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BANGKOK–Ambassador Leonard Unger and Beulah Buck share a joke on the occasion of Miss Buck's retirement after 34 years of Government service.

Assignment Branch as Placement Officer. Marge Lindsey, Personnel Assistant in the EUR Assignment Branch, departed for an assignment to WarSaW. Susan Bell, formerly assigned to the Embassy in Port-au-Prince, joined the Administrative Counseling Branch in August. Nancy McKee, Secretary on the Senior Officer Staff of PER/CA/FS, has departed for an assignment, under the Mustang Program, as Consular Officer in Manila. O. Ammon Bartley, recently with CORDS in Viet-Nam, has joined PMS/PA as Chief of the Planning Branch. William E. Bellamy recently transferred from AID to PMS/PA replacing Nell S. Riemer. Charles E. Emmons, back from a year's study of Systems Analysis at M.I.T., is now in PMS/PA/AR. Mary Pollard has transferred from PMS/PA/AR to BF/FMS. Daniel Holliday has been designated Acting Chief of the Position and Pay Management Division (PMS/ PPM), replacing Chester Beaman, who has retired. Nurse Dorothy Luketich was in MED for consultation before taking home leave and proceeding to her next post, Kabul. She has just completed a tour of duty in Tripoli.

Nurse Alice Davies in MED for consultation prior to her reassignment from Bangkok to Kathmandu.

Also reporting into DG/MED recently for orientation and consultation before proceeding to their new assignments were Dr. James Reed, to Saigon as Medical Officer; Dr. James Quilty, Medical Officer, to Bangkok; Nurse Mary L. Currie, to Mogadiscio; and Nurse Patsy A. Deem, to Monrovia.

Robby Hayes has transferred from MED to the General Services DiviS1On.

East Asian and Pacific Affairs

Assistant Secretary Marshall Green discussed “U.S. Foreign Policy and the Nixon Doctrine” at the Foreign Affairs Executive Seminar on July 14. Mr. Green spoke to the National War College, August 17, on “Major U.S. Interests and Objectives in East Asia.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary William H. Sullivan discussed current de

CORDS Highlights

Departures: FSO–3's Thomas J. Barnes and Stockwell Everts, on transfer to the Department; FSO–6 Kirby L. Smith, on transfer to Sao Paulo; and FSO–6 Hilton Graham, on transfer to the Department.

velopments in Southeast Asia at the English Speaking Union in Spokane on July 20, the Portland City Club, July 21, and the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin on August 14. Deputy Assistant Secretary Arthur W. Hummel discussed “The Rim of Asia” at the National War College Defense Strategy Seminar. Richard L. Sneider, former Deputy Chief of Mission at Tokyo, joined the Bureau on August 14 as Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asia. Roger Sullivan has been designated Deputy Director of the Office of Asian Communist Affairs (ACA) vice William Brown who is attending the National War College. Ambassador Edwin W. Martin, Burma, recently visited the Department on consultation as did Thomas Enders, Deputy Chief of Mission, Phnom Penh; Charles Cooper, from Saigon returning to post; Irene Welsh, from Phnom Penh; Louis M. Purnell, from Diakarta; and Herbert Reiner from Canberra. Others visiting were: Stephen R. Gibson, from Lisbon to Manila as Economic/Commercial Officer; Richard G. Coleman, from Taipei to Nepal as General Services Officer; Richard W. Duemling, from Tokyo on home leave and return; George J. Peterson, from Quito to Naha as Consular Officer; James J. Wickel, from Tokyo on home leave and return. Nancy A. McKee, from the Department to Manila as Consular Officer; Thomas R. Kresse, from Bangkok to Manila as Budget and Management Officer; Daniel L. Williamson, Counselor for Administration, Tokyo, on home leave and return; Kathryn Groot, Personnel Officer, Tokyo, on home leave and return; Richard C. Andre, from Seoul on round trip orders. John C. Lacy, assigned to Rangoon as Deputy Chief of Mission; Vic Rusillo, General Services Officer from Vientiane, returning to post after home leave; Wesley Jorgenson, Consul General from Bangkok, returning to post; Margaret Cooney, Personnel Officer, Phnom Penh, on home leave and return; Dr. James Quilty, Jr., to Bangkok as Medical Officer; Paul Merighi, from Moscow to Saigon as Communications and Records Officer; and James J. Guisheski, from Athens to Saigon as General Services Officer.

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Agreement between the U.S. and Japan. A number of administrative questions were resolved in the course of the consultations. Similar consultations with representatives of the Republic of Korea were initiated August 15 and were expected to be completed shortly. Mr. Phelan also headed an interagency delegation holding formal consultations in Washington on August 17 and 18 with representatives of the Government of British Honduras on textile trade matters. The consultations resulted in agreement on the level of exports of certain textile items from British Honduras to the United States for a year which began June 29.

Michael Boerner, Chief of the Food Policy Division, served as a member of the U.S. delegation to the last meeting of the Working Group of the GATT Agriculture Committee in Geneva, July 20–28. The Working Group completed preparation of a report examining techniques for use in future world trade negotiations relating to agriculture.

Russell Prickett, of E/OT/STA, addressed a workshop on Economic Education, sponsored by Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on July 21. The topic of Mr. Prickett's speech was “Meeting the Challenge of Changing Markets at Home and Abroad.”

Richard T. Black, Office of Telecommunications, chaired an International Telecommunication Union Conference of 15 countries in Geneva, July 10–19, on the Future of the World Plan Committee. Arthur L.

Freeman, also of the Office of Telecommunications, acted as spokesman for the U.S. delegation. The Conference, which grew out of a World Plan Committee meeting in Venice last October, developed recommendations for future worldwide communications network planning. The recommendations will be submitted for consideration by the Vth Plenary Assembly of the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT) in Geneva next fall.

On July 26 and 27, Mr. Black and Wallace A. Johnson, Chief of the Federal Communications Commission's Broadcast Bureau, participated in conversations at Mexico City in an effort to overcome final obstacles to the signature of the proposed Mexican-U.S. Agreement on FM Broadcasting. During the course of the talks the participants agreed upon a separate arrangement which would deal with the specific difficulties without having to amend the basic technical agreement. Plans are now proceeding for signature of these agreements in Washington—in September, if possible.

Major Ronald L. Carbery, USAF, reported for duty in the Office of Telecommunications on August 15 under the State/Defense Officer Exchange Program. He replaces Major Gerald F. Allsman who is being assigned to the Defense Communications Agency on October 1.

The following have also entered on duty in the Bureau: E. Mark Linton, GCP; Frederick O. Shoup and Kenneth A. Stammerman, STA; Michael W. Donovan, REP; Clarke N. Ellis, OIA; Robert J. Bushnell, BR, Algirdas Rimas, FFD; and William Whitman, FSE.

GROUP HONORS–Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs (E) Willis C. Armstrong, fourth from left, presents a Group Meritorious Honor Award to the staff of the E Bureau Message Center. The recipients, who received accompanying cash awards, are, left to right, Mason L. Roach, Sr., Mary E. Robinson, Magdalene Wilburn, Herbert James, Delores H. Pernell, Alvin L. Coleman, Clarence E. Street and John L. Proctor. Not pictured is recipient Samuel E. Compton, Jr.


Educational and Cultural Affairs

Assistant Secretary John Richardson, Jr., greeted a group from the American Council of Young Political Leaders on July 26 prior to their departure on an 18-day trip to the Soviet Union. The group also met and held discussions with their Soviet counterparts following a U.S. visit by Konsomol leaders.

On July 27 Mr. Richardson spoke about educational and cultural exchange programs before the Foreign Affairs Executive Seminar at the Foreign Service Institute.

At the invitation of Japanese Foreign Minister Ohira, the Assistant Secretary visited Japan August 15–20

to advise on the organization of the newly-established Japan Foundation. Deputy Assistant Secretary William B. Jones, accompanied by Carol Owens, Executive Secretary of the National Review Board (NRB) of the East-West Center, attended the NRB meeting in San Francisco in early August to discuss the Center's budget proposal for the next two years. On August 11 Mr. Jones chaired an oral review panel for the Foreign Service Reserve Junior Officer Program. Later in the month, as Acting Assistant Secretary, Mr. Jones hosted a luncheon for Joan Murray, New York television personality and advertising executive, who will be visiting six African countries to conduct lectures and seminars on television and women's affairs under Department sponsorship. Deputy Assistant Secretary Alan Reich attended the annual conference

TO AFRICA–Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Virginia Allan, left, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs (CU) William B. Jones discuss African artifacts during a meeting with Joan Murray, a CBS-TV news correspondent and Executive Vice President of the ZEBRA advertising agency, who will four Africa under the auspices of the CU Bureau.

of the Town Affiliation Association in Seattle, where he spoke about the Department's interest in citizens' diplomacy. Martin Cramer, Acting Director, Office of Private Cooperation, represented the Department at the 10th annual International Banana Festival in Fulton, Kentucky, and South Fulton, Tennessee, on August 18. The following day he participated in the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism in Carbondale, Illinois. On August 18 Owen Roberts, Deputy Director, Office of African Programs, spoke to a group of Scouts from the Explorers Division on their responsibilities as American “Ambassadors.” The scouts, winners of the National Explorer Olympic Contests sponsored by the U.S. Olympic Committee, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and the Explorer Division of the Boy Scouts of America, were headed for the World Student Camp at the Munich Olympics. On behalf of the Department, Ralph Vogel, Director, Operations Staff, Board of Foreign Scholarships, welcomed exchange teachers from abroad who were in Washington for an orientation program at American University, August 18–23. The following week, J. Manuel Espinosa, Deputy Director, Office of InterAmerican Programs, welcomed foreign teachers sponsored under the Educational Development Program, who were also here for orientation prior to their assignments. On August 28 L. Arthur Minnich welcomed Fulbright-Hays visiting scholars attending an orientation program at Howard University. Theodore G. Hartry, formerly Special Assistant to the Associate Director, Office of Policy and Plans, USIA, was designated Deputy Director, Office of Cultural Presentations. Prior to being assigned to Washington, Mr. Hartry was Cultural Affairs Officer in Warsaw. Mr. Hartry replaced Sol Polansky who has been assigned to the National War College. George W. Porter has been designated Deputy Director of the Office of Public Information and Reports. A career USIA officer, Mr. Porter was assigned most recently to Career and Management Training. Mary Tsouvalas, formerly Executive Secretary of the National Review Board of the East-West Center, has joined the Office of International Visitors (CU IVF), Voluntary Visitors Division, as a Program Officer. Virginia K. Nygard has been assigned to the Office of the Director, CU/IVF, following a tour as Consular Officer in Port of Spain. Elizabeth Elliott, of the Community Relations Branch, CU/IVF, has been selected for officer training in the Mustang Program. Yukio Kawamoto, Program Officer in CU/IVF, has been designated Equal Opportunities Counselor for CU. Mr. Kawamoto replaces William Reid who recently passed the bar examination and resigned to join a Baltimore law firm. Mr. Reid had been Program Officer in the Office of Inter-American Programs (CU/ARA) since 1968. Arnold J. Denys has been assigned to CU/ARA as Program Officer. Mr. Denys, former Consular Officer in Halifax, was detailed to the Department of Transportation to work on TRANSPO 72 immediately prior to his assignment to CU. Arthur J. Hardman, who had been detailed to OEO in San Francisco, is now on the staff of the San Francisco Reception Center as a Program Officer, replacing Joel Rochow who is returning to USIA. Edward J. Slack, on detail from USIA, has returned there for training preparatory to an assignment in Bangkok. Richard A. Dwyer, formerly Political/Economic Officer in Sofia, has been assigned to the Office of Eastern European Programs as Program Officer replacing Nicholas Lang, now on leave of absence for study toward a Ph.D. degree at Indiana University. Robert K. Carr has reported to the Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Programs as Program officer, transferring from Tangier where he served as Administrative Officer. Sandra Rouse has been reassigned from the Office of Special Projects to the Office of Cultural Presentations as Assistant Planning Officer. E. Michael Southwick, formerly Administrative Officer in Kigali, has reported for duty as a Program Officer in the Office of African Programs. Mervin E. Decker and Joseph W. Rose, both of the Office of the Executive Director, were presented 30year Length of Service awards by Mr. Richardson on August 4.


European Affairs

Deputy Assistant Secretary R. T. Davies represented the Department at

MOSCOW–Ambassador Jacob D. Beam cuts the ribbon to open “Washington Circle,” the Embassy's redesigned and remodeled lunch room. At right is General Services Officer Phillip J. Walls.

the opening on August 3 of the Soviet Arts and Crafts Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Ambassador Kingdon Gould, Jr., was in from Luxembourg on consultation for several days in mid-July. Ambassador Fred J. Russell, Denmark, was in Washington, August 8–11, on consultation. Ambassador Robert Strausz-Hupé, on home leave from Brussels, consulted in Washington, August 14–17. Joseph J. Montllor, Chargé d'Affaires, a.i., in Madrid, was in the Department from July 31 to August 4 on consultation prior to taking home leave. He returned to Madrid on August 16. H. Allen Holmes, Political Counselor in Paris, was in Washington on consultation in July prior to beginning home leave. Thomas P. Murphy, Special Assist

ant to Ambassador Arthur K. Watson in Paris, consulted with officials of the Department and other agencies in late July.

Henry McCown, Country Officer for Spain, Office of Spanish and Portuguese Affairs (SPP), accompanied President Nixon's Personal Representative, California Governor Ronald Reagan, on visits to seven Western European countries, July 2–22. Governor Reagan delivered personal messages from President Nixon to European leaders in Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Rome, London and Dublin.

On August 10, Gilbert H. Sheinbaum reported for duty as Country Officer for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Office of Western European Affairs (WE). Mr. Sheinbaum previously served in the Political Section at Copenhagen.

During July and August three new officers joined the Office of Eastern European Affairs (EE). Marten H. A. van Heuven, formerly Deputy Chief of the Political Affairs Division, International Relations Bureau, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, became Country Officer for Romania and Albania replacing Charles W. Schaller,who was assigned to the Bureau of International Organization Affairs. Herbert Kaiser, formerly Political Officer at Pretoria, became Country Officer for Yugoslavia replacing Donald Tice, assigned to Belgrade as Counselor for Political Affairs. Edward Hurwitz, formerly Political Officer in Moscow, became Country Officer for Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and the Baltic States replac

Polish Ambassador Sees Launching of Satellite

A 4,900-pound spacecraft launched from Cape Kennedy on August 21 was renamed Copernicus in honor of the Polish scientist, the father of modern astronomy. The launching was witnessed by Polish Ambassador Witold Trampczynski and other U. S. and Polish officials who went to Cape Kennedy with Walter J. Stoessel, Jr., Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, and Richard T. Davies, Deputy Assistant Secretary. Atlas Centaur 22 was the vehicle that fired Orbiting Astronomical Observatory-C into a 460-mile-high orbit. It was then renamed Copernicus by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The 500th birthday anniversary of the Polish scientist will be observed

next year. The new orbiting observatory will be used by scientists to study the heavens in the ultra-violet and x-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum which are obscured from astronomers on the ground by the earth's thick, lightabsorbing atmosphere. “This is a terribly exciting adventure in astronomy,” said Dr. Lyman Spitzer, Jr., of Princeton University, one of the project scientists. “We will be able to study the stars and stellar clouds in a way that until now has been impossible. The spacecraft, the fourth and final vehicle in the Orbiting Astronomical series, is the heaviest, most expensive, and most complicated unmanned scientific satellite ever launched by the United States.


ROME–The Sovereign Military Order of Malta awarded the Grand Cross of Merit with Star to Jean M. Wilkowski, Ambassador to Zambia, in recognition of relief extended by the U.S. Government to displaced persons of the time of the Honduras/El Salvador hostilities in 1969. At that time, she was Chargé d'Affaires at Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Pictured are, left to right, Ambassador Graham Martin, Ambassador Wilkowski, Filippo Spada, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta Minister, and Ambassador Armando Koch, who made the presentation.

ing William J. Dyess, assigned to the Bilateral Political Relations Section, SOV, and Robert Rackmales, assigned to Mogadiscio. Doyle V. Martin, Regional Affairs Officer, EE, has been transferred to Reykjavik as Deputy Chief of MisS1On. Upon the departure of Jack Perry to the Council of Environmental Quality, Edward A. Mainland, previously with the Bilateral Political Affairs Section of the Office of Soviet Union Affairs (SOV), became Acting Officer in Charge of the Multilateral Political Relations Section. John D. Scanlan of SOV spoke to a group of 60 members of the Young President's Organization at JFK Airport in New York on “Current Soviet-American Relations,” just before the group embarked on a charter flight to the Soviet Union. Mr. Scanlan spoke on the same subject at the 1972 Navy Public Affairs Workshop, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, on August 8. John J. Kadilis, SOV, participated on July 24 in the taping of “Students and Diplomats” at American University, a half-hour radio program distributed to college campuses throughout the country. David H. Jackson. formerly in Guatemala, has joined the Budget and Fiscal Section, Office of the Executive Director for European Affairs (EUR/EX). Marcella Del Favero has transferred to EUR/FX from the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary for Management (M). John P. Owens has assumed his

new duties as Country Officer for Sweden and Finland, Office of Northern European Affairs (NE).

Joseph Becelia, Malta Desk Officer, NE, visited Malta, August 2–8.

Eric Rehfeld, Office of NATO and Atlantic Political-Military Affairs (RPM), attended the NATO Joint Electronics and Communications Policy Committee meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels during the week of July 10.

Woodward Romine, Officer-inCharge of the Defense Policy and Military Security Affairs Section of RPM, spoke to the officers and men of Amphibious Squadron Phibron-4 at the Naval Operations Base, Norfolk, Virginia, on July 19 and 20. Mr. Romine addressed the squadron, which is deploying to the Mediterranean Sea for operations with the Sixth Fleet, on the political situation in the Mediterranean. Richard Williamson, RPM, visited the University of Wisconsin on July 24 and 25, and spoke at Mankato State College, Mankato, Minnesota, on July 27. His activities this trip were mainly in the nature of classroom visits to courses which dealt with European affairs. Leo Reddy, of the U.S. Mission to NATO, spent several days in RPM during July while on home leave and consultation. Samuel Bartlett, Policy Planning Staff, RPM, spent four days in late July on a tour arranged by the Bureau of Public Affairs. During this period, Mr. Bartlett appeared on four

television programs for extended interviews on European policy matters and spoke at the offices of four newspapers in Maine, Vermont and New York.

C. M. Schneider, Office of Canadian Affairs, spoke on U.S.-Canadian relations before the Conference on Canada and the United States of the New York State Council for Social Studies, held at State University College, Potsdam, New York, August 14 and 15.

Foreign Service Institute

Dr. Lowell R. Fleischer has joined the staff of the Center for Area and Country Studies as Chairman for Latin American Area Studies replacing Richard Salvateria. Dr. Fleischer spent the past year as The John Quincy Adams Lecturer at the Univ. ersity of Massachusetts. He chaired his first Latin American Area Seminar August 7–18.

The School of Professional Studies inaugurated a course for . Deputy Chiefs of Mission the week of August 11–18. The course, geared toward advanced management training, was chaired by William D. Broderick and Harry Feinstein and was attended by 17 students. Deputy Under Secretary for Management William B. Macomber launched the course with a talk on management, while later, in the week, Inspector General of the Foreign Service Thomas McElhiney and Director General of the Foreign Service William O. Hall and others served as guest speakers.

New language instructors at FSI include Evelina Luccioli, Italian; Ingrid Patton, German; Syamphone Douangpanya, Laotian; Marcella Cernik, Czech; Steven S. Raviv, Hebrew; Keomanivanh Boutsavath, Laotian; Lisma N. Ibrahim, Malay; Andromachi Chiacu, Romanian; Khin Khin Nyunt, Burmese; Om Prakash, Hindi-Urdu; Irmhilt Hanza, German; Helene Mitrofannoff, Russian; Ladislav Slivka, Czech; George P. Roussos, Greek; Malkanthi Basnayake, Sinhalese; Irene Coulter, Polish; and Chandara Lor, Cambodian.

Inspector General, Foreign Service

Carol Steele, formerly with IG/ OE, has joined the staff of U.S. Representative Don Edwards (D.Calif.) as an Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Steele had been with IG/ OE, formerly O/FI, since June 1970. She recently received a B.A. degree

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