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After Morning Prayer, the Litany ended according to the accustomed

manner, the Prieji Mhall, in the Reading-Pew or Pulpit, lay, BRETTORE me in the primitive Minister. Curfed' is he that

Church there was a godly smitesh his neighbour secretly. discipline, that at the beginning Arfuer. Amen. of Lent, such persons as fiood Minister. Cursed is he that lieth convicted of notorious fin, were with his neighbour's wife. put to open penance, and pu- answer. Amen. nithed in this world, that their Min. Curied is he that taketh Touls mighi be saved in the day of reward to say the innocent. the Lord; and that others, admo. Answer. Amen. nithedby their example, might be Min. Cursed is he that putteth the more afraid to offend.

his truft in man, and taketh man Instead whereof (until the said for his defence, and in his heart discipline may be restored again, goeth from the Lord.. which is much to be withed) it Arfuer. Amen. is thought good, that at this Minister. Cursed are the unmer. time, in the presence of you all, ciful, fornicators, and adulterers, should be read the general sen covetous perions, idolaters, Nano tences of God's curting against derers, drunkards, and extortionimpenitent finners, gathered out ers. of the seven and twentieth chap. Answer. Amen. ter of Deuteronomy, and other

Minister. ihould aniwer to every fentence, accursed (as the prophet Amen : To the intent, that being David. beareth witness) who do admonithed of the great indig- err and go aftray from the com. nation of God against finners, ye mandments of God, let us (remay the rather be moved to membering the dreadful judgeearnest and true repentance; and ment hanging over our heads, may walk more wary in these and always ready to fall upon dangerous days;, fleeing from us) return unto our Lord God, fuch vices, for which se aftim with all contrition and meekness with your own mouths the curse of heart; bewailing and lamentof God to be due.

ing our finful life, acknowledging C TURSED is the man that and confefling our offences, and

maketh any carved or mol- seeking to bring forth worthy ten unage, to worihip it.

fruits of penance. For now is snd the People jnall'anj wer and the axe put unto the root of the fuy, Amen.

trees; fo that every tree that Minister. Curred is he that bringeth not forth good fruit, is curieth his father or mother. how down and caft into the Answer. Amen.

fire. It is a feartul ining to fall Minifer. Cursed is he that into the hands of the living God : removeab his neighbour's land- he thall pour down rain upon mark

the finners,snares, fire and brimAntwer. Amen.

ftone, tiorm and tempeft;. this Min. Curied is he that maketh thall be their portion to drink. the blind to go out of his way. For, lo, the Lord is come out of Anur. Amen.

his place, to vifit the wickedness Minifier. Curteu is he that of 1uch as dwell upon the earth. perverieth the judgement of the But who muy abide the day of firarger, the fatherless, and his coming! Who shall be able widow.

to endure when he appeareth? Answer. Amen.

Ilis fan is ia his hand, and he


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will purge his fioor, and gather from ail your wickedness, and his wheat into the barn ; but he your fins shall not be your dewill burn the chaff with un- fruction. Cati away from you quenchable fire. The day of the all your ungodliness that' ye Lord cometh as a thief in the have done; make you new night: and wlien men thall say, hearts and a new fpirit: WhereTeace, and all things are safe; fure will ye die, o ye house of then shall sudden destruction Ifrael? feeing that I have no come up in them, as forrow pleasure in the death of him that cometh upon a woman travail. dieth, faith the Lord ing with child, and they thall Turn ye then, and ye Hall live. not escape. Then thall appear Although we have finned, yet the wrath of God in the day of have we an Advocate with the vengeance, which obstinate fin- Father, Jesus Christ the rightners, through the fiubbornnesseous; and he is the propitiation of their heart, have heaped upon for our fins. For he themselves; which despired the wounded for our offences, and goodness, patience, and long. smitten for our wickedness. Let suffering of God, when he calleih us therefore return -unto him, them continually.to repentance. who is the merciful receiver Then thall they call upon me of all true penitent finners; (iaith the Lord), but I will not assuring ourselves that he is hear; they shall seek me eariy, ready to receive us, and most but they ihall not find me; and willing to pardon us, if we that because they hated know- come unto him with faithful ledge, and received not the fear repentance; if we submit ourof the Lord; but abhorred my felves unto him, and froin counsel, and despited my correc- henceforth walk in his ways; if tion. Then thall it be too late to we will take his easy yoke and knock, when the door tall be light burden upon us, to follow thut; and too late to cry for him in lowliness, patience, and mercy, when it is the time of charity, and be ordered by the justice. O terrible voice of inoti governance of his Holy Spirit; just judgement, which thall be reeking always his glory, and pronounced upon their, when it ferving him duly in our vocation ihall be said unto them, Go, ye' with thanksgiving. This if we cursed, into the fire everlasting, do, Chritt will deliver us from which is prepared for the devis the curse of the law, and from and his angels! Therefore, bre- the extreme malediction which thren, take we heed berime, thall light upon them that shall while the day of salvation latieth; be set on the left hand; and he for the night cometh, when will let us on his right hand, none can work. But let us, while and give us the gracious benewe have the light, believe in the diction of his Father, commandlight, and walk as children of the ing us to take poteífion of his light; that we be not caft into glorious kingdom: unto which utter darkness, where is weep- he vouchsafe to bring us all, for ing and gnathing of teeth. Let his infinite mercy. Amen. us not abute the goodness of God, Then Arall they all kneel upon their who calleth us mercifully to

knees; and the Priest and Clerks amendment; and of his endless

kneeling in the place where they pity promiseth us forgiveness

are accustomed to

fay the of that which is part, if with a perfect and true heart we return

Litany, jhall say this Pja!m. unto him. For though our fins

Psalm li. Miferere mei, Deus. be made white as fnow; and God, afier thy great goodthough they be like purple, yet nels : according to ine mulliure they thall be made white as of thy mercies do away mine wool. Turn ye (faith the Lord) offences.

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Wash me throughly from iny tions : then mall they offer young wickedness: and cleanfe me from bullocks upon thine altar. my fin.

Glory be to the Father, &c. For I acknowledge my faults: As it was in the beginning, &c. and my fin is ever before me. Against thee only have I finned,

Lord, have mercy upon us. and done this evil in thy fight :

Christ, have mercy upon us. that thou mightelt be jutiiñed in

Lord, have mercy upon us. judged.

, Hallowed be Behvid, ! was thapen in wick. Name; Thy kingdom come; Thy edneis : and in fio hath my mo- will be done in earth, as it is in ther conceived me.

heaven : Give us this day our But lo, thou requirest truth daily bread; And forgive us our in the inward parts : and shalt trespailes, as we forgive them make me to underliand wisdum thai crespass against us; And fecretly.

lead us 'not into temptation, Thou shalt purge me with hyf- Bui deliver us from evil. Amen. sop; and I thall be clean : thou thalt washine, and I Thail be

Minister. O Lord, save thy

servanis; whiter than snow. Thou that make me hear of Andw. That put their trust in

thee. joy and gladness: that the bones, which thou hast broken, may re- from above;

Minister. Send unto them help joice. Turn thy face from my sins:

Answ. And evermore mightily

defend them. and put out all my misdeeds. Make me a clean heart, o God:

Minister. Help us, o Gud our

Saviour; and renew a right fpirit within

Anw. And for the glory of thy Caft me not away from thy Name deliver us; be merciful to

us finners, for thy Name's fake. pretence : and take not thy Holy

Minister. O Lord, hear our Spirit froin me. O give me the comfort of thy prayer;

Anm. And let our cry come help again : and stablish me with thy free Spirit.

unto thee. Then thall I teach thy ways Minifir. Let us pray. unto the wicked : and finners hall be converted unto thee. Deliver me from blood-guilti.

mercifully hear our prayers, neís, o God, thou that art the and spare'all' thole who confeis God of my healih: and my tongue whole coniciences by fio are

their ons. unto thee; that they, Thall ling of thy righteousness.

Thou shalt open my lips; o accused, by thy merciful pardon Lord : and my inouth thall Thew may be absolved, through Christ

our Lord. Amen. thy praile. For thou defireft no sacrifice,

o ,

MOST mighty God, and thou delighitelt not in burnt- compailion upon all men, and offerings.

hatelt nothing that thou haft The facrifice of God is a made; whowouldest northe death troubled spirit : a broken and of a finner, but that he thould contrite heart, O God, lhalt thou rather turn from his fin, and be nor.despise.

faved; Mercifully forgive us our o be favourable and gracious trespases; receive and comfort unto Sion : build thou the walls us, who are grieved and wearied of Jerusalem.

with the burden of our tins. Thy Then thalt thou be pleased with property is always to have mere the sacrifice ofrighteousness,with cy; to thee only it appertaineth be burnt-offerings and obla- to forgive fins. Spare us there


O ;

- fore, good Lord, spare thy peo- praying : For thou art a inercia

ple, whom thou haft redeemed; ful God, full of compation, enter not into judgement with long-suffering, and of great pity. thy servants, who are vile earth, Thou sparefi when we deterve and miserable finners; but to punishment, and in thy wrath turn thine anger from us, who thinkest upon mercy. Spare ihy meekly acknowledge our vile- people, good Lord, fpare them; ness, and truly repent us of our and let not thine heritage bé faulis; and so make batte to brought to confufion. Hear us, help us in this world, that we O Lord, for thy mercy is great ; may ever live with thee in the and after the multitude of thy

world to come, through Jesus mercies look upon us, through 3 Christ our Lord. Amen.

the merits and mediation of Then shall the People say this that thy blessed Son, Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen followeth, after the Minister.

Then the Miniter alone shall say, URN thou us, o good Lord, SHE Lord bless us, and keep Be favourable, 0 Lord, be fa- of his countenance upon us, and vourable to thy people, who turn give us peace now and for everto thee in weeping, faiting, and more. Amen.

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MORNING PRAYER. 5 As for the ungodly, it is not
Pía'm i. Beatus vir, qui non abiit. chaff, which the wind scattereth

so with them: but they are like the
BLS Walked in the counter
LESSED is the man that hath away from the face of the earth.

6 Therefore the ungodly thall of the ungodly, nor food in not be able to stand in ihe judgethe way of finners: and haub ment: neither the finners in ihe not fat in the feat of the scorp- congregation of the righteous.

7 But the Lord knoweth the 2'But his delight is in the law way of the righteous: and the of the Lord: and in his law will way of the ungodly ihall perish. he exercise himself day and P1.1. Quare fremuerunt gentes? night. 3 And he shall be like a tree

W ,

ously rage together : and planted by the water-lide : that why do the people imagine a vain will bring forth his fruit in due thing? feaion.

3 The kings of the earth stand 4 His leaf also shall not wither: up, and the rulers take counsel and look, whatsoever he doeth, together : againt the Lord, and it fall prosper,

against his Anointed,


3 Let us break their bonds Priv. Cum invocarem. afúnder : and cast away their Hof my righteouineis : thou

EAR me I call, ( cords from us.

4 He that dwelleth in heaven hast set me at liberty when I was Mall laugh them to scorn : the in trouble; have mercy upon me, Lord Mall have them in derision. and bearken unto my prayer.

5 Then ihall he speak unto 2 Oye fons of men, how long them in his weath: and vex them will ye blafpheme mine honour: in his fore displeasure.

and hareruch pleasure in vanity, 6 Yet have I set my King: and seek after leasing? upon my holy bill of Sion.

3 Know this also, that the Lord 7 I will preach the law, where- hath chosen to himself the man of the Lord hath said unto me: that is godly: when I call upon Thou art my Son, this day have the Lord, he will hear me, I begotten thee.

4 Stand in awe, and fin not: 8 Defire of me, and I shall give commune with your own heart, thee the heathen for thine inhe- and in your chamber, and be till. ritance : and the utmost parts of 5 offer the sacrifice of righi. the earth for thy posseflion. eoufneis: and put your trust in the

9 Thou thalt bruise them with Lord, a rod of iron : and break them 6 There be many that say : in pieces like a potter's vefsel. Who will thew us any good ?

10 Be wise now therefore, o Lord, lift thou up: the light ye.kings: be learned, ye that are of thy countenance upon us. judges of the earth.

8 Thou haft put gladness in 11 Serve the Lordin fear : and my heart : fince the time that rejoice unto him with reverence. their corn, and wine, and oil

12 Kiss the: Son, left he be increased. angry, and so ye perish from the 9 I will lay me down in peace, right way: if his wrath be kin- and take my reft: for it is thou, died, (sea, but a little) blessed are Lord, only, ibat makestine dwell all they that put theiriiuft in him. in fafety. Pl.isi. Domine, quid multipliinti?? Pl. v. Verba mea auribus.

ORD, how are they in- ONDER my words, O Lord :

creased that trouble me : consider my meditation. many are they that rise against me, 2 O hearken thou unto the

2 Many one there be that say voice of my calling, my King, of my foul : There is no help and my God': for unto thee will for him in his God:

I make my prayer. 3 But thou, O Lord, art my 3 My voice' thalt thou hear defevder: thou art my worship, betimes, O Lord : early in the and the lifier up of my liead. morning will I direct my prayer

41 did call upon the Lord wi'h unto thee; and will look up. my voice : and be heard me out 4 Forthou artthe God that haft of his holy hill.

po pleasure in tickedness : tei5 I laid me down and nept, ther thallansevildwell with thee. and rose up again : for the Lord 5 Such as be fuojih ihall not futiained me.

stand in thy sight : fer theu 6 I will not he afraid for ten batelt all them that work vanity. thousands of the people ; that 6 Thou shalt destroy them that have let themselves against me speak leafing : the Lord will abround about.

hor both the blood-thiriiy and 7 Up, Lord, and help me, o deceitful man. my God : for thou finneft'ali 7 But as for me, I will come mine enemies upon the cheek- into thine houte, even upon . he bone; thou hafi broken the teeth muluitude of thay merey: and in of the ungodly;

thy fear will I worthip toward 8 Salvation belongeth unto the thy holy temple. Lord : and thy blefling is upon 8 Lead me,, O Lord, in i'v thy people.

righteoulneis, because of m




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