet way, and bade him not grieve for her, for she was not afraid to die, and had long learned that ' life is a walking shadow, a poor poor player, who frets and struts his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.
300 페이지 - ... listening to a cutting-out expedition ; he called, and in the usual way asked permission to pay his addresses to his daughter. The worthy Captain straightway began doing Quarter-Deck, when suddenly he was summoned from the apartment by a mysterious message. On his return he announced, with a total change of voice, that " It was all right, and his visitor might run alongside as soon as he chose.
139 페이지 - If you prick him, does he not bleed; if you tickle him does na he lauch? " A young Fishwife (pertly). " I never kittlet a Jew, for my pairt, — sae I'll no can tell ye.
48 페이지 - Le bruit est pour le fat, la plainte est pour le sot, L'honn6te homme tromp6 s'eloigne et ne dit mot.
107 페이지 - ... white worsted stockings, and neat, though highquartered shoes. Under their jackets they wore a thick spotted cotton handkerchief, about one inch of which was visible round the lower part of the throat. Of their petticoats, the outer one was kilted, or gathered up towards the front, and the second, of the same color, hung in the usual way.
301 페이지 - My reader has divined the truth; this nautical commander, terrible to the foe, was in complete and happy subjugation to his daughter, our heroine. As he was taking leave, Dolignan saw his divinity glide into the drawing-room. He followed her, observed a sweet consciousness...
78 페이지 - What business had he, with a wife at home, to come and fall in love with you ? I do it for ever in my plays — I am obliged — they would be so dull else ; but in real life to do it is abominable.
263 페이지 - He must be happy, and you more than blest ; While I in darkness hide me from the day, That with my mind I may his form survey, And think so long, till I think life away.

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