Waitangi and Indigenous Rights: Revolution, Law, and Legitimation

Auckland University Press, 2006 - 299페이지
This landmark study examines issues surrounding New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi, focusing on recent Fiji revolutions and indigenous customary rights to the seabed and foreshore. In this revised edition, the author approaches these complex and controversial matters with a careful, thorough, and principled approach while dealing with the broad constitutional issues and responding to comments made by other scholars. This study will serve as an essential tool for those working in the area and for those engaged in this contemporary debate.

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Courts Constitutions and Revolutions
emergency measures under the necessity principle

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저자 정보 (2006)

F. M. Brookfield is a professor emeritus in law at the University of Auckland and is a voluntary legal adviser assisting Maori involved in constitutional or land matters. He is the author of Treaties and Indigenous Peoples.

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