History of Scotland, 7권

W. Tait, 1845
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13 페이지 - An Account of the Life, Lectures, and Writings of William Cullen, MD, Professor of the Practice of Physic in the University of Edinburgh.
120 페이지 - Into thy hands I commend my spirit ; for thou hast redeemed me, O LORD, thou GOD of truth.
105 페이지 - Queen, considering the great peril she is subject unto hourly so long as the said Queen shall live. Wherein, besides a kind of lack of love towards her, she noteth greatly that you have not that care of your own particular safeties, or rather of the preservation of religion and the public good, and prosperity of your country...
26 페이지 - CHRISTISON —A TREATISE ON POISONS. In relation to Medical Jurisprudence, Physiology, and the Practice of Physic.
420 페이지 - Lo. with many others of your lovers and his, at a good dinner before I die. Always, I hope, that the king's buck-hunting at Falkland this year shall prepare some dainty cheer for us against that dinner the next year. Hoc jocose, to animate your Lo.
106 페이지 - ... blood as the said Queen is. " These respects we find do greatly trouble her Majesty, who, we assure you, has sundry times protested, that if the regard of the danger of her good subjects and faithful servants did not more move her than her own peril, she would never be drawn to assent to the shedding her blood.
454 페이지 - Ye shall plainly declare," the ambassadors were told, "to Mr. Secretary and his followers, that since now, when they are in their kingdom, they will thus misknow me, when the chances shall turn, I shall cast a deaf ear to their requests...
28 페이지 - HISTORY OF PALESTINE, from the Patriarchal Age to the Present . Time ; with Introductory Chapters on the Geography and Natural History of the Country, and on the Customs and Institutions of the Hebrews. By JOHN KITTO, DD, Author of" Scripture Daily Readings," " Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature,
89 페이지 - If I should say unto you that I mean not to grant your petition, by my faith I should say unto you more than perhaps I mean. And if I should say unto you I mean to grant your petition, I should then tell you more than is fit for you to know.
431 페이지 - Whose face is that?" said he, advancing the dagger with one hand to the king's breast, and pointing with the other to the picture. " Who murdered my father? Is not thy conscience burdened by his innocent blood? Thou art now my prisoner, and must be content to follow our will, and to be used as we list. Seek not to escape; utter but a cry (James was now looking at the window, and beginning to speak), make but a motion to open the window, and this dagger is in thy heart.

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