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Register of the Rise and Fall of the Tide at Prince of Wales Island and Singapore, furnished to the Editor by order of the Government of India,—December, 1840.—( Continued. J

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9 A. it. clear all day.

day overcast.

clear all day.

10 37 A. H. showers, noon thunder, after-
noon overcast.

11 43 A. M. ditto, 30. p. M. ditto, day clear,
and cloudy alternately.

11 15 A. H. thunder 23 P. U. ditto do.
10 42 A. M. rain, 2. 20 p. H. thunder do. do.
6 2 A. M. rain, noon overcast 6 7 p. M. rain.
Day cloudy throughout, 3 32 p. M. show-

f No observation in consequence

> of the buoy of the tide-guage be

V ing worn out by friction.

Day alternately clear and cloudy.

Ditto ditto ditto, 11 45 A. M. light rain,
6 17 P. M. showers, 6 17 p. M. show-

Ditto ditto ditto, 1 15 P. M. light passing
•hnwers, 3 30 p. u. thunder with frequent

I ditto ditto ditto, 1 37 p. M. r*in.

(Signed.) Wu. SCOTT. Proceeding! of the Asiatic Society.


(Friday £i*rung, 4t/i March. 1842.)
The Hon'ble the President in the Chair.
The following Books were presented :—

Books received/or the Meeting, on the 4th March, 1842.

The Calcutta Christian Observer, new series, vol. 3d, No. 27, March, 1842, .. P The Oriental Christian Spectator, 2d series, vol. 2d, No. 12th, Dec. 1841, aod

vol. 3rd, No. 1st, January 1842, P

Yarrell's History of British Birds, part 27, London, October, 1841, P

The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, vol. 7th, No. 47, and vol. 8th,

No. 49, September and October, 1841, London, P

London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosopical Magazine and Journal of

Science, 3rd series, vol. 19th, Nos. 123-124, September, and October, 1841,

London, .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... P

Memoir of the Royal Astronomical Society of London, 1840, vol. lltb 1

Journal des Savants, Juin a Juillet, 1841, Paris, 3

Proceedings of the Geological Society of London, vol. 3rd, part 2nd, No. 76,

1841 P

Sykes's Notes on the Religious, Moral, and Political State of India, London,

1841 1

Sykes's Fishes of the Dukhun, 1

Tbe Calcutta Literary Gleaner, vol. 1st, No. 1 P

MeCosh's Medical Advice to tbe Indian Stranger, London, 1841 1

Three Volumes of Dewan and Masnevi, by Hakeem Rookeen ■ Uddeen of Kashaud, a good preservation, perfect, MSS. complete and well written, were offered for isle. Referred to the Committee of Papers.'

The following letter from Mr. Csoha De Koros was read. Tbe account referred to, accompanied it:—

To H. Torrens, Esq.

Secretary to the Asiatic Society of Bengal, $c.

Sis,—Since I am about to leave Calcutta, for a certain period, to make a tour in Central Asia, if possible, I beg you will receive and keep this memorandum, after you have communicated it with the Asiatic Society.

I respectfully acknowledge, that I have received many benefits from the Asiatic Society, although I have declined always to accept the allowance of fifty rupees, which they generously granted me in 1829, 1831, and 1841; since the Government's allowance to me, during several years, was sufficient for my support.

I intend to return again to Calcutta, and to acquaint the Society with the results of n» travels. But, in case of my death on my intended journey; since I sincerely "ith tbe prosperity, and pray for the long continuance of this noble establishment, 1 t*g to leave my Government Securities, as also the Books and other things now taken •ithme, at the disposal of the Asiatic Society, delivering herewith to you my last

account of the 31st of January 1842, with the Government Agent, who is my attorney; and with whom the Promissory Notes are kept, and who will favour me, once a year, with the interest on those papers.

Since I purposely decline every correspondence with those in Europe, I beg you will kindly excuse me, if any letter or packet should be sent to me, do with it as you think best.

I remain with much respect, Sir, Your most obedient Servant, Calcutta, Oth February, 1842. A. Csoma De Ko«o».

The Secretary was requested to reply to Mr. Csoma, expressing the Society! willingness to accept the Trusteeship of his funds for his benefit, its earnest desire lo forward his viewB in India in every possible way, and to render him any assistance , as well as its willingness to receive any further directions as to his funds; and its best wishes for his welfare and safe return from his enterprising expedition into Bootan and Tartary. It was also determined, that a copy of Mr. Csoma's letter should be transmitted to the Government Agent.

The following letter from Professor Wilson was also read :—

East India House, 311/A October, 1841 My Dear Sir,—In a short letter I sent you by Mr. Coles, 1 informed you, that Lh? copies of the Travels of Messrs. Moorcroft and Trebeck, which had been distributed here, were distributed in the name of the Society, and that any Societies not included in the list to which the Asiatic Society might wish to extend the presentation copies, might probably be supplied with them from those I had retained. They cannot be many. The book is not of much interest to Oriental scholars, and there are not many individuals or Societies in communication with the Asiatic Society engaged in other than OrienUl literary inquiries. The chief purpose of my addressing you at present, however, is to ascertain the possibility of procuring subscriptions through the Society for a work I have just published. Ariana Antiqua, an account of the Coins and Antiquities of Afghanistan ; it is a description in fact of Mr. Masson's Collections, and of someotben at the India House. It is a goodly quarto volume of some 400 pages, and is intended to be a resume of all that has been written on the Bactrian Topes and Coins. The text is illustrated by engravings of sundry Antiquities, of all the Topes opened by Mr. Masson, and of many hundred Coins from those of Euthydemus to those of the first Mahnmmedan invaders of India. The expence of the book has been liberally defrayed by the Court of Directors, who take part of the edition, out of which they will send a few copies to Bengal, from whence the Society will no doubt be supplied. The remaining portion, 300 copies, the Court has presented to Mr. Masson's mother, and it is for her benefit that the subscription is proposed. The price in England is 2 Guineasallowing for expences,&c. the Indian subscription rate should be I imagine 26 Rupees If you can procure any name from amongst those interested in Mr. Masson and his pursuits, and will send them to me with information how the subscription is to be retlised, for perhaps it would be advisable to deposit the amount with some agency bouse,) 1 will take care that all such copies as may be procurable shall be forwarded. Mr.

Lnwis (Matson) has tome of the copies subscribed for here, and expects some from Bombay, so that there will not be many left for Bengal.

Yours very truly,

H. H. Wilson.

Just published by Professor Wilson.

An account of the Coins and Antiquities of Afghanistan, being a description of Mr. Muson's Collections, and others at the India House, in one vol. quarto, pages about 400. The text illustrated by engravings of sundry Antiquities from all the Topes opened by Mr. Masson, and of many hundred Coins, from those of Euthydemus to the first Mahommedan invaders of India.

A few copies can be yet subscribed for in India, and the Secretary of the Asiatic Society will be glad to register names, with references for payment in India or England. Indian Subscription rate about 25 Rupees.

It was determined, that the work should be advertised in the Journal, and the Society should there state its readiness to become Agents for those who might desire to subscribe for it.

A second letter from Professor Wilson of 1st November 18*1, referring to the incomplete numbers of volumes of the Mababarat was read, and referred to the Librarian and Accountant to report upon.

The Annual Statement of the accounts of the Society's Booksellers, Messrs. W. H. Allen and Co. was also read, and with its enclosures referred to the Librarian and Accountant.

Read a note from J. W. RoBsnTS, Esq. forwarding a highly interesting account of the eruption of the Volcano of Kilauca, (Sandwich Islands,) published in the Boston Baptist Missionary Magazine for August 1841.

Read a letter from Lieut. Tickell, Kolehan, to the Curator, advising the dispatch of the skins of a Gaur and a Saumer, prepared for the purpose of setting up in the Museum. A paper of measurement of the Gaur accompanied this letter, which will appear in the Journal.

The recovery of Capt. Herbert's valuable Catalogue of the Himalayan Geological Specimens, collected during his survey, was announced to the Society. These valuable MSS. which had been the objects of most anxious search on the part of the Secretary and the Acting Curator, Mr. Piddinton, and of which almost all tope had been abandoned, were fortunately traced, through the assistance of llr. Wilkin, late Mining Assistant in Kemaon, to that district, where they were found to be in the hands of J. H. Battxn, Esq. C. S. Assistant Commissioner, Kemaon, from whom a letter was read, stating, that they would be shortly sent down upon hi* return from a tour of duty in the district.

Read a letter of the J4th February last, from Major Thos. Wilkinson, Resident of N'sgpore, announcing the dispatch from Nagpore of a facsimile of an Inscription,

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