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252 페이지 - At the request of persons extensively engaged in tuition, JG has introduced his WARRANTED SCHOOL AND PUBLIC PENS, which are especially adapted to their use, being of different degrees of flexibility, and with fine, medium, and broad points, suitable for the various kinds of Writing taught in Schools. Sold Retail by all Stationers, Booksellers, and other respectable Dealers in Steel Pens.
252 페이지 - Begs most respectfully to inform the commercial world, scholastic institutions, and the public generally that, by a novel application of his unrivalled machinery for making Steel Pens...
252 페이지 - PRICE, he believes will ensure universal approbation, and defy competition. Each Pen bears the impress of his name as a guarantee of quality...
241 페이지 - We have carefully tried the instrument at an 800-yard rifle range, against all the glasses possessed by the members of the corps, and found it fully equal to any of those present, although they had cost more than four times its price.
208 페이지 - INODOROUS FELT, For Damp Walls, and for Damp Floors, under Carpets and Floor Cloths ; also FOR LINING IRON HOUSES. Price— One Penny per Square Foot. CROGGON & CO.'S PATENT FELTED SHEATHING, For Covering Ships...
ix 페이지 - XVIII. Woven, Spun, Felted, and Laid Fabrics, when shown as specimens of Printing or Dyeing.
241 페이지 - FH FAWKES, of Farnley Hall, Esq. : " I never before met an article that so completely answered the recommendation of its maker ; nor, although I have tried many a Glass, combining so much power for its size with so much clearness.

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