Olney Hymns: In Three Books. I. On Select Texts of Scripture. II. On Occasional Subjects. III. On the Progress and Changes of the Spiritual Life, 도서 1-3

J. Johnson, 1797 - 332페이지

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295 페이지 - No more content afford : Far from my heart be joys like these, Now I have seen the Lord. 3 As by the light of opening day The stars are all concealed, So earthly pleasures fade away, When Jesus is revealed.
120 페이지 - Yet I mourn my stubborn will, Find my sin a grief and thrall : Should I grieve for what I feel, If I did not love at all...
66 페이지 - I hear, but seem to hear in vain, Insensible as steel ; If aught is felt, 'tis only pain To find I cannot feel.
299 페이지 - Tis enough that Thou wilt care; Why should I the burden bear ? 3 As a little child relies On a care beyond his own, Knows he's neither strong nor wise, Fears to stir a step alone ; Let me thus with Thee abide, As my Father, Guard, and Guide.
324 페이지 - May the Grace of Christ our Saviour, And the Father's boundless Love, With the Holy Spirit's Favour, Rest upon us from above. Thus may we abide in union, With each other and the LORD ; And possess, in sweet communion, Joys which earth cannot afford.
185 페이지 - Here may we prove the power of prayer, To strengthen faith and sweeten care ; To teach our faint desires to rise, And bring all heaven before our eyes.
267 페이지 - Why should I shrink at thy command Whose love forbids my fears ? Or tremble at the gracious hand That wipes away my tears...
59 페이지 - Weak is the effort of my heart, And cold my warmest thought : But, when I see Thee as Thou art, I'll praise Thee as I ought. 6 Till then I would Thy love proclaim With every fleeting breath ; And may the music of Thy name Refresh my soul in death.
201 페이지 - A glory gilds the sacred page, Majestic like the sun ; It gives a light to every age, — It gives, but borrows none. 3 The hand that gave it still supplies The gracious light and heat ; His truths upon the nations rise, — They rise but never set.
119 페이지 - Tis a point I long to know, Oft it causes anxious thought ; Do I love the Lord, or no ? Am I his, or am I not ? 2 If I love, why am I thus?

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