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LORD, we beseech thee, mighty God, whose kingdom is

mercifully hear our prayers, everlasting, &c.) instead of the and spare all those who confels Collett for the Day, Jhall these their fins unto thee; that they, two be used. whose consciences by, fin are Omost mighty God, &c. accused, by thy merciful pardon Blessed Lord,

in whose fight, &c. may be absolved, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

as in the Morning Prayer.

The Epifle. 1 Pet. ii, 13. o

MOST mighty and
merciful Father
, who halt Surdimance your man for the

UBMIT compailion upon all men, and hatest nothing that thou haft Lord's fake : whether it be to made; who wouideft not the the King, as supreme; or unto death of a finner, but that he governors, as unto them that 1hould rather turn from his fin, are sent by him for the punishand be saved ; Mercifully forgive ment of evil doers, and for the us our trespasses; receive and praise of them that do well. comfort us, who are grieved For so is the will of God; that and wearied with the burden with well doing ye may put to of our fins. Thy property is silence the ignorance of foolish always to have mercy; to thee men: as free, and not ufing your only it appertainech to forgive liberty for a cloke of malicious. tins. Spare us therefore, good nels, but as the servants of God. Lord, ipare thy people, whom Honour all men. Love the bro thuu hait redeemed; enter not

therhood. Fear God. Honour into judgement with thy fer- the King. Servants, be subject vants, who are vile earth and

to your masters with all fear; miserable finners; but so turn

not only to the good and gentle, thine anger froin us, who meekly this is thankworthy, if a man

but also to the froward. Foi acknowledge our vileness, and truly repent us of our faults; and for conscience toward God en. so make hafte to help us in this dure grief, suffering wrongfully. world, that we may ever live For what glory is it, it, when ye with thee in the world to come,

be buffeted for your faults, ye through Jesus Christ our Lord. thall take it patiently? but if, Amen.

when ye do well, and suffer for

it, ye take ir patien(ly. this is TURN thou us, we sendu lord: acceptable with God. For even

and so thall we be turned hereunto were ye cailed: beBe favourable, O Lord, be fa- caule Christ also suffered for us, vourable to thy peuple, Who leaving us an example, that ye turn to thee in weeping, fafting, thould follow his steps; who did and praying. For thou art a no fin, neither was guire found mercifu' God, Full of compassion, in his inouth. long-suffering, and of great pity. Thou spareft, when we deterve

The Gospel. Matt. xxi, 33. thinkest upon mercy. Spare diuiniennent, And cin by wrath There was a certain house

hoiderplanted a people, good Lord, pare them, vineyard, and h-dged it round and let' not thine heritage bé about, and digged a winepress brought to contufion. Hear u,

in it, and built a tower, and let O Lord, for thy merev is great; it out to hutbunclmen, and went And after the multitude of thy into a far country: And when mercies look upon us, Through 11 time of the fruit drew near, the merits and mediation of thy he ínt his feruunis to the hur bleiled Son Jesus Christ our

bandınen,' that iney nigni receive the fruits of it.

And be Lord. Am’n.

husbandinen took bis fervants, In the Communion Service, after and beat one, ap! killed alioten The Prayer for the King (Al and stoned another. Azali,

fent other servants, more than though, for our many and great the first; and they did unto provocations, thou didft fuffer them likewise. But iaft of all he itine anointed, bletled King fent unto them his fon, taying, CHARLES the First (as on this They will reverence my son, Day) to fall into the hands of But when the husbandmen saw violent andblood-thirsiymen, and the fon, they faid among them- barbaroully to be murdered by selves, This is the heir; come, them; yet thou didit not leave let us kill him, and let us seize us for ever, as theep without a on his inheritance. And they shepherd; but by thy gracious caught him, and cast him out of providence didit miraculousy the vineyard, and new bim. preserve the undoubted Heir of When the Lord, therefore, of the his Crowns, our then gracious vineyard cometh, what will he Sovereign King CHARLES the do unto those huthandmen? They Second, from bis bloody enemies, fay unto him, He will miserably hiding him under the thadow of destroy those wicked men, and thy wings, until their tyranny will let out his vineyard unto was overpast;, and didli bring other husbandmen, which thall him back, in ihy good appointed render him the fruits in their time, to fit upon the throne of seasons.

his Father; and, together with After the Nicene Creed, Jhall be the Royal Family, didft restore

read, instead of the Sermon for to us our ancient Government in that day, the first and second Church and State. For thele parts of the Homily again't Dif- thy great and unspeakable merobedience and wilful Rebellion, cies, we render to thee our most set forth by Authority; or the humble and unfeigned thanks; Minister who officiates, Thall beseeching thee ftill to continue preach a Sermon of his own com. my gracious protection over

posing upon the same argument, the whole Royal Family, and In the Offertory shall this Sentence reign King GEORGE, a long

to grant to onr gracious Sovebe read:

and a happy reign over us: So Whatsoever ye would, that we, that are thy people, will men should do to you, do ye even give thee thanks for ever, and to to them; for this is the will alway be thewing forth ihy law and the prophets.. Matt. praise from generation to gene. vii. 12.

ration, through Jesus Christ our After the Prayer (For the whole Lord and Saviour. Amen.

State of Christ's Church, &c.]
these two collectsfollowing full Anreech a thee, that the course

ND grant, Lord
be used.
O ,

LORD, our heavenly Father, of this world may be so peaceour sins have deserved, but hast in that thy Church may joyfully the midst of judgement remem- ferve thee in all godly quieineis, bered mercy; We acknowledge through Jesus Christ our Lord. it thine especial favour, that Amen.

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The Hymn appointed to be used at Proper Pfalms. Ixxix, xciv, lxxxv.
Morning Prayer, instead of Ve.

Proper Leffons.
nite exultemus, shall here also be The First. Jer. xii, or Dan. ix. to
ufed before the Proper Psalms. ver. 22.

The Second. Hebr. xi. v. 32. and Righteous art thou, O Lord, &e. xxii, to ver. 7.

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Instead of the first Collect at Ever- great mercy preserve his son,

whose right it was; and at ing. Prayer, shall these two, which next follow be used.

length by a wonderful provi

dence bring him back and set O

ALMIGHTY Lord God, him thereun; to restore thy true

who by thy wisdom not Religion, and to settle peace only guident and ordereft all amongst us: For these thy great things most suitably to thine own

mercies we glority thy Name, juftice; but also performeft thy through Jesus Christ our blejled pleasure in fuch a manner, that Saviour. Amen.

cannot but acknowledge thee to be righteous in all thy Immediately after the Collect ways, and holy in all thy works:

(Lighten our darkness, &c.] We thy sinful people do here Thail these three next following fall down before thee, confessing be used. that thy judgements were right, in permiting cruelmen, sons O Lord, we beseech thee, &c. of Belial (as on this Day) io im- O most mighty God, &c. brue their hands in the blood Turn thou us, o good Lord, &c. of thine Anointed, we having as before at Morning Prayer. drawn down the same upon ourfelves, by the great and long Immediately before the Prayer of provocations of our fins against

St. Chryfoftom, Jhall this Collect, thee. For which we do there

which next fo.loweth, be used. fore here humble ourselves before thee; beseeching thee to deliver this Nation from

blood. A LOGHTY and everlafting

God, gultiness that of this Day es- is like the ftrong mountains, and pecially) and to turn from us, thy judgemenis like the great and our post rity, all those deep; and who, by that "barjudgements, which we hy our þarous murder (as on this Day) fins have worthily deserved: 'committed upon the lacred Grant this for the all-sufficient Person of thine Anointed, haft merits of thy Sun our Saviour taught us, that neither the Jesus Christ. Amen.

greateft of Kings, nor the best

of men, are more secure from LESSED God, juft and powes- violence, than from natural

usamo Tiereby dear fervant, our dread Sovereign so to number our days, that King CHARLES the First, to be we may apply our hearts unto las upon this Day) given up to the wisdom. And grant, inat nein violent ourages of wicked men, ther the splendor of any thing tu be despitefully uled, and at that is great, nor the conceit of lali inuidered by them. Though any thing that is good in us, we canno reflect upon fo foul an may withdraw our eyes from act, bui with horror and astonish- looking upon ourselves' as finful ment; yet do we moft gratefully duft and athes; but that accordo commeinorate the glories of thy ing to the example of this thy grace, which then thined forth blessed Martyr, we may preis in thine Anointed; whom thou forward to the prize of the high wart plealed, even at the hour calling that is before us, in faith of death, to endue with an and patience, lumility and cminent measure of exemplary meekness, mortification and selfparience, meekness, and charity, denial, charity and constant per. before the face of his cruel feverance unto the end: And enemies. And albeit thou didft all this for thy Son our Lord futfer them to proceed to such an Jesus Chris bis fake; to whom, height of violence, as to kill with thee and the Holy Gholt, hin, and to take possession of be all honour and glory, world Lyis 'throne ; yet didit thou in widiout end. Amen.

A Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for having

put an end to the Great Rebellion, by the Reftitution of the King and Royal Family, and the Restoration of the Government after many Years interruption; which unspeakable Mercies were wonderfully completed upon the Twenty-ninth of May, in the Year 1660. And in memory thereof, that Day in every Year is, by Ad

of Parliament, appointed to be for ever kept holy. The AEt of Parliament made in the Tu'elfth, and confirmed in the

Thirteenth Year of King CHARLES the Second, for the Observation of the Twenty-ninth Day of May, yearly, as a Day of public Thanksgiving, is to be read publicly in all Churches at Morning Prager, immediately after the Nicene Creed, on

Lord's Day next before puiry such I wenty-ninth of May; and notice Jhall be

given for the due observation of the said Day. The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-Days;

except where it is in this Office otherwise appointed. If this Day fhall happen to be ascenfion-Day, or Whit-Sunday, the

Colleets of this Office are to be added to the Offices of those Fejtivals in their proper places; if it be Monday or Tuesday in Whitsun-week, or Trinity Sunday, the Proper Pfálms appointed for this Day, instead of those of ordinary course, Jhall be also used, and the Collect's added as before and in all these cases the rest of this Office Jhall be omitted: but if it shall happen to be any other Sunday, this whole Office Jhall be ufed, as it followeth, entirely. And what Festival soever shall happen to fall apon this folemn Day of Thanksgiving, the following Hymn, appointed instead of Venite exultemus, Jhall

be constantly used. Morning Prayer shall begin with The merciful and gracious these sentences.

Lord hath so done his marvellous To the Lord onr God be more one that they ought to be had

in . long mercies and forgive. nesses, though we liave rebelled acts of the Lord : or thew forth

Who can exprels the noble against him : neither have we obeyed the voice of the Lord all

his praise? Psalm cvi. 2. our God, to walk in his laws,

The works of the Lord are great: which he set before us. Dan. ix. fought out of all them that have

pleafure therein. Pfalm cxi. 2. 9, 10. It is of the Lord's mercies

The Lord setteth up the meek: that we were not consumed :

and bringeth the ungodly down because his compassions fail not.

to the ground. Psalm cxlvii. 6.

The Lord execuieth righteoulLam. iii. 22.

ness and judgement : for all them instead of Venite exultemus, that are opprefled with wrong. Thall be said or sung this Hymn Plalın ciii. 6. following; one verfe by the

For he will not alway be Priest, and another by the Clerk chiding : neither keepeth he and People.

his anger for ever. Y song Arall be alway of He hath not dealt with us after

ouer Lord : with my mouth will I ing to our wickednesses. ver. 10. ever be shewing forth his truth For look how high the hea. from one generation to another. ven is in comparison of the Pulm lxxxix. 1.

carth : so great is his mercy

ver. 9.


toward them that fear him. derful works that he hath done, ver. 11.

Pfalm lxxviii. 4. Yea, like as a farmer pitieth his That our pofterity may also own children : even fo is the Lord know them, and the children merciful unto them that fear him. that are yet unborn : and not ver. 13.

be as their forefathers, a faith. Thou, o God, haft proved us : less and jtuliborn generation. thou also haft tried us, even as ver. 6. 9. silver is tried. Pfalm lxvi. 9. Give thanks, Olsrael, unto

Thou sufferedst men to ride over God the Lord in the congregaeur heads, we went through fire tions : from the ground of the and water : but thou has brought heart. Pfalm lxviii. 26.

out into a wealthy place.. Praised be the Lord daily : ver. 11.

even the God who helpeth us, Oh, how great troubles and and poureth his benefits upon us. adverfities bast thou shewed us ! ver. 19. and yet didit thou turn and re- o let the wickedness of the freth us : yea, and broughtest us wicked come to an end : but from the deep of the earth again, establish thou the righteous. Pfalm Ixxi. 18.

Psalm vii. 9. Thou didit remember us in our Let all those that seek thee, be low estate, and redeem us from our joyful and glad in thee : and let enemies : for thy mercy endureth all such as love thy Jalvation, for ever. Psalm cxxxvi. 23, 24. say alway, the Lord be praised.

Lord, thou art become gra- Psalm xl. 19. cious unto thy land : thou haft Glory be to the Father, and ta turned away the captivity of the Son : and to the Holy Ghoft; Jacob. Psalm 1xxxv. i.

As it was in the beginning, is
God hath shewed us his goodness now, and ever shall be : world
plenterully : und God hath let us without end. Amen.
ree our defire upon our enemies.

Proper Psalms.
Psalm lix. 10.

cxxiv, cxxvi, cxxix, cxviil.
They are brought down, and
fallen : but we are rifen, and stand

Proper Lelons,

The First. 2 Sam. xix. ver. 9.99 upriglit. Psalm xx. 8. There are they fallen, all that

Numb. xvi. work wickedness: they are cast

Te Deum.
doun, and shall not be able to The Second. The Epistle of
Aant. Psalm xxxvi. 12.

The Lord hath been mindful

Fubilate Deo.
of us, and he thail bless us: even
he thall blets the house of Israel,

The Suffrages next after the he thall bless the house of Aaron.

Creed shall fand thus
Psalm cxv. 19.

Prieft. O Lord, thew thy mercy
He Jhull bless them that fear upon us;
the Lord : both small and great.

Answer. And grant us thy fal.

vation. ver. 13.

O that men would therefore Prieft. O Lord, save the King; praise the Lord for his goodness :

Antwer. Wla putteth his trust in and declare the wonders that he thee. doeth for the children of men !

Priest. Send him help from Psalm cvii. 21.

thy holy place; That they would offer unto him Answer. And evermore mightily the sacrifice of thanksgiving : defend him. and tell out his works wiih Priest. Let his enemies have gladness! ver. 22.

no advantage against him; And not hide them from the Antwer. Let not the wicked children of the generations to approach to kurt him. come : but thew the honour of Priest. Endne thy Mininos the Lord, his mighty and won with righteoufness;

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