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174 페이지 - Through optic glass the Tuscan artist views At evening from the top of Fesole, Or in Valdarno, to descry new lands, Rivers, or mountains, in her spotty globe. His spear, to equal which the tallest pine Hewn on Norwegian hills, to be the mast Of some great ammiral, were but a wand...
444 페이지 - Sigillariœ, and therefore an undisturbed condition of forest-growth enduring through many centuries. Further, there is evidence that an immense amount of loose parenchymatous tissue, and even of wood, perished by decay ; and we do not know to what extent even the most durable tissues may have disappeared in this way; so that in many coal-seams we may have only a very small part of the vegetable matter produced.
444 페이지 - Sigillarice, the variations in the leaf-scars in different parts of the trunk, the intercalation of new ridges at the surface representing that of new woody wedges in the axis, the transverse marks left by the stages of upward growth, all indicate that several years must have been required for the growth of stems of moderate size. The enormous roots of these trees, and the condition of the coal-swamps, must have exempted them from the danger of being overthrown by violence.
62 페이지 - His press speedily became the medium through which nearly all the more important works in scientific natural history were ushered into the world ; and the careful accuracy by which all its productions were distinguished led to a rapid extension of its .use. It was immediately adopted by the Linnsean Society ; the Royal Society and many other learned bodies succeeded ; individual members naturally followed the example of the Societies to which they belonged ; and the same valuable qualities which...
165 페이지 - But the great beauty of Californian vegetation is a species of Taxodium, which gives the mountains a most peculiar, I was almost going to say awful appearance — something which plainly tells us we are not in Europe.
444 페이지 - Lastly. The results stated in this paper refer to coal-beds of the middle coal-measures. A few facts which I have observed lead me to believe that in the thin seams of the lower coal-measures remains of Nceggerathia and Le/jidodendron are more abundant than in those of the middle coal-measures*. In the upper coal-measures similar modifications may be expected.
63 페이지 - But his own principal literary labours were in the field of biblical and philological research. In 1829 he prepared a new edition of Home Tooke's ' Diversions of Purley,' which he enriched with many valuable notes, and which he re-edited in 1840. In the same year (1840), Warton's ' History of English Poetry' having been placed in his hands by Mr.
441 페이지 - The cranium never becomes segmented into somatomes ; distinct centra and intercentra, like those of the spinal column, are never developed in it. Much of the basis cranii lies beyond the notocord. In the process of ossification there is a certain analogy between the spinal column and the cranium, but the analogy becomes weaker as we proceed towards the anterior end of the skull...
441 페이지 - The fallacy involved in the vertebral theory of the skull," he says, " is like that which before Von Baer infested our notions of the relations between fishes and mammals. The mammal was imagined to be a modified fish, whereas, in truth, both fish and mammal start from a common point, and each follows its own road thence. So I conceive what the facts teach us is this : — the spinal column and the skull start from the same primitive condition — a common central plate with its laminae dorsales...
435 페이지 - ... in all, the cartilaginous cranium has primarily the same structure, — a basal plate enveloping the end of the notochord and sending forth three processes, of which one is short and median, while the other two, the lateral trabeculae, pass on each side of the space, on which the pituitary body rests, and unite in front of it ; in all, the mandibular arch is primarily attached behind the level of the pituitary space, and the auditory capsules are enveloped by a cartilaginous mass, continuous...

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