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all things to them pertaining, Scripture for our comfort ani! as youth, stiength, health, age, infiruction; that we should paweakness, and fickness. Where- tiently, and with thanksgiving, fore, whatsoever your sickness is, bear our heavenly Father's corknow you certainly, that it is rection, whensoever by any God's visitation. And for what manner of adversity it shall caufe soever this fickness is fent please his gracious goodness to unto you; whether it be to try visit us. And there fhould be your patience for the example no greater comfort to Chrifof others, and that your faith tian persons than to be made may be found in the day of the like unto Chrift, by suffering Lorid, laudable, glorious, and patiently adverfuies, troubles, honourable, to the increase of and sicknelles. For he himself glory and endless felicity; or went not up 10 joy, bu first he cile it be sent unto you to cor- suffered pain; he entered not rect and amend in you what. into his glory, before he was foever doth oftend the eyes of crucified. So truly our way to your heavenly Father; know eternal joy, is to suffer here with yok certainly, that if you truly Christ; and our door to enter repent you of your fins, and into eternal life, is gladly to die bear your fickness patiently, with Christ; that we may rise truliing in God's mercy, for his again from death, and dwell dear Son Jesus Christ's fake, and with him in everlasting life, render unto him humble thanks Now, therefore, taking your fickfor his fatherly visitation, lub- nefs, which is thus profitable mitting yourself wholly unto his for you, patiently; I exhort.you, will, it ihall turn to your profit, in the Name of God, to remem.. and help you forward in the right ber the profeffion which you way that leadeth unto everlariing made unio God in your Baptisın. litc.

And forası ich as after this If the Perfon visited-be very, life there is an account to be

sick, then the Curate may end given unto the righteous Judge, his Ixhortation in this place, by whom all must be judged or elle proceed.

without respect of persons; I rethechattisement of the Lord: and your eftale, both toward For (as Saint Paul faith in the God and man; so that accusing twelfil chapter to the Hebrews) and condemning yourself for 56 whom the Lord loveth hé your own faults, you may find chafteneth, and scourgeth every mercy at our heavenly Father's fan whoin he receiveth. If ye hand for Christ's fake, and not Endure chakening, God dealeth be accused and condemned in with you, as with fons; for that fearful judgement. There. what

fun' is he, whom the fore I thall rehearte to you the father chafienetk not? But if Arucles of our Faith ; that you

be without chastisement, may know whether you do be. whereof all are partakers, then live as a Chrifiian inan thould, are ve baftards, and not fons. Furthermore, we have had fa. Here the Minister shall rrhearfe thers of our fieth, which cor- the Articles of the Faith, saya rected us, and we gave them ing thus: reverence: thall we not much OST thou believe in God the

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or no.

Father of fpirits, and live? For heaven and earth
they verily for a few days chai. And in Jesus Christ his only-
tened us after their own pléa- begotten Son our Lord? And
fure; but he for our profit, that what he was conceived by the
we might be partakers of liis Holy Ghoft, born of the Virgin
holiness." These words, good Mary; that he sufferedi uniler
mather, are

in holy Pontius Paie, was crucitel,



dead, and buried; that he went him; of his great mercy forgive
down into hell, and also did rise thee thine offences: and by his
again the third day; that he authority committed to me, l
ascended into heaven, and fitteth abfolve thee from all thy lins, In
on the right hand of God the Fa. the Name of the Father, and of
ther Almighty; and from thence the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
thall come again at the end of Amen.
the world, to judge the quick and and then the Prier shall say the
the dead?

Colleet following.
And doft thou believe in the

Let us pray
Holy Ghoft; the holy Catholic MOST merciful God, who

the communion of
saints; the remislion of fins; of thy mercies, doft so put away
the returrection of the feth; the lins of those who truly repent,
and everlasting life after deaths that thou rememberest them no

The Jack Perfon Mall answer, more; Open thine eye of mercy
All this I fedtantly believe.

upon this thy servant, who most
Then shall the Minister examine earnelily delireth pardon and
whether he repint him truly of forgiveness. Renewin him, most
his lins, and be in charity with loving Father, whatsoever hatlı
all the world; exhorting him to been decayed by the fraud and
forgive, from the bottom of his malice of the devil, or by his
heart, all persons that have own carnal will and frailnets;
oftended him: and if he hath of preserve and continue this fick
fended any other, to alk them member in the unity of the
jurgiveness; and where he hath Church; contider his contrition,
done injury or wrong to any accept his tears, alfwage his paing
man, that he make amends to the as ihall seem to thee moft ex
bittermost of his.power. And if pedient for him. And ivraimucha
he hath not before disposed of his as he putieth his full trufi only in
goods, let him then be admonifli- thy mercy, impure not unto him
ed to make his Will, and to de. his former fins; but firengthen
clare his debts, what he oweth, him with thy bletler Spirit; and
and what is oruing unto him; when thou art piened to take
for the better discharging of his him hence, take him unto thy
conscience, and the quietness of, favour, through the merits of thý
his executors. But men should most dear beloved Son Jerus
often be put in remembrance to Christ our Lord. Amen..
take order for the settling of. Then jhall the Minister say this
their temporal ettates whilst

they are in health.
These words, before rehearsed, may

Pf. lxxi. In te Domine, speravi.

I a his Prayer, as helljee cause. my truit; let me never be The Minister Jhonld not omit put to confufion : bit rid me,

earnestly to 1720ve such fick Per. and deliver me in the righteouro fons, as are of ability, to be ness; incline thine ear unto me, liberal to the poc.

and save me. Here jhall the

pik Perfon be moved Be thou my firong hold,
to make a jpecial Contejsion of wliereunto I may alwas refort:
his fins, if he feel his conscience thou haft proinised to help me;
troubled with any weighty for thou art my house of defence,
matter. After which Confef. and my catile.
fon, the Pritft jhall absolve Deliver me, O my God, out of
Chim(if he humbly ard huäriiiy the hand of the ungodly : 'out of
desire it) after this tort: the han i of the unrighteous and

UR Lord Jefus Chrilt, who cruel man.
hath left poser to


For thou, O Lord God, art the Church to abfolve all finners thing that I long for: thou art my whoiruly repent, and believe in hope, even from my youth.

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Through thee have I been cious blood hast redeemed us; holden up, ever since I was bor: fave us, and help us, we humbiy thou art he that took me out of beseech thee, oʻLord. my mother's womb; my praise Then jhull the Minister say, thall alway be of theé. I am become as it were a moni

T'ka mul ürong tower to a il

THE Almighty fier unto many : but my sure trust is in thee.

them that put their truit in O let my mouth be filled with him; to whom all things in thy praile : that I may ting of heaven, in earth, and under the the glory and honour all the day earth, do bow and obey, be now long.

and evermore thy defence, and Caft me not away in the time make thee know and feel, that of age : forsake me not when my heaven given to man, in whom,

there is none other name under firength faileth me.

For mine enemies speak against and through whom, thou mayeit me; and they that lay wait for receive health and salvation, but my soul, take their couvfel to- only the Name of our Lord Jelus geiher, saying: God hath forsaken Chrift, . Amen. m; persecute him, and take

And after that shallfry, him; for there is none to deliver him.

(NTO God's gracious mercy

UNI Go not far from me, o God :

and protection we commit

thee. The Lord biers thee, and iny God, hafte thee tv help me.

Let them bé confounded and keep thee. The Lord make his periih that are again it my foul: face to thine upon thee, and be let them be covered with Iname gracious unto thee. The Lord and dishonour that leek to do lift up his countenance upon me evil.

thee, and give thee peace, both As for me, I will patiently now and evermore. "Amen. abide alway: and will praise thee

A Prayer for a sick Child. more and more. My mouth thall daily speak of

O merciful Father, to whom thy righteousness and salvation : for I know no end thereof.

alone belong the issues of life and I will go forth in the firength death; Look down from heaven, of the Lord God :a nd will make

we humbly befeech thee, with mention of thy righteousness the eyes of inercy upon this

Child, now lying upon the bed only. Thou, O God, has taught my with thy falvaljon; deliver him

of fickness: Vifit him, O Lord, from my youth up until now: therefore will I tell of thy won

in thy good appointed time from drous works.

his bodily pain, and lave his soul Forsake me not, o God, in for thy mercies' sake: That if it mine old age, when I am gray, his days here on earth, he may

Thall be thy pleasure to prolong headed : until I have thewed thy

live to thee, and be an infirufirength unto this generation, and thy power to all them that ment of thy glory, by ferving thee are yet for to come.

faithfully, and doing good in his Thiy righteousness, O God, is generation ; or elle receive him

into those heavenly habitations, very high, and great things are they that thou hali done; o God, where the souls of them that who is like unto thee!

fleep in the Lord Jesus enjoy Glory be to the Father, &c. perpetual rest and felicity: Grant As it was in the beginning, &c. this, O Lord, for thy mercies:

lake, in the same thy Son our Adding this:

Lord Jesus Chrifi, who liveth

and reigneth with thee and the SAVIOUR of the world, Holy Ghost, ever one God, world who by thy cross and pre- without end. Ameria

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A Prayer for a fick Perfon, when that whatsoever defilements it

there appeareth small hope of may have contracted in the midis recovery.

of this miserable and naughly O

FATHER of mercies, and world, through the lufts of the

God of all comfort, our only fleth, or the wiles of Satan, being helpin time of need; we fly unto purged and done away, it may thee for fuccour in behalf of this be presented pure and without thy servant, here lying under spot before thee. And teach us, thy hand in great weakness of who survive, in this and other body. Look gracioudly upon

like daily spectacles of mortality,

to see how frail and uncertain him, O Lord, and the more the outward man decayeth,

our own condition is; and so ftrengthen him, we beseech thee,

to number our days, that we 1o much the more continually may seriously apply our hearts with thy grace and Holy Spirit to that holy and heavenly wilin the inner man.

Give him dom, whilst we live here, which upfeigned repentance for all the may in the end bring us to life errors of his life pati, and diedfali everlasting, through the merits faith in thy fon Jefus; that of Jesus Christ thine only Son our his fins may be done away by Lord. Amen. thy mercy, and his pardon fealed A Prayer for Persons troubled in in heaven, before he go hence, mind or inconscience.

be no more seen. ,
an Lori, anat ere" is no word of meches, and the God of

imposible with thee, and that
it thou wilt, thou can't even yet

all comforts; We beseechi thee, raise him up, and grant him a

look down in pity and comparlonger continuance amongfi us:

fion upon this thy afflicted seryet forasmuch as in all appear

Thou writest bitter things ance the time of his diffolution against him, and makes him to draweih near; fo fit and prepare poffefs his former iniquities; him, we beseech thee, against

ihy wrath lieth hard upon him, the hour of death; that after his and his soul is full of trouble? departure hence in peace, and in

But, o merciful God, who hast thy favour, his soul may be

written thy hoiy Word for our received into thine everlatiing tience and comfort of thy holy

learning, that we, through pakingdom, through the merits and inediation of Jesus Christ Scriptures, might have hope; toine only Son, our Lord and give him a right underlianding Saviour. Amen.

of himself, and of thy treats

and promises; that he may nei. A commendatory Prayer for a ther'cast away his confidence fick Perfon ai the point of de- in thee, nor place it any where parture.

but in thee. " Give him firength ALMIGHTY God, with against all his temptations, and

whoin do live the spirits of heal all his distempers. Break juit men made perfect, after they not the bruised reed, nor quench are delivered from their earthly the smoking fax. Shut not up pritons; We humbly commend thy tender mercies in displeaihe foul of this thy fervant, sure; but make him to hear of our dear brother, into thy hands, joy and gladness, that the bones as into the hands of a faithful which thou hast broken may Creator and most merciful Sa- rejoice. Deliver him from fear viour; most humbly beseeching of the enemy, and lift up the lee, that it may be precious in light of thy countenance upon thy sight. Waih it, we pray him, and give him peace, thee, in the blood of that' im- through the merits and media maculate Lamb, that was plain to tion of Jesus Christ our Lord cake away the lins of the world, Amen.



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Foro(much as all mortal men be subject to many sudden perils,

diseases, and sicknesses, and ever uncertain what time they shall departout of this life ; therefore, to the intent they may be alway's in a readiness to die, whenfoever it shall please Almighty God to call them, the Curates thall diligentiy from time to time (but especially in the time of peftilence, or other infectious sicknefs) exhort their Parishioners to the often receiving of the Holy Communion of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, when it jhall be publickly administered in the Church; that so doing, they may, in cate of Judden visitation, have the lefs cause to be disquieted for lack of the same. But if the fick Perfön be not able to come to the Church, and yet is difirous to receive the Coniunion in his house ; then he mui give timely notice to the Curate, signifying also how many ibere are to conimunicate with him, which hall be three, or two at the least ;j andhaving a convenient place in the fuck Man's house, with all things necesary fo prepared, that the Curate' may reuerentlų minister ; he shall there celebrate the Holy Communion, beginning with the CollèEt, Epistle, and Gopel, here following.. The Collect.

The Epiltle. Heb. xii. s. ALMIGHTY, everliving God, Maker of mankind, M'han despite not thou the

chaliening of the Lord, doft correct those whom thou

nor faint when thou art rebuked doft love, and chaftise every one

of him. For whom the Lord whom thou dont receive; We loveth he chasteneth, and scourgbeseech thee to have mercy upon eth every fon whom he receivetti. this the servant vifiteit with thine hand; and to grant that he

The Gospel. John v. 24.

TERILY, verily, I say unto and recover his bodily health, you, He that heareth my if it be thy gracious will; and word, and believeth on him that whenfoever his soul thall depart feat me, hath everlafing life, from the body, it may be without and thall not come into condem1pot presented unto thee, through nation; but is pailed from death Jesus Christ our Loro. Ainen, unto life. after which the Priest Jhall proceed according to the Form before

profcribed for the Holy Communion, begifining at these words [Ye that do truly repeni, &c:] at the time of the dijtribution of the Holy Sacrament, the Priest

Jhall firit receive the communion himself, and after minister unto them that are appointed to communicate with the fiik, and last of

all to the sick Perfom. But if a Man,ether by reason of extremity of sickness, or for want of

warning in due time to the Curute, or for lack of company to receive with him, ou hy any other jul impratiment, do not receive the sacroment of Christ'. Rody and Blood; the Curatejhallinstruct him, that if he do trubvre sent him of his lins, und ft diftly believe that Jesus Chrift harh,iffered death upon the Crofs for him, and shed his Blood for his reciindum; earnestly remembering the benefitshe haththire. by, and giving him hearty thanks therefore; he diheat and drink the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ profitably to his fout's

health, although he do not receive the sacrament with his mouih. When the sick Pei fon is visited, and receiveth the Holy Communion

all at one time, then the Priest, for more expedition, thali cut off the Form of the Vifitution at the Psalm [In thee, O Lord, have

I put my trufi, &c.] and go straight to the Communion. In the time of the Plague, Swat, or such other like contacious times of

fickness or diseases, when none of the l'arish or Neighbours can be gotten to communicate with the fick in their houses, for fear of the infection; upon special request of the diseased the Minister may uniy communicate with hini.

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