Manual of Regulations of the Bureau of Mines

The Bureau, 1915 - 114페이지

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58 페이지 - When immediate delivery or performance is required by the public exigency the articles or service required may be procured by open purchase or contract at the places and in the manner in which such articles are usually bought and sold, or such services engaged, between individuals.
8 페이지 - Interior, to conduct inquiries and scientific and technologic investigations concerning mining, and the preparation, treatment, and utilization of mineral substances with a view to improving health conditions, and increasing safety, efficiency, economic development, and conserving resources through the prevention of waste in the mining, quarrying, metallurgical, and other mineral industries...
28 페이지 - In the preceding section, shall willfully and unlawfully conceal, remove, mutilate, obliterate, falsify, or destroy any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or thing, shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than three years, or both ; and shall moreover forfeit his office and be forever afterward disqualified from holding any office 120 EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS IN GENERAL. under the Government of the United States.
24 페이지 - ... to at once report such accident and the injury resulting therefrom to the head of his Bureau or independent office, and his report shall be immediately communicated through regular official channels to the Secretary of Commerce and Labor.
23 페이지 - SEC. 2. That if any artisan or laborer so employed shall die during said year by reason of such injury received in the course of such employment, leaving a widow, or a child or children under sixteen years of age, or a dependent parent...
8 페이지 - ... and other mineral industries; to inquire into the economic conditions affecting these industries; to investigate explosives and peat; and on behalf of the Government to investigate the mineral fuels and unfinished mineral products belonging to, or for the use of, the United States, with a view to their most efficient mining, preparation, treatment and use; and to disseminate information concerning these subjects in such manner as will best carry out the purposes of this Act.
23 페이지 - August first, nineteen hundred and eight, any person employed by the United States as an artisan or laborer in any of its manufacturing establishments, arsenals, or navy yards, or in the construction of river and harbor or fortification work or in hazardous employment on construction work in the reclamation of arid lands or the management and control of the same, or in hazardous employment under the Isthmian Canal Commission...
33 페이지 - Annual compensation shall be divided into twelve equal installments, one of which shall be the pay for each calendar month; and in making payments for a fractional part of a month one-thirtieth of one of such installments, or of a monthly compensation, shall be the daily rate of pay.
30 페이지 - No Executive Department or other Government establishment of the United States shall expend, in any one fiscal year, any sum in excess of appropriations made by Congress for that fiscal year, or involve the Government in any contract or other obligation for the future payment of money in excess of such appropriations unless such contract or obligation is authorized by law.
33 페이지 - ... day of said month, both days inclusive; and any person entering said service during the month of February and serving until the end thereof shall be entitled to one month's pay, less as many thirtieths thereof as there were days elapsed prior to date of entry: Provided, That for one day's unauthorized absence on the thirty-first day of any calendar month one day's pay shall be forfeited.

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