Mortgage Financing: Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, Eighty-second Congress, Second Session. A Round-table Conference on Current Problems with Respect to FHA-insured and VA-guaranteed Mortgage Financing. February 6, 7 and 8, 1952

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1952 - 134페이지
Reviews Federal home mortgage programs.

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124 페이지 - This program is authorized under title I, section 2 of the National Housing Act and governed by regulations contained in Part 201 of this chapter.
44 페이지 - ... money that it may bring, as because it will arouse our people and bring them together and when they get their heads together we will get better work done, and more concentrated work and more united work, and we want to get our whole people interested in these institutes. MR. HOOVER: Mr. Chairman. I have been listening to this discussion with a great deal of interest. I belong to that class of workers called Farmers...
121 페이지 - Act, as amended, provided that mortgages insured under Section 203 should be classified into groups in accordance with sound actuarial practice and risk characteristics. Each group account was credited with the income and charged with the expenses and losses of the mortgages in the group. If such income exceeded the expenses and losses, the resultant credit balance was distributed in the form of participation payments to mortgagors of the group upon payment in full of their mortgages, or upon termination...
126 페이지 - Representative appearances before the PHA of former Government employees. (a) Authorization to appear in representative capacity. No former officer or employee of the United States or anyone knowingly acting on behalf of or under the direct supervision of such person, may, within a period of two years after the termination of such employment, appear in a representative capacity before the PHA unless, in each matter, he obtains prior approval as prescribed herein. The term "representative capacity...
102 페이지 - Briefly, the factors which underlie that belief may well be restated here in summary as follows : (a) The very large volume of mortgage commitments made by lenders in the latter part of 1950 and the early part of 1951 are now being worked out. This was clearly brought out in the statistics presented at the conference showing the sharp decline over recent months in the outstanding loan commitments of life insurance companies.
122 페이지 - Treasury. During the following 3 fiscal years, 1938 through 1940, partial payments of operating expenses were met from income. Since July 1, 1940, operating expenses have been paid in total by allocation from the various insurance funds.
124 페이지 - FHA to insure financial institutions against loss on loans made to finance alterations, repairs, and improvements to existing structures and the building of small new structures for nonresidential use. These loans are made by private lending institutions, of which there are about 7,000, to borrowers with satisfactory incomes and credit records who either own the property, have a lease expiring not less than 6 months beyond the maturity of the loan, or are purchasing the property on contract. An insurance...
122 페이지 - Moneys in the fund not needed for current operations shall be deposited with the Treasurer of the United States to the credit of the fund or invested in direct obligations of the United States or obligations guaranteed as to principal and interest by the United States.
78 페이지 - ... figure, would provide some aid for all States that are spending today $80 or less per child. And 1 suggest that while it might .help some destitute school districts in some States, it would not contribute a great deal to the over-all picture. And might I also add, sir, that the $40 figure being set when the purchasing power of the dollar was greater than it is today, a rough estimate today is that $100 would cost $400,000,000 per year; and I might say that while that may have been a fairly large...
108 페이지 - When it appears in the public interest that land to be acquired as part of an urban renewal project should be used in whole or in part as a site for a low-rent housing project assisted under the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended, or under a state or local program found by the Administrator to have the same general purposes as the federal program under such Act, the site shall be made available to the public housing agency undertaking the low-rent housing project at a price equal to the...

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