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reccive my fight. And Jesus said wherefore thould they say among unto him, Receive thy light: the people, Where is their God? thy faith hath faved thee. And The Gospel. Matt. vi. 16. immediately he received his HENye faft, be not, as ing God: and all the people, countenance: for they disfigure when they saw it, gave praise their faces, that they may apunto God.

pear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their

reward. The First Day of Lent, called

But thou, when thou Ajh-lednesday.

fafteft, anoint thine head, and

wash thy face; that thou appear The Collect.

not unto men to fait, but unto A

LMIGHTY and everlasting thy Father which is in secret:

God, who hatest nothing and thy Father, which seeth in that thou hast made, and doft secret, Thall reward thee openly. forgive the tins of all them that Lay not up for yourselves treaare penitent; Create and make sures upon earth, where moth in us new and contrite hearts, and ruft doth corrupt, and that we worthily lamenting our where thieves breakthrough fins, and acknowledging our and steal: but lay up for yourwretchedness, may obtain of thee, felves treasures in heaven, where the God of all mercy, perfect re- neither moth nor ruft dóth cormiffion and forgiveness, through rupt, and where thieves do not Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. break through nor steal : for (This Colleet is to be read every where your treasure is, there

Day in Lent, after the Colleét will your heart be also.
appointed for the Day.]

For the Epifle. Joel ii. 12. First Sunday in Lent.
URN ye even to me, faith

The Collect. The heart, and with'fasiing, and with O LORD who for our fake

didft faft forty days and weeping, and with mourning; forty nights;. Give us grace to and'rend your heart, and not use such abftinence, that our your garments, and turn unto fleth being subdued to the Spirit, the Lord your God: for he is may ever. obey thy godly gracious and merciful, now to motions in righteousness and anger, and of great kindness, true holiness, to thy honour and and repenteth him of the evil. glory, who livest and reigneft Who knoweth if he will return with the Father and the Holy and repent, and leave a blessing Ghost, one God, world without behind him; even a meat-offer- end. Amen. ing, and a drink-offering, unto The Epiftle. 2 Cor. vi. 1. Lord your God? Blow

E , as workers togecall à folemn alleinbly; gather you also that ye receive not the the people, fan&tify the congre- grace of God in vain. (For he gation, afsemble the elders, ga- faith, I have heard thee in a ther the children, and those that time accepted, and in the day fuck the breasts : let the bride- of salvation have I fuccoured groom go forth of his chamber, thee: behold, now is the acand the bride out of her closet: cepted time; behold, now is Let the prielis, the ministers of the day of falvation.) Giving no the Lord, weep between the offence in any thing, that the porch and the altar, and let ministry be not blamed: but in them lay, Spare thy people, o all things approving ourselves Lord, and give not thine beri- as the ministers of God, in tage to reproach, that the hea- much patience, in afflictions, in then thould rule over them: neceflities, in diifireffes, in liripes


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in imprisonments, in tumults, in Second Sunday in Lene. Jabours, in watchings, in fastings;

The Collect. by pureness, by knowledge, by hones fuffering, by, kindness

, by A MIGHTY. God, who feeft

that we have no of Holy , love unfeigned, by the word of truth, by the ourselves to help ourselves; Keep power of God, by the armour of and inwardly in our fou!s, that

us both outwardly in our bodies, righteousness on the right hand and on the left, by honour and adversities which may happen

we may be defended from all dishonour, by evil report and to the body, and from all evil good report: as deceivers, and thoughts which may affault and yet true; as unknown, and yet hurt the foul, through Jesus well known; as dying, and, be

Christ our Lord. Amen. hold, we live; as chastened, and not killed; as forrowful, yet al- 'The Epistle. 1 Thess. iv. 1. way rejoicing; as poor, yet mak- Wandelee

beleech you, brethren, ing many rich; as having nothing, Lord Jesus,

that as ye have re

you by the and yet poffefsing all things. The Gospel. Matt. iv. 1.

ceived of us how ye ought to 'HEN was Jefus led up of the walk and to please' God, fo ye

more and more to be tempted of the devil. And For ye know what commandwhen he had fafted forty days ments we gave you by the Lord and forty nights, he was after. Jesus. For this is the will of ward an hungered. And when God, even your fanétification, the tempter came to him, he that ye thould abstain from fornifaid, If thou be the Son of God, cation: that every one of you command that these stones be should know how to possess his made bread. But he answered vefsel in fanctification and how and said, It is written, Man thall nour; not in the lust of concu. not live by bread alone, but by pifcence, even as the Gentiles every word that proceedeth out

which know not God: that no of the mouth of God. Then the man go beyond and defraud devil taketh him up into the his brother in any matter; beholy city, and setteth him on a

cause that the Lord is the aven. pinnacle of the temple, and faith ger of all such, as we also have unto him, If thou be the Son of forewarned you and testified. God, cast thyself down: for it is For God hath not called us unto written, He thall give his angels uncleanness, but unto holiness. charge concerning thee: and He therefore that despiseth, dein their hands they thall bear piseth not man, but God, who thee up, left at any time thou hath also given unto us his Holy dalh thy foot against a stone. Spirit. Jesus said unto him, It is written The Gospel. Matt. xv. 21. again, Thou lhalt not tempt the ESUS went thence, and deLord thy God. Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceed- and Sidon. And, behold, a woman ing high mountain, and thewcth of Canaan came out of the same him all the kingdoms of the coasts, and cried unto him, fayworld, and the glory of them; ing, Have mercy on me, O Lord, and faith unto him, All these thou son of David ! my daughter things will I give thee, if thou is grievously vexed with a devil. wilt fall down and worthip me. But he answered her 110t a word. Then faith Jesus unto him, Get And his disciples came and bethee hence, Satan : for it is writ- fought him, Taying, Send her ten, Thou thalt worship the away; for the crieth after us. Lord thy God, and him only But he answered and said, I am 1halt thou serve. Then the devil not fent but unto the loft sheep leaveth him, and, behold, angels of the house of lfrael. Then eame and ministered unto him. came the and worshipped him,

saying, Lord, help me! But he them. For it is a shame even answered and said, It is not meet to speak of those things which to take the children's bread, and are done of them in secret. But to caft it to dogs. And the said, all things that are reproved are Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat made manifest by the light: of the crumbs which fall from for whatsoever doth make manitheir masters' table. Then Jesus fest is light. Wherefore he faith, aníwered and said unto her, o Awake, thou that feepett, and woman, great is thy faith be arise from the dead, and Christ it unto thee even as thou wilt. shall give thee light. And her daughter was made The Gospel. Luke'xi. 14. whole from that very hour. Jeand was dumb.

ESUS was cafting out a devil,

And it

came to pass, when the devil was Third Sunday in Lent.

gone out, the dumb fpake; and The Collect.

the people wondered.' But some E besecch thee, Almighty of them said, He cafteth out delires of thy humble servants, chief of the devils. And others, and Itretch forth the right hand tempting him, fought of him a of thy Majesty to be our de- sign from heaven. But he, know fence against all pur enemies, ing their thoughts, said unto through Jesus Christ our Lord. them, Every kingdom divided Amen.

against itself is brought to de

folation; and a houle divided The Epifle. Ephef. v. 1.

against a house, falleth. If Satan E ye therefore followers of also be divided against himself, ,

j walk in love, as Christ also hath because ye say that I cast out lored us, and hath given himself devils through'Beelzebub. And for us, an offering and a sacrifice if I by Beelzebub cait out devils, to God for a sweet-smelling by whom do your sons cait favour. But fornication, and all them out? therefore thall they uncleanness, or covetousness, let be your judges. But if I with it not be once named among the finger of God caft out devils, you, as becometh saints; neither no doubt the kingdom of God filthiness, nor foolish talking, is come upon you.

When nor jefting, which are not con• strong mari armed keepeth his venient; but rather giving of palace, his goods are in peace: thanks. For this ye know, that but when a stronger than he no whoremonger, nor unclean thall come upon him, and overperson, nor covetous man, who come him, he taketh from him is an idolater, hath any inheri- all his armour wherein he trufttance in the kingdom of Christ ed, and divideth his spoils. He and of God. Let no man de- that is not with me 'is against ceive you with vain words: for me: and he that gathereth not because of thele things cometh with me scattereth. When the the wrath of God upon the unclean spirit is gone out of a children of disobedience. Be man, he walketh through dry noi ye, therefore, partakers with places, seeking reft; and finding thein : For ye were sometimes none, he faith, I will return unto darknes, but now are ye light my house whence I came out. in the Lord: walk as children and when he cometh, he findeila of light; (for the fruit of the it swept and garnithed. Then Spirit is in all goodness and goeth he, and taketh to him feven righteousness and truth;) prov. other fpirits more wicked than ing what is acceptable unio the himself; and they enter in, and Lord. And have no fellowship dwell there: and the last ftate of with the unfruitful works of that man is worse than the firit. darkness, but rather reprove And it came to pass, as he ipake



these things, a certain woman of

The Gospel. John vi. 1. the company lifted up her voice,

ESUS went over the sea of and him, JES

Galilee, which is the sea of womb that bare thee, and the Tiberias. And a great multitude paps which thou hali fucked, followed him, because they saw But he said, Yea, rather blessed his miracles which he did on are they that hear the word of them that were diseafed. And God, and keep it.

Jesus went up into a mountain,

and there he fat with his dir Fourth, Sunday in Lent. ciples. And the passover, a feast The Collect.

of the Jews, was nighi. When

Jesus then lifted up his eyes, RANT, we beleech. thee, and saw a great company come

that we; , who for our evil deeds do wor. Whence ihall we buy bread, that thily deserve to be punished, by these may eat?

And this he the comfort of thy grace may said to prove him; for he him mercifully be relieved, through self knew what he would do. our Lord and Saviour Jefus Christ. Philip antwered him, Two hun. Amen.

dred pennyworth of bread is not The Epifle. Gal.iv. 21. fufficient for them, that every

ELL' me, ye that desire to one of them may take a lithear the law? For it is written, drew, Simon Peter's brother, that Abraham hath two tons; the faiti unto him, There is a lad one by a bond-maid, the other here, which hath five barleyby a free woman. But he who loaves and two small filles : was of the bond-woman was but what are they among fo born after the fleth; but he of many: And Jesus said, Make the free woman was by promise. the men fit down. Now there Which things are an allegory: was much grafs in the place. So for these are the two covenants, the men fat down, in number the one from the mount Sinai, about five thousand. And Jesus which gendereth to bondage took the loaves: and when he which is Agar. For this Agar is had given thanks, he diftributed mount Sinai in Arabia, and an- to the disciples, and the difciples fwereth to Jerusalem which now to them that were set down; is, and is in bondage with ber and likewise of the filbes as children.

But Jerufalein which much as they would. When is above is free, which is the they were filled, be said unto mother of us all. For it is writ. his disciples, Gather up the fragten, Rejoice, thou barren that ments that remain, that nothing beaiest not; break forth and be loft. Therefore they gathered cry, thou that travailest not; them together, and filled i weive for the defolate bath many moré baikets with the fragments of children than the which hath an the five barley-loaves, which rehusband. Now we, brethren, as mained over and above unto Ifaac was, are the children of thein that had eaten. Then those promise. But as then he that men, when they had seen the was born afæer the fieth, perle- miracle that Jesus did, raid, This cuted him that was born afier is of a truth that prophet that the Spirit, even so it is now. Should come into the world. Nevertheless what faith the Scripture? Cait out the bondwoman and her son : for the son Fifth Sunday in Lent. of the bond-woman thall not be

The Collect. heir with the son of the free


E beseech thee, Almighty woman. So then, brethren, we are not children of the bond thy people; that by thy great wman, but of time free

goodnels they may be governed

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and preserved evermore, both in is dead? and the prophets are hody and soul, through Jesus dead: whom makest thou thyChrift our Lord. Amen,

self? Jesus answered, If I honour

myself, my honour is nothing The Epistle. Heb. ix. 11. it is my father that honoureth CH

HRIST being come an high me; of whom ye say, that he is prieft of good things to

your God: yet ye have not come, by a greater and more

known him: but I know him: perfect tabernacle, not made and if I should say, I know him with hands, that is to say, not not, I shall be a liar like unto of this building; neither by the you: but I know him, and keep blood of goats and calves, but his saying. Your father Abraham by his own blood, he entered in rejoiced to see my day: and he once into the holy place, having faw it, and was glad. Then said obtained eternal redemption for the Jews unto him, Thou art not us. For if the blood of bulls and yet fifty years old, and haft thou of goats, and the ashes of an

seen Abraham? Jesus said unto heifer sprinkling the unclean, them, Verily, verily, I say unto fanctifieth to the purifying of you, Before Abraham was, I am. the fieth; how much more thall Then took they up stones to cart the blood of Christ, who through at him: but Jesus hid himself, and the eternal Spirit offered himself went out of the temple. without spot to God, purge your ama conscience from dead works, to serve the living God? And for Sunday next before Easter. this cause he is the mediator of

The Collect. the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemp? ALMIGHTY and everlasting tion of the transgressions that love towards mankind haft fent

God, who of were under the first testament, thy Son our Saviour Jesus Chrift, they which are called might re

to take upon him our fletli, and ceive the promise of eternal in- to suffer death upon the cross, heritance.

that all mankind' fhould fo The Gospel.

John viii. 46. the example of his great humiESUS said, Which of you lity; Mercifully graut, that we I say the truth, why do ye not his patience, and also be made believe me? He that is of God partakers of his resurrection, heareth God's words; ye there through the same Jesus Chrik fore hear them not, because ye

our Lord. Amen. are not of God. Then answered ile hews, and laid unto him; Lichis was also in chrift

The Epifle. Phil. ii. 5.

ET mind be in you, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and haft a devil? Jesus Jesus: who, being in the form of answered, I have not a devil: God, thought it not robbery to but I honour my Father, and ye be equal with God; but made do dishonour me. And I seek himself of no reputation, and not mine own glory: there is took upon him the form of a one that seeketh and judgeth. servant, and was made in the Verily, verily, I say unto you, likeness of men:

and being If a man keep my saying, he found in fashion as a man, he shall never fee death. Then said humbled himself, and became the Jews unto him, Now we obedient unto death, even the know that thou hast a devil. death of the cross. Wherefore Abrahain is dead, and the pro- God also hath highly exalted phets; and thou sayeft, If a man him, and given him a name keep my saying, he shall never which is above every name; tafte of death. Art thou greater that at the name of Jesus every than our father Abraham, which knce thould bow, of things iia


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