Public Discussion and Debate, 115호

Louis Round Wilson
The University, 1914 - 54페이지

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36 페이지 - Mr. Clarence Poe, editor of the Progressive Farmer, has lately been advocating the enactment of a statute by the General Assembly of North Carolina providing that, wherever the greater part of the land acreage in any given district is owned by one race, a majority of the voters in such a district may say that in the future no land shall be sold to a person of a different race, provided such action is approved or allowed by a reviewing judge or board of county commissioners.
46 페이지 - ... charge should endeavor to keep up interest. At given intervals formal debates with outside societies should be held, and trials should be conducted in the society for the purpose of selecting members to represent the organization as a team in these formal debates. a. Model Constitution and By-Laws1 The Constitution and By-Laws given here are suggested in the hope that they may serve as a model for high school literary societies. They may be modified and amended, shortened or lengthened, as the...
46 페이지 - Any student and any teacher in High School may become by election an active member of this society, as provided for in Article II, Section I, of the By-laws. SECTION 2. Any person may become by election an honorary member of this society by vote of three fourths of the members present. He shall be entitled to all the privileges of an active member except voting and holding office. ARTICLE III GOVERNMENT SECTION 1. The government of this society shall be vested in a President, a Vice-President, a...
47 페이지 - At this time they shall also read the names of those members whom they have placed on duty. This committee shall have full power to place active members on the program as it may see fit. The society may at any time, by a majority vote, modify or change completely any program in the meeting at which it is reported. The program committee shall hold office until one week after the regular election of officers.
51 페이지 - If any officer is guilty of neglect of duty or of misconduct in office, he may be arraigned upon a written accusation of any three members, at a regular meeting of the society, provided that a week's notice has been given and the accused has had the privilege of choosing a member as his counsel for defense. He shall be convicted only with the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present. If convicted, he shall be subject to a reprimand from the presiding officer, fine, suspension, or expulsion,...
22 페이지 - Committee, the unsolved problems connected with child labor resolve themselves into :— 1. What classes of children should be entirely eliminated as a factor in the industrial problem? 2. From what industries should all children be eliminated? 3. What regulations should govern the conditions of the children who may wisely be employed? 4. What is to be done with those excluded from industry? These propositions fairly cover the field of discussion. Among the questions that they bring up are these...
42 페이지 - Senators (2d ed. rev.) Income Tax ( 2d ed. rev. and enl. ) Initiative and Referendum (2d ed. rev. and enl.) Central Bank of the United States Woman Suffrage (2d ed. rev.) Municipal Ownership Child Labor Open versus Closed Shop Employment of Women Federal Control of Interstate Corporations Parcels Post Compulsory Arbitration of Industrial Disputes Compulsory Insurance Conservation of Natural Resources Free Trade vs.
49 페이지 - This society shall be governed by "Robert's Rules of Order" as parliamentary guide in all cases where it does not conflict with the Constitution or By-Laws.
50 페이지 - It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings of the club; to enforce a due observance of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of Order; to assign topics of discussion at the suggestion of members. He shall neither make nor second any motion, but shall have the privilege of taking part in debate; and while he has the floor the meeting for the time being shall be in charge of the vice-president; but the president shall have no vote unless...

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