The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies

J. Van Voorst, 1851 - 264페이지
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16 페이지 - Alfred commanded long ships to be built to oppose the BBSCS ; they were fullnigh twice as long as the others ; some had sixty oars, and some had more ; they were both swifter and steadier, and also higher than the others. They were shapen neither like the Frisian nor the Danish, but so as it seemed to him that they would be most efficient.
161 페이지 - Brahmin springs to light, he is borne above the world, the chief of all creatures, assigned to guard the treasury of duties, religious and civil.
117 페이지 - ... take and eat : heretofore you have eaten and drank with us : you can do so no more : you were one of us : you can be so no longer : we come no more to you : come you not to us.
160 페이지 - To defend the people, to give alms, to sacrifice, to read the Veda, to shun the allurements of sensual gratification, are, in a few words, the duties of a Cshatriya.
165 페이지 - They who are worthily worshipped shine with various weapons: incapable of being overthrown, they are the overthrowers (of mountains) : Maruts, swift as thought, intrusted with the duty of sending rain, yoke the spotted deer to your cars ! 5. When Maruts, urging on the cloud, for the sake of (providing) food, you have yoked the deer to your chariots, the drops fall from the radiant (sun), and moisten the earth, like a hide, with water ! 6.
160 페이지 - Brahmans he assigned the duties of reading the Veda, of teaching it, of sacrificing, of assisting others to sacrifice, of giving alms, if they be rich, and, if indigent, of receiving gifts: 89.
266 페이지 - Introduction to Conchology ; or Elements of the Natural History of Molluscous Animals. By GEORGE JOHNSTON, MD, LL.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Sm-geons of Edinburgh, author of ' A History of the British Zoophytes.
165 페이지 - The Maruts who are going forth decorate themselves like females : they are (gliders through the air), the sons of Rudra, and the doers of good works, by which they promote the welfare of earth and heaven : heroes, who grind (the solid rocks), they delight in sacrifices ! 2.
160 페이지 - To keep herds of cattle, to bestow largesses, to sacrifice, to read the scripture, to carry on trade, to lend at interest, and to cultivate land, are prescribed or permitted to a Vaisya. 5. One prineiple duty the Supreme Ruler assigns to a Sudra ; namely, to serve the before-mentioned classes, without depreciating their worth.
166 페이지 - GOTAMA :° the variously-radiant (MARUTS) come to his succour, gratifying the desire of the sage with life-sustaining (waters). 12. Whatever blessings (are diffused) through the three worlds, and are in your gift, do you bestow upon the donor (of the...

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