Lord, Open Our Eyes

Tate Publishing, 2007 - 262페이지
Do you have a plan for living? Does it include eternal life? Whether you have a plan, or haven't given it much thought, this book is a necessary read. "The Master Plan" as a series takes a comprehensive look at the Bible, God's Plan for man and the creation. This first installment, "Lord, Open Our Eyes," lays a foundation for seeing the Word of God as His Plan (from eternity past) for creating and testing angels and man. Those who pass the test, will one day share rulership with Him as priest and kings over an eternal kingdom. Author O. J. Green believes the Bible reveals God's Master Plan, and that God gave it to provide His children with Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. He believes the Bible to be an 'owner's manual', which when properly understood, reveals His plan and purposes for humanity and how we should live. For while many are searching, it seems far too many saints are uncertain of what they believe, or why they believe it. It is the enlightened and encouraged saint who finds and fulfills His calling on their life. For those whose eyes are open, the Word of God confirms the reality of our new life 'in Christ, ' while building our faith, hope, and love, as we wait for His imminent return.

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The Master Plan
The Sovereign One
Knowing the Plan
Light from the Prophetic Word
Seeing the Plan
Intelligent Designs
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