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1. Davy's Physiological Researches

2. The Mammals of the Australian Region

3. Peters's Memoir on Solenodon

4. Ilaaat on recent Discoveries in New Zealand

5. Swinhoe on the Natural History of Formosa

6. Huxley's Lectures on the Origin of Species

7. Recently published British Floras

8. Vegetable Hybridity ....

9. The Lignite Formation of Bovey Tracey

10. Decaisne on the Variability of Species

11. Agardh's Species Algarum

12. Hartig's Contributions to Vegetable Physiology

13. Gulliver's Observations on Raphides

14. Lestiboudois on Latieiferous Tissue

15. Schacht on the Primordial Utricle

16. Salter's Essay on Monstrous Passion-Flowers

17. Cesati and De Notaris's ascigerous Sphariacei

18. On Cranial Deformities [by Dr. W. Turner]

19. On Anomalies in Zoological and Botanical Geography%

[by Mr. Wallace]

20. On the Replacement of Species [by Dr. Hooker]

21. Prof. Rathke on the Development of the Cranium

22. Proceedings of the Scientific Societies of London

23. Miscellanea

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Notice To Subsceibees.

Cloth Covers, price One Shilling, for Binding the Natural Kittory Review for 1863, are novo ready, and may %e had on application to the Pulliihert.



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NATURAL HISTORY REVIEW: % (^uarttrlg Journal of liolojgiral J^teru^.

In undertaking the conduct of the Natubal Histoby Review, the Editors propose to establish a Quarterly Critical Journal Of BioLogical Science, which, without interfering with existing scientific periodicals, shall stand in the same relation to naturalists, and other persons interested in biological inquiries, as that which is occupied by the ordinary Quarterly Reviews in respect to men of letters and the general public. They desire, in addition, to offer to all whom it may concern a means of discussing the general problems suggested by the progress ot biological investigation in a scientific spirit, and without reference to any but scientific considerations. The Editors will not refuse an original communication on the ground of any scientific opinion expressed in it.

The Contents of the Natural History Review will be of the following nature :—

I. Reviews and Notices. III. Proceedings of Scientific Societies. II. Original Articles. IV. Miscellanea.

The first section will embrace criticisms, more or less extended, of new biological works and papers published either in this country or abroad, together with careful Reports upon the present condition of particular branches of Natural History. The second will comprise such original papers as may be of sufficient importance to deserve publication, though they may not be of a nature to demand a place in the Transactions of a Scientific Society. In the third section will be given an account of the Proceedings of the leading Scientific Societies; and the fourth will contain Miscellaneous Notes, and notices of remarkable events in Natural History.

As the wide extent of Biological Science renders it impossible for auy man to be largely acquainted with more than two or three of its branches, the Editors have divided the labour of collecting and supervising the requisite materials according to the scheme on the preceding page.

The Editors do not hold themselves responsible for the opinions expressed in articles to which their names are not attached.

Communications intended for the Journal should be addressed to the Publishers, the words "Natural History Review" being written upon the outside cover.

The Natubal Histoby Review will be published on the first of January, April, July, and October. Single numbers, price 4*. each, will be on sale in the usual way. Annual Subscriptions, at the reduced rate of 12*., should be gent to the Publishers direct, who will forward the Numbers, post free, on the day of publication.



(SIAM), CAMODIA, and LAOS, during the years 1858-60. By M. Henri
Mouhot, F.R.G.S. Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. (Juit Ready.)


THE EiVJSK AMAZONS: A Record Op Adventures, With Sketches Op Brazilian And Indian Life During Eleven Years Of Travel. By Henry W. Bates. New and Cheaper Edition. Illustrations. Post 8ro. 12*.


RAMBLES IN THE DESERTS OF SYRIA and among the Turkomans und Bedawekns. Post 8vo. 10*6<L


JAPAN AND CHINA: a Narrative of Journeys to Yedo and

Pekin ; with Notices of the Natural Productions, Trade, &c, of those Countries.
By Robert Fortune. Illustrations. 8vo. 16*.


THE GREAT RIVER OF CHINA; a Narrative of an ExpediTion sent to explore the Upper Waters of the Yanq-tsze. By Capt. Blakiston, R.A. Illnstrations. 8vo. 18*.


PERU AND INDIA; a Narrative of Travels while collecting Cinchona Plants, and introducing the culture of Bare into India. By Clements Markham. Illustrations. 8vo. 16*.


BRITISH COLUMBIA AND VANCOUVER'S ISLAND; their Forest, Rivers, Coasts, Gold Fields, and resources for Colonisation. By Captain Matne, R.N. Illustrations. 8vo. 16*.


PALERMO AND NAPLES IN 1859-1861. With Notices of Victor Emmanuel, Francis II., and Garibaldi. By Admiral Mundt, K.CB. PoetSvo. 12*.


AFRICA: Visits To Ruined Citif.s Withtn Numidian And Carthaginian Territories. With Notices of Arab Life. By Nathan Davis. M.D. Illustrations. 8vo. 16*.


ROME: A Semes Of Letters Addressed To Friends In England. By Rev. J. W. Burgon. Post8vo. 12*.


TARTAR STEPPES And THEIR INHABITANTS. Chiefly extracted from Letters addressed to friends. By Mrs. Atkinson. Illustrations. Post 8vo. 12s.


THE GREAT SAHARA; Wanderings South Op The Atlas Mountains. By Rev, H. B. TRISTRAM. Illustrations. Post 8vo. 15*.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Second Edition, revised and enlarged, with coloured Map of the Volcanic Areas of the Globe, coloured Frontispiece, and 82 Woodcuts, in 8vo. price 15*, cloth,

VOLCANOS, the Character of" their Phenomena, their Share in the Structure and Composition of the Surface of the Globe, and their Relation to its Internal Forces: with a Descriptive Catalogue of all known Volcanos and Volcanic Formations. By G. Poulett Scropk, M.P. F.R.S. F.G.S. Mem. R. Acad. Naples, &c.

"This is a thorough book—one which the student of physical geography must study thoroughly."—Medical Timet.

"The most valuable and original contribution ever made in our country to the literature of volcanic geology."—Critic.

London: Longman, Green, and Co. Paternoster Row.

In course of publication Monthly, to be completed in 20 Parts, price 1* each,

HOMES "WITHOUT HANDS: Being an Account of the Habitations constructed by various Animals, classed according to their Principles of Construction. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A. F.L.S. Author of " The Illustrated Natural History," &o. With numerous Illustrations engraved on Wood by G. Pearson from Drawings by F. W. Keyland E. A. Smith.

London]: Longman, Green, arid Co. Paternoster Bow.

In fcp. 8vo. with 900 Woodcuts, price 10*.

MAUNDERS TREASURY of NATURAL HISTORY, or Popular Dictionary of Animated Nature; in which the Zoological Characteristics that distinguish the different Classes, Genera, and Species are combined with a variety of interesting Information. Sixth Edition, revised and corrected, with an extended Supplement, by T. Spencer Cobbold, M.D. F.L.S.

London: Longman, Green, and Co. Paternoster Row.


PLACE IN NATURE, or Essays upon—I. The Natural History of the Manlike Apes—II. The Relation of Man to the Lower Animals—III. Fossil Remains of Man. By T. H. Huxley, F.R.S. With woodcut Illustrations. 8vo. Third thousand. Cloth. 6*.

"williams & Norgate, London and Edinburgh,

In the Press.

LUBBOCK (J., F.R.S.) PREHISTORIC ARCHEOLOGY, or Essays on the Primitive Condition of Man, in Europe and America. By John Lubbock, Esq. F.R.S., President of the Ethnological Society. 1 vol. 8vo. With numerous woodcut Illustrations.

Seduced in Price. NATURAL HISTORY REVIEW. (First Series.) A Quarterly Journal of Zoology, Botany, Geology, and Palaeontology. Edited by A. H. Halliday, W. H. Harvey, S. Haughton, E. Percival Wright, etc. The complete First Series. 7 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £4. 18s) 42*. (A very few sets only remain.) Single Volumes may be had, Vol. I. to VI. 7* (5d each.

"williams & Nohoate, Publishers and Importers of Foreign Books, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London; aud 20, South Frederick Street, Edinburgh.

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