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for U.S./Soviet Maritime Talks held immediately thereafter.

OPR/LS interpreter examiners Don Barnes, Alec Toumayan and Cyril Muromcew tested interpreter applicants at the State Department Reception Center in San Francisco, January 10 through 21. Special emphasis was placed on applicants capable of interpreting Mandarin and Russian for possible high-level discussions in the future. Over 750 applications were received in response to the Reception Center's publicity.

Director General's Office

Foreign Service Officer John K. Ivie has been named Staff Assistant to the Director of Personnel with the principal responsibility of advising him on general Staff Corps matters. Holly Gosewisch has reported for duty as Special Assistant to the Deputy Director of Personnel for Recruitment. On January 17, Samuel L. King, Chief of External Placement, departed for a trip to California and Arizona to look into the employment situation in those areas and to consult with prospective employers concerning job opportunities for External Placement registrants. Recruitment for Passport Office personnel has been stepped up, with EMP teams, headed by Tom McCloskey, beginning the year's operations in New York. Dorothy Collins joined the staff of the Foreign Service Board of Examiners (BEX) as Panel Secretary

to the Political and Administrative Officers. BEX reports that 11,000 FSO/ FSIO candidates took the written examination in December—twice as many as in the previous year. The number of candidates doubled in the Administrative and Commercial/ Economic tracks. The Consular track continues to be the most popular and the most competitive track. The first oral examinations took place January 31, beginning the five-month season of oral exams in Washington and other U.S. cities. William A. Turley joined the Personnel Files Section on November 15. Robert C. Short joined that office on December 26. Thomas F. Zsakany, of the Retirement Branch, transferred to ACTION. Eddie Anderson and Arnold Wisner joined the Communications and Records Section of the Medical Division (DG/MED). Carl Forkel, Jr., joined the Budget Section of DG/MED. Dr. Arthur A. Hagelstein was appointed as Medical Officer for Djakarta and Dr. Deane Hutchins was appointed as Medical Officer for Lagos. Nurse Sharon Tuohy has been assigned to Bangkok. Sheryl Campbell, of the Communications and Records Section of DG/ MED, resigned to seek employment in private industry. Anne V. Murray, R.N., departed the Health Unit for Djakarta. Barbara Jo Sheagren, R.N.,


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Dr. Harold Holleran, DG/MED, is on TDY in Conakry until May.

Dr. Donald McIntyre was assigned to the Department prior to his retirement on January 31.

Length of Service Awards were presented to DG/MED personnel Rosa B. Diggs, 25 years; Corine A. Harvey, 20 years; and Ralph E. Johnson and Maria A. Manzano, 10 years.

Dr. Rex R. Taggart and Dr. H. Thomas Wiegert attended a two-week Intensive Review Course in Family Medicine at Howard University.

Other DG/MED personnel attending training courses included William Butler, Advanced Equal Employment Opportunity Counseling, Civil Service Commission; Olivia Houston, Mildred Guillory and Diane Branch, FSI clerical training; Dorothy Ferrell, Decentralized Record Management Training; and Barbara Foley, Operations Updated, Civil Service Commission.

Economic Affairs

Acting Assistant Secretary Julius L., Katz participated in trade talks held in conjunction with the U.S.-Japan summit meeting in San Clemente on January 6 and 7. These talks are part of a series of negotiations that are aimed at resolving outstanding trade differences between the two countries. James E. Akins, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Resources and Food Policy, headed the U.S. Delegation to the biannual meeting of the Oil Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris on January 10 and 11. Discussions within the Committee centered on three recent international developments: the demand for corporate participation by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; the Venezuelan Government's recent action to raise prices and control production levels for oil; and the impact of dollar devaluation on existing oil agreements. Preceding and following this meeting, Mr. Akins spent four days in London, Rome and Madrid discussing with governmental spokesmen the nationalization of British Petroleum holdings by Libya and the necessity for maintaining consumer

BLOOD DONORS–Robert C. Brewster, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Personnel, second from right, recently presented Certificates of Grafitude to several employees in the Office of the Director General of the Foreign Service for their contributions to the Red Cross Blood Program. Shown, left to right, are Natalie Boiseau, who has donated three gallons of blood, Mary G. Ridgeway, Blood Program Ccordinator for the Department, two gallons; Marian Helmke, one gallon; Theodore Hammons, two gallons; Eugene R. Schelp, two gallons; Mr. Brewster; and Bernard Henderson, two gallons. Not present when photo was taken was Robert C. Griffin, DG/MED, who gave one gallon.


solidarity. Aviation talks were held in the Department, January 10-14, with

French officials to discuss French interest in major new air routes to the States and U.S. interest in some minor new routes. The talks were recessed without agreement. John S. Meadows, Director of the Office of Aviation, led the U.S. Delegation, assisted by Ross C. Parr of the Aviation Negotiations Division. Melvin Sinn, Chief of the Trade Agreements Division, represented the Department on the U.S. Delegation to the 27th Session of the Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in Geneva, November 16-26. The conference reviewed and took decisions on the current trade expansion program of GATT, on arrangements for an exchange of trade concessions among developing countries, and on the outlook for international trade and trade policies. Rovert A. Gehring, of the Office of International Trade's General Commercial Policy Division, was a member of U.S. delegations to two meetings in Geneva of the UNCTAD/ GATT Joint Advisory Group (JAG) for the International Trade Centre (ITC). One, a meeting of the Technical Committee of the JAG, was held January 10-14; the other, a plenary session of the JAG, took place January 17-21. The meetings were held to consider the ITC's pro

HONORED–Acting Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs Julius L. Katz, right, presents a Meritorious Honor Award fo Michael Calingaert for his work as Chief, Food Policy Division.

gram of work for the coming year and to evaluate the ITC Market Research Service.

The following personnel have entered on duty in the E Bureau: Charles Steedman, Office of Monetary Affairs; Teresita C. Schaffer, Office of Development Finance; Andrew D. Sens, Fibers and Textiles Division; and Arthur L. Kobler, Office of Business Protection.

Foreign Service Institute

The Senior Seminar in Foreign Policy completed a week's field trip to the Southeast on January 14. The group visited the Lockheed-Georgia Corporation and Morehouse College in the Atlanta area before heading down to Florida for a visit to the Duda Farm near Belle Glade and a tour of Cape Kennedy. The Navy hosted the Seminar in Norfolk with a visit to the USS Newport News and SACLANT Headquarters, and again in Charleston for COMSUBFLOT SIX. The last afternoon of the trip was spent in Columbia with South Carolina's Governor, John C. West, and several prominent citizens of that State.

James W. Stone, Scientific Linguist in the School of Language Studies, recently received his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Stone is responsible for training in the languages of South Asia including Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Bengali and Singhalese.

New employees at FSI include Khampane Douangpanya, Mahraban M. Kanaan, Leena I. Myllyluoma, Nihat Ozdemir, Suham Shakir Shallal and Chanthanom Sundara.

Educational and Cultural Affairs

Assistant Secretary John Richardson, Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary Frederick Irving and Board of Foreign Scholarships Staff Director Ralph H. Vogel were among those who participated in a briefing session for new members of the Board of Foreign Scholarships on January 14. The Board of Foreign Scholarships supervises the worldwide academic exchange program under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (Fulbright-Hays Act) and selects the participating students, teachers and scholars. On January 11, Deputy Assistant Secretary William B. Jones delivered a welcoming speech at a luncheon hosted by the COSERV Executive Committee at Meridian House for representatives of various universities interested in programming foreign VisitorS. Mr. Jones gave the opening remarks at the January meeting of the Government Advisory Committee on International Book and Library Programs. The meeting was chaired by Ross D. Sackett, President, CBS Education Group, who was recently appointed to the Committee by Secretary Rogers. Dr. William H. Nault, Vice President of Field Enterprises Educational Cooperation, was elected Vice Chairman of the Committee at the meeting. Other Committee members who were recently appointed are Mark Jaffe, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director of Bantam Books; Joan D. Manley, Vice President, Time-Life Books; and Harold W. McGraw, Jr., President, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Deputy Assistant Secretary Alan Reich hosted a luncheon and meeting in the Department on January 14 for members of the People-to-People Committee for , the Handicapped. Guests included individuals from private organizations and government who are active in work with handicapped groups. Albert L. Glad, Staff Assistant to Mr. Reich, was in Dayton, Ohio, on January 11 to speak to members of Sister-City groups from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. On January 3, Margaret G. Twyman assumed responsibilities as Staff Director of the U.S. Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs. Mrs. Twyman has most recently served as Vice President and Director of Community Services of the Motion Picture Association of America. Prior to that she was Administrator of the International Headquarters of the Association of the Junior Leagues of America and has served on the faculties of Oklahoma University, Ohio University and Texas Technological College as Assistant Dean and Dean of Women. William P. O'Brien, of the Office of African Programs, accompanied leader grantee Solomon Tecle, Member of the Ethiopian delegation to the United Nations, on a 21-day grant during which he traveled throughout the south and southwest United States. Louis J. Link, formerly of the Bureau of Public Affairs, has joined the Office of Western European Programs as Deputy Director. Henry Heymann, Chief, Southwest Pacific Programs, CU/EA, left the Bureau January 17 for a new appointment in the Office of the Special Assistant to the Secretary for Fisheries and Wildlife. Yukio Kawamoto, who served as a program officer for eight years in CU/EA, has joined the staff of the Voluntary Visitors Division as a program officer. Charles Anderson has been transferred from the Office of Eastern European Programs (CU/EE) to the Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Programs (CU/NEA) where he is program officer for Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. Mr. Anderson replaces Natalie Hull who has resigned from the Department to travel and write. Kay Carlson, who was previously assigned to the Foreign Service Institute, has joined the secretarial staff of CU/EE. Diana Moxhay, program officer for the USSR, served as interpreter-escort for Madam Furtseva, Minister of Culture, USSR, on visits to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York during her visit to the United States in January. Martin G. Cramer, Acting Director of the Office of Private Cooperation, attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Schools in Chicago. He also met with officers concerned with international projects in a number of legal and medical associations and the major service clubs. Vernard A. Lanphier, formerly of INR, has been assigned to the Office of the Executive Director as a Management and Systems Analysis Officer.

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ticipated as a panelist in the symposium on Security Assistance at the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Warren H. Reynolds, XR, attended the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in New York City. Lt. Commander Howard G. Seeley, on a one-year sabbatical from the Chief of Naval Operations Staff, has been detailed to the Office of Economic Research and Analysis (REC) to do independent research in EastWest trade relations. Lt. Commander Seeley is an economist, doing graduate work in international commerce at the George Washington University. James Cheatham, REC, attended the annual meetings of the Allied Social Science Associations in New Orleans. John W. Vincent, of the Office of Research and Analysis for Africa (RAF), attended the Executive Studies Seminar at Front Royal, Virginia. Merton L. Bland, from USIA, reported for duty in RAF where he will be on detail for one year. A. Harold Eisner, of the Office of Research and Analysis for American Republics (RAR), lectured to and participated in a seminar at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces on “Economic Nationalism in Latin America.” Irwin M. Tobin, Director of the Office of Research and Analysis for USSR and Eastern Europe (RSE), took part in the Ditchley Park, London, Anglo-American Conference on

CU APPOINTEES.–Donald S. Lowitz, left, and Anne Pannell Taylor, new members of the Board of Foreign Scholarships, are shown with Frederick Irving, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs.

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ADDIS ABABA—Ambassador and Mrs. E. Ross Adair, center, were in the port of Massawa to meet Ethiopia Food for Work PL 480 shipments to be used for reforestation and road building projects in the Governorate Generals of Eritrea and Tigre. Seased at left is Ato Medhanie Joseph, Project Coordinator for the Eritrea program; of the right is Ato Germai Tesfai, Project Manager of the Tigre program.

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Blood Donation Certificates for donating one gallon of blood were presented to William Denning, IO/ EX; Virginia Hartley, UNP; and Bonnie McVey, UNP.

Honorable Mention was made to Sidney Cummins, IO/EX, for contributing 10 gallons of blood, and to Francis Donnelly, IO/EX, and Frederick J. O. Blachly, IO, each of whom has contributed 5 gallons of blood.

Joanna W. Martin, Office of UN System Coordination Staff (UN/ COR), was a member of the U.S. Delegation to a meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations in New York City, January 17-21.

Winthrop M. Southworth, Director of the UN Budgetary and Administrative Policy Staff (UN/BAPS), was recently appointed as a Department Examiner for Employee Grievances and Administrative Appeals. He attended a special training course given by the Civil Service Commission in mid-January.

Ann Lawrence joined the secretarial staff of UN/BAPS, coming from IO/UNESCO.


Dayton W. Hull, U.S. Expert Member on the UN Special Committee for Salary Review, returned to New York when the Committee reconvened in January. The Committee anticipates it will complete its study of the UN salary structure and will have its report prepared by the end of July.

Politico-Military Affairs

Ronald I. Spiers, Director of the PM Bureau, was among 16 Department officers who attended the Annual National Strategy Study at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, January 17 and 18. Also included in the group were Frederic Spotts and Peter Sebastian, Office of International Security Policy and Planning (PM/ISP), as well as officers from INR and the geographic bureas of the Department. The National Strategy Study focussed on the resolution of model political-military problems especially tailored to the contemporary international scene. Thomas R. Pickering, Deputy Director of PM, addressed a conference of the Electronic Industries Association, held at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory on January 18. On January 10, Mr. Pickering spoke on the coordination of policy between the Departments of State and Defense and the role of the PM Bureau before 60 foreign officers and faculty members of the Inter-American Defense College during their annual visit to the Department of State. John D. Jernegan, Political Adviser to Admiral Duncan, the Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic and Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic, visited the Department on consultation, January 17 and 18, in conjunction with the Admiral's trip to Washington. Oscar Armstrong, Political Adviser to Admiral McCain, Commander-in-Chief, Pacific, recently accompanied the Admiral to WashIngton, and spent January 24 and 25 in the Department on consultation. Leon Sloss, Director of PM/ISP, lectured on “The Foreign Policy Setting for Arms Control” before a Seminar on Arms Control and Disarmament at the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa., on January 13. On the same day he consulted with staff members of the Army Institute for Strategic Studies on their current study program. Jonathan D. Stoddart, Director for

CITED–Ronald I. Spiers, Director of the Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, PM, recently presented—by direction of the President—the Legion of Merit to Col. Andrew B. Witko, PM/AE, for his outstanding service as Commanding Officer of the U.S. Army, Port of Qui Nhon, Republic of Viet-Nam.

International Security Operations, traveled to Norfolk on January 11 to confer with representatives of the CINCLANT staff on the CINCLANT Exercise Exotic Dancer and on other matters of mutual interest. Samuel Thomsen, Staff Director of the Interdepartmental Politico-Military Group and Special Assistant to the Director of PM, spoke to the Military Attaché course of the Defense Intelligence School in January 12. His speaking topic was “The Organization and Functions of the Department of State and the Role of the Country Team.” On January 13 Mr. Thomsen returned to the course to introduce William Leonhart, currently Deputy Commandant for Foreign Affairs at the National War College, who spoke on “The Role of the Ambassador.” Mrs. Leonhart earlier addressed the wives of the officers enrolled in the course. After his presentation, Ambassador and Mrs. Leonhart and Mr. Thomsen joined the students and their wives for lunch at the Bolling Air Force Base Officers Club. Edward M. Featherstone, Office of Military Assistance and Sales (PM/ MAS), addressed students of the Army's International Logistics Course at Fort Lee, Virginia, on January 11. Mr. Featherstone spoke on the factors involved in the preparation of military assistance programs and the

relationship of the foreign military sales/military assistance programs to Congress. Chris C. Pappas, PM/MAS, participated in the Military Assistance Officer Command and Staff course symposium on Security Assistance, held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, December 13 and 14.

Rand R. Beers and Dale Herspring, both on their first assignments as Foreign Service Officers, have joined the staffs of PM/ISO and PM/DCA, respectively.

Public Affairs

Dr. Robert W. Caldwell, Educational Plans Adviser, coordinated a Scholar-Diplomat Seminar on Politico-Military Affairs, January 10-14. Eleven academicians from 11 institutions participated.

Kenneth R. Strawberry and Eunice Isaacs of the Bureau of Public Affairs attended the executive luncheon meeting of the International Association on January 14.

Ilmar Heinaru, Chief, Conferences Division, flew to Indianapolis on January 11 to discuss with the Indianapolis World Affairs Council, the League of Women Voters and Indiana-Purdue University, plans for a Regional Foreign Policy Conference to be held in Indianapolis on April 14. Dr. William Franklin, of the Historical Office, served as Chairman of a session on bibliography at the annual meetings of the American Historical Association, held in New York, December 27-28. Drs. Richardson Dougall, Fred Aandahl, Homer Calkin and Neal Petersen also attended sessions of the AHA annual meetings. Louis Link, formerly Chief of the Public Inquiries Division, has transferred from the Bureau of Public Affairs to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Pauline Carroll, of the Office of Policy and Plans, retired on February 5 after more than 31 years of Federal Service. Mary L. Spruell, formerly of the Thailand-Burma desk of the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, has reported for duty in the Office of Policy and Plans. Marjorie Philbrick, Director, Office of Public Services, retired on February 5 after some 28 years of Government service, most of which was with the Bureau of Public Affairs.

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