Modern Methods in Teaching: A Concrete Consideration of the Teacher's Classroom Problems


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57 페이지 - ... required, whatever it may be, in order that the maximum accomplishment in knowledge and skill may result. It is the latter conception of educational economy that is the more fundamental. The significant problem, then, is not what can be done to accomplish in six years what now requires eight years, but what can be done in the elementary schools of our democracy to secure that degree of accomplishment in knowledge, character, and skill essential to equip those who finish the elementary schools...
30 페이지 - Name , . Age Grade. Get the right answer to as many examples as you can in 20 minutes. Do all work on the front or back of this sheet.
57 페이지 - ... knowledge, character, and skill essential to equip those who are subjected to its training with the accomplishments requisite to efficiency and with an intense desire and the training necessary to make the greatest possible additional personal growth. Society is still dependent primarily upon the elementary schools to furnish not only the tools of knowledge but also those facts, concepts, and principles essential in a democracy to common discussion and to the correct consideration of common problems.
40 페이지 - Volume : together with the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the United States...
58 페이지 - ... education in our democracy? Second — What is the content in each subject of study which is essential if the elementary school, so far as any given subject of study is concerned, is to discharge its purpose in the education of children ? In reference to the first question, the current view seems to be that the function of the elementary school is to provide those educational opportunities necessary to insure, with the assistance of the other institutions of society, the acquisition on the part...
34 페이지 - curriculum' is any systematic and schematic arrangement of courses which extends through a number of years, and which leads to a certificate or diploma, and which is planned for any clearly-differentiated group of high school pupils. Administratively, a curriculum represents an arrangement of courses within which a pupil is restricted in his choice of work leading to graduation." (3) "A 'program of studies...
58 페이지 - ... children of those habits, skills, knowledges, ideals, and prejudices which must be made the common property of all, that each may be an efficient member of a progressive democratic society, possessing the power of self-support and self-direction, the capacity and disposition for co-operative effort, and, if possible, the ability to direct others in positions of responsibility requiring administrative capacity.
111 페이지 - Wilson, Kyte, and Lull stated that the word project "was applied to the planning and completing of some activity which was primarily manual in nature. Such undertakings as planting, cultivating, and marketing a particular crop; planning, preparing, and serving a meal; and planning and building a birdhouse, were designated as projects."* Stormzand emphasized purpose and value in his definition of the project as a real activity.
239 페이지 - The Question as a Measure of Efficiency in Instruction," Teachers College, Columbia University Contributions to Education, No.
190 페이지 - The typical subjects of the oldstyle seventh and eighth grades were reading, language, spelling, penmanship, arithmetic, geography, history, science, drawing, music, manual training, and physical training.

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