India Tracts

T. Becket, 1774 - 432페이지

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390 페이지 - ... eighteen feet, in a close sultry night, in Bengal, shut up to the eastward and southward (the only quarters from whence air could reach us) by dead walls, and by a wall and door to the north, open only to the westward by two windows, strongly barred with iron, from which we could receive scarce any the least circulation of fresh air.
399 페이지 - ... to support, but the props and pressure equally sustaining me all around. The two latter I frequently dislodged, by shifting my hold on the bars, and driving my knuckles into their ribs ; but my friend above stuck fast, and as he held by two bars, was immovable.
402 페이지 - I had appearance of life remaining; and believed I might recover if the door was opened very soon. This answer being returned to the suba, an order came immediately for our release, it being then near six in the morning.
395 페이지 - I called to them, and begged, as the last instance of their regard, they would remove the pressure upon me, and permit me to retire out of the window to die in quiet. They gave way; and with much difficulty I forced a passage into the centre of the prison, where the...
394 페이지 - ... the confusion now became general and horrid. Several quitted the other window (the only chance they had for life) to force their way to the water, and the throng and press upon the window was beyond bearing ; many forcing their passage from the further part of the room, pressed down those in their way who had less strength, and trampled them to death.
400 페이지 - Gary, and who had behaved with much bravery during the siege (his wife, a fine woman, though country born, would not quit him, but accompanied him into the prison, and was one who survived). This poor wretch had been long raving for water and air; I told him I was determined to give up life, and recommended his gaining my station. On my quitting it he made a fruitless attempt to get my place; but the Dutch surgeon who sat on my shoulder supplanted him.
394 페이지 - I felt at the cries and ravings of those in the remoter parts of the prison, who could not entertain a probable hope of obtaining a drop, yet could not divest themselves of expectation, however unavailing ! And others calling on me by the tender considerations of friendship and affection, and who knew they were really dear to me.
397 페이지 - I had ever the address to begin on that sleeve first, when I thought my reservoirs were sufficiently replenished ; and our mouths and noses often met in the contest. This plunderer, I found afterwards, was a worthy young gentleman in the service, Mr. Lushington, one of the few who escaped from death, and since paid me the compliment of assuring me, he believed he owed his life to the many comfortable draughts he had from my sleeves.
175 페이지 - He tried in a fummary way, had the power of the lam, fine, and imprifonment; he determined all matters of meum and tuum •, and in all criminal cafes, proceeded to fentence and punifhment immediately after hearing, except where the crime (as murder) requires the lafh to be inflicted until death, in which cafe he fufpends execution of the fentence, until the fact and evidence are laid before the prefident, and his confirmation of the fentence is obtained. He has...
103 페이지 - ... of the honourable the united company of merchants of England trading to the Eaft Indies, and his Excellency the Nawab Vizier, &c.

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