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Point, at the entrance of the river Bonny, on the coast of Africa, in the month of April, 1841.—The court awarded 2501.

The Dowthorpe.Pilotage—On the motion of Dr. Addams, the court decreed a perishable monition against the ship for pilotage. Several other actions were entered against the vessel, and the court directed the proceeds of the ship and freight to be brought into the registry, or bail to be given to abide its ultimate decision as to the claims of the respective litigants.

The Enterprise.—An action having been entered against this vessel by a bondholder, the court granted the fourth default, signed the primum decretum, and decreed a perishable monition.

The Emerald.Bottomry—This was a suit for a bottomry bond. The court pursued the same course as in the last case.

The Gazelle.Wages—Two actions have been entered against this ship-— one for a bottomry bond, the other for seamen's wages. On the motion of Dr. Haggard, the court pronounced for the bond, and decreed its payment when the proceeds of the snip were brought into the registry, the seamen's wages being first deducted.

The Glasgow.Salvage—This was a suit for salvage services rendered to this vessel by several persons when on the Opgang Rock, Whitby. A tender had been made of 301., which the court decreed sufficient, and therefore decreed that sum, but ordered each party to pay their own costs.

The Mary.Salvage—This was a suit for salvage services rendered to this vessel off the Island of Java, on the 29th December, 1839. The court awarded 301.

The New Holland.Bottomry—Dr. Robinson moved the court to decree the sum due on a bottomry bond when the proceeds were brought into the registry, in another action entered against the vessel to recover seamen's wages. The court granted the prayer.

The Pi,Vmm.—Dr. Addams moved the court to dismiss his parties from this cause, Mr Barnacle not having prosecuted his suit. The registrar read a letter from Mr. Barnacle, in which he alleged that illness had prevented him from complying with the previous orders of the court, and begged that the court would grant him further time. The court allowed the matter to stand over till the next court-day.

The Salima.Wages—On our last session the court decreed a perishable monition against this vessel in a suit for subtraction of wages. Dr. Addams now prayed a commission of sale.

The Court: Is it usual, Mr. Registrar, for affidavits as to the perishable state of the ship to be sworn by persons not at all accustomed to shipping?

The Registrar; That is not the usual course.

The Court: I do not think that it ought to be; but I observe that one of the persons who has sworn as to the condition of the Salima is an attorney's clerk. There is n*» reason in this case to object to the motion, because it is clear from all the circumstances that injury would arise if she were not sold. But let it be understood that in future affidavits as to the state of the ship must be made by persons competent to form an opinion.

The Sophie.Wagei—Originally arrested in an action for necessary supplies afterwards sold, and proceeds brought into the registry. Two actions were entered by seamen for wages due to them, which actions were subsequently consolidated. The court was prayed to pronounce for the wages due, and to decree them to be paid out of the balance in court. Dr. Lushington observed that, in this case the affidavits were not sworn on commission. The seamen were foreigners, and therefore they could not easily be obtained for the purpose of making new affidavits. He would, therefore, grant the motion, but it might be distinctly understood that he could not undertake to make a permanent alteration in the roles of the court without further consideration. The ancient practice must be observed for the present, and this case must not be drawn into a precedent

The Ttneward.Bottomry—The court decreed the sale of this ship in a cause of bottomry.

The Tthewold.Bottomry—This was a motion praying the court to grant the fourth default, sign iheprimum decretum, and decree a perishable monition in a cause of bottomry. The court complied with the prayer.

Toe Victoria.Salvage—In this case an action was brought by the commander and officers of H.M.S. Pilot, to recover remuneration for salvage services rendered to this vessel off Vera Cruz, on the 28th October. The court swarded 1501.

The Wilhelmine.—Salvage claim*—An attachment issued against Mr. Robinson, the registered owner of the steamer Robert Burns, for the costs incnrred in an action brought by her against the Wilhelmine for alleged salvage smices. An affidavit was brought in by Mr. Robinson, in which he swore that he gave no instructions whatever for the commencement of the action. The court dismissed Mr. Robinson and gave him his costs.

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Errata In The Second Edition Of The Practice Of Navigation,
By Lieut. Raper, R.lf., Just Published.

Page. 178, note, alter gregale to grecale, and N.W to N.E.

179, No. 482, Ex. 1st. col. alter Mean Time to Red. Sid. Time.

292, Ex. 3, alter var. 235 N. to 235 W.

328, No. 854 alter proper track, to proper tack.

352, note, line 3 let the word " unless" follow Chronometer.

478, col. (37) line 6, alter long. 66° 3' to 66° 31'. ...

493, In a very few copies, from 2h. 25m. to 2h. 29m. the index 1,

should be 0. and at 7h. 4m., 5309 should be 5310.

494, In a very few copies, at 16h. 41m. 1679 should be 1579, at

17h. 29m. alter 1370 to 1376. ENLARGED SERIf.S.—NO. 1.—VOL. FOR 1843. K Tablr LXVII.

For reducing Xante feel to English feet, and English feet to Zante feet.

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H.M.S. Formidable.—By a letter from Barcelona, dated December 2nd we have the following particulars of saving the above fine man-of-war. At a quarter before 8 o'clock on the night of the 29th, going four knots, the ship struck the ground heavily (it appears 14 miles to the westward of Barcelona). A boat wis immediately despatched to Barcelona for assistance, and at daylight a French steam-vessel, many boats, and small craft, came to assist. The stream had been got out, and the steamer carried out a bower. During the day, the 30th, two other steamers arrived from the westward, a French, and a Spanish; and at 5 o'clock the Rodney, much to our joy and comfort, arrived, and anchored a mile from the Formidable, then in four feet less water than she drew. The Rodney sent two cables on end, and the Formidable two to meet them, and both ships hove together. The water was started and pumped out, all the lower deck guns thrown overboard, with three of the main, and a quantity of shot, and at a quarter before 12 o'clock on the night of the 30th she was hove off, having been 28 hours ashore. The bottom was a soft clear sand, but, being near the breakers, some heavy rollers occasionally 'coming in made the ibip thump heavily. The weather was fortunately very fine; the rudder went toon after grounding. The ship was dragged, by main strength, at least half • mile, judging Jfrom the buoy of the rudder, and the first gun thrown overboard. The ships' company, during the whole time worked well, and their conduct is said to be beyond praise. The ship was towed to Barcelona, from which she has proceeded to Port Mahon. Damage sustained (from the report of an excellent diver) :—The false keel is gone in many places, from 10 to 12 feet in one place; the forefoot gone; the rudder gone; main keel damaged in places; two leaks forward; a small leak in the bread-room; she makes eight inches of water per hour; between the main and mizen masts she hung and thumped heavily. The Cyclops, steam-frigate, had arrived, and had been sent to try and recover the rudder and guns. The Belvidera arrived at Barcelona on the 2nd instant.

Observations Made With Capt. Becheh's Horizon.

Royal Naval College, Dec. 22nd, 1842. Dear Sir.—I feel great pleasure in sending you the enclosed observations for finding the latitude, made by some of the young officers at this establishment with your Artificial Horizon. You will Bee that nearly every result is within • minute or two of the truth.

I am, &c,

H. W. Jeans.

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Tub Variation Of The Compass.

(Continued from p. 783.)

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Dec. 23, 1842,

Magnetical and Meteorological Department.

Mean Magnetic Declination For September 1842—23° 14' 11".

G. B. Airy, Astronomer-Royal.

New Books.

The Navai. Club ; or, Reminisences of Service.—By M. H. Barhtr, Esq., "the Old Sailor," 3 vols.—Colburn.

We doubt not Mr. Barker's propensity for " spinning yarns;" his "twist" that way, be it inherited from whom it may is a very happy one; no one can work one up better than he can in the Nautical line. Of course the Naval Club relate the wonders of the Sea, and more wonders besides which as " every one in it, gives some account of himself, his life, character, and behaviour" will bear telling twice over, without failing to interest the generality of readers.

Narrative or The Expedition To China from the commencement of the War to the present period.By Commander J. E. Bingham, R.N. 2 vols.—Colburn.

For " the present period" the reader must not assume that the termination of the Chinese war is meant; but simply the attack on Tsekee, and hence such a title appearing without date will always be ambiguous. The remainder of the war, will however afford ample matter for a supplementary volume; for although short, the brilliant successes which have resulted from it, and the extraordinary effects which must follow it, are more than sufficient to fill another volume like the two before us. We are glad to see a Naval Officer committing to paper historical records of events passing before him, in which he is himself more than a mere spectator, and particularly such events as the Chinese war afforded, and we congratulate Captain Bingham on producing an amusing and

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