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adverted to; viz, : lhat steam vessels striking on rocks, when at full speed, in the very nature of things, must, almost inevitably be supposed to sustain such an extent of injury as to make it the imperative duty of every wise and prudent commander, with such examples before him, previously to reversing the engines, to examine the damage inflicted on the bottom of the vessel, as the neglect of this salutary precaution, nine times out of ten, under similar circumstances, it is feared may probably lead to the same awful and sudden disasters by the vessel immediately sinking, on being got afloat.

It has been remarked, by a naval officer, writing on the same subject, in the Times newspaper, of the 1st of August, that “the effort to back off the Columbia at once, providentially failed, aud thereby, her passengers and crew, were afforded the means of saving their lives."

Now, Mr. Editor, as far as I am aware, and I have taken in the Nautical from its commencement, no observations of similar tendency to those above having ever appeared in your useful and widely circulated pages, I am induced to trouble you with them, humbly hoping they may prove useful suggestions, to surviving commanders of steam vessels, who in fature, may have committed to their charge, respectable, but helpless and confiding passengers, good officers and crews, and valuable property ; but who, possibly are of the same, as some humbly conceive, erroneous judgment, as the one alluded to, and who appear to have been, the undesigned cause of so much disaster, and painful distress.


Local ATTRACTION.-We give the following as we received it, that it may serve as the warning to others, which the writer wished it to convey. The effects might have been anticipated.-" I sailed from Hull to St. Petersburgh, loaded with goods and machinery, lead, and 12 tons of best steel. In going across the North Sea towards the Scaw, I found the ship 20 miles to the eastward in one day's run, with a S.S.W. wind; ship going 6: knots at the time, and steering very well, I could not account for the reckoning being so far out of the way. When I got in the Cattegat, I was obliged to come to an anchor, being calm and a strong current from the south. The sun set clear I took an amplitude and found the compass to be correct or nearly so; when I got in the Baltic I found the course steered would not take me from one head land to the other. I thought there must be something the matter with the compass, otherwise the binnacle; I got up another compass but found it the same. I then took it on the main deck and found two points difference from the one in the binnacle. I took it on the forcastle, and found one point difference from the one in the binnacle. I took it on the tafrail and found it to be the course I wanted; the ship going at the time along the land about east the direct course, when E.b.S. I S. A thougbt came into my head I had 12 tons of steel, and the most part of it stowed in the after hold. Í make this observation, merely to warn my brother seamen when it falls in their way to have a cargo like the one I had on board. June 6th, 1843.

Robert Haigh, brig Aire of Goole.

The Cygnet, has been (per lunar months) 3 years in commission; and during her three years on the coast has been actively cruising or blockading the whole of that time, with the exception of a few days at St. Helena and Ascension, during which period she must, having been constantly at sea, have traversed at least 70,000 miles. She has captured some of the fastest slavers on the coast, and chased many others off her station, compelling them, in some instances, to throw everything overboard, even to starting their water to effect their escape. The Cygnet has been remarkably healthy, and not a single death

has occurred from the fever of the country, although exposed to six rainy seasons, in the Bight oft Benin, the most unhealthy part of the coast. This may in a great degree be attributed to her roomy and well ventilated lower deck, being, on most occasions, enabled to keep the scuttles out both day and night; whilst the Rolla, Buzzard, Lynx, Forester, and Saracen, suffered dreadfully from want of proper ventilation. Most of these vessels had one or two Commanders, and almost a complete change of their officers and crew during the three years.

The Cygnet has returned to England in consequence of her lower masts and bowsprit (which are too slight, and were originally indifferent spars) being sprung, and lower rigging rotten from constant wet. The topmasts are reefed, supported by a shore under the heel and chain slings through the fid-hole, so that she is enabled to carry all her sails, with the exception of the reefs in the topsails, whilst the sprung masts are of course greatly relieved. The squadron are in general healthy, though some deaths had recently occurred. Since the new Portuguese Treaties have been in force the slave trade is quite at a standstill. We have been cruising for six months at a time, without even seeing a sail, and some of the cruisers have not made a single capture since they have been on the station, On this peculiar service, unless Jack has plenty of chasing to keep the devil out of his mind the Admiralty will do well in ordering cruisers to England every year to refit; the monotony at present is scarcely bearable.

PROCLAMATION ISSUED BY THE IMPERIAL COMMISSIONER, &c. In a manifesto, couched in the high-flown phraseology of their country, the imperial Commissioner Keying, the Governor-General Kekung, and the Governor Ching-yuet-sai, expatiate on the condesending benignity of their “ august Sovereign," in deigning to “ cherish tenderly men from afar." They also proinise that the treaty shall be observed with fidelity, and protected from evasion by the Majesty of the Emperor.

“Henceforth," says the Chinese proclamation, " the weapons of war shall for ever be laid aside, and joy and profit shall be the perpetual lot of all; neither slight nor few will be the advantages reaped by the merchants, alike of China and of foreign countries. From this time forward, all must free themselves from prejudice and suspicions, pursuing each his proper avocation, and careful always to retain no inimical feelings from the recollection of the hostilities that have before taken place ; for such feelings and recollections can have no other effect than to hinder the growth of a great understanding between the two people."

With respect to such of the Chinese as had assisted the English, the following passage of the proclamation shows an extraordinary change from the cruel proceedings to which they were formerly subjected. This is another proof of the persuasive power of Sir Henry Pottinger.

"As to those natives of China who, in past days, may have served the English soldiery or others with supplies, and may have been apprehended in consequence, the High Commissioner has obtained from the good favour of his august Sovereign, vast and boundless as that of the Heaven itself, the remission of their punishment for all past deeds, and any such who may not yet have been brought to trial are, therefore, no longer to be sought after; while all who may have been seized and brought before Government are granted a free


The proclamation quaintly concludes :

"From henceforward amity and goodwill shall ever continue, and those from afar and those who are near shall perpetually rejoice together. Such is the fervent hope of the High Commissioner and his colleagues; and in this hope they command implicit obedience to what is now thus specially promulgated."*

By the proclamation of the Imperial Commissioner we observe that the trade is to be opened to all nations, but wbether other nations are to be permitted to have Consuls at the five ports is not stated.


(From the Naval and Military Gazette.) The following Officers have been promoted in consequence of the Queen's Maritime


ATTENDANT SQUADRON. Lieut. G. Snell, to be Commander. Com, W. J. T. Hood to be Captain.

Mates R. Coode and F. P. Warren to Lieuts. H. Jauncey and J. H. Weller be Lieutenants.

to be Commanders. Sec.-Master E. W. Cox to be Master. Mates H. T. Veitch, H, Charlton, Asst.-Surgeon H. A. Banks to be Sur- and S. Pritchard to be Lieutenants. geon. PROMOTIONS.

Mates-M. F. O. Reilly to Excellent

-J. Corbet and A. Doyle to Star-J, R. CAPTAIN-E. J. Bird.

M. Byng to Locust-R. B. Beale and J. COMMANDERS-G. Winsor-J, F. L. Cartwright to Caledonia–J. A. Bridges Wood, A. M'Murdo, J, Sibbald.

and J. F. Tottenham to Hyacinth-T. LIEUTENANTS-H.Oakley, J, Dayman, Davis to Flamer. P. Scott, T. E. L, Moore, E. Nicholls, T. SecOND-MASTERS_J, T, Sullivan to P. Coode.

Iris–G. Williams to Fox-W. WilkinPURSERS, E. S. F. Cheesman, E. A. Son to Formidable-G. S. Hall to Flamer Smith.

SURGEONS-J. C. Folds to Star-E.

Jeffrey to Fox-H. Graham, M.D., to APPOINTMENTS.

Stromboli–A. Henderson M.D., San Josef

-A, M'Kechine, M.D., to Poictiers. CAPTAINS–A. R. Sharpe, C.B., (1813) MASTERS-Assistants—T, Yeatman to to go out in Medway steamer to hoist a Hyacinth-W. G. Aldrick to Warspitebroad pendant in Imaum at Jamaica — W. May to Star, P. W. P. Wallis (1819) to Warspit-G. AssistaNT-SURGEONS-J. M'Gregor to R. Munday (1837) to Iris-Sir H, M. Stromboli- A. Graham, M.D., to FoxBlackwood, Bart., (1837) to Fox-Lord W. M'Crea and H. M'Farlane to HyaIngestrie (1827) to Meander-G. G. cinth--G. A, Nicholls, M.D. to VictoryBurton (1814) to Poictiers.

H. W. Horsell to Talbot. COMMANDER—W. Maclean (1841) to MIDSHIPMEN-C. Shipley to ExcelApollo.

lent--W, Peel to Camperdown-D. C. LIEUTENANTS-W. Mould (1842) to 0, Slaughter to Caledonia-W. Howard Excellent-G. H. Clarke (1843), E. H.B. to Hyacinth-G. C. Lloyd to Eurydice. Proctor (1841), K. E K, George (1843) VOLUNTEERS 1st Class--J. C. Riley, to Stromboli, A. C. May (1838), and C. C, D, Robinson, H. Kelham, and H. W. B. Warren (1839) to Star-R. A. Stew Fenwick to St. Vincent-J. Hobbs to Cey. art (1839), E. Holmes (1841), and W.C. lon-W. Irwin to Hyacinth. Chamberlain (1840) to Hyacinth-T.

S P URSERS-G. Simmonds to Iris-H. Hill (1833) to Inconstant-G. Sprigg to Price to Fox-G. S. Bunn to PenelopeCurlew-C. Hadaway (1828) to Penelope F. Siddall to Stromboli. A. La Touche (1840) and G. Leigh NavAL INSTRUCTORS-G. F. Parker to (1843) to Illustrious-R.D. White (1840) Tyne-A. Gerand to Monarch-W. W. L. Lambert (1842), and W. F, Par Johnson to Indus– J. L. Hodgson, B.A., kinson (1842) to Cornwallis-H. Bullock to St. Vincent. (1843) to Madagascar-A. Little (1837), CLERKS—Warwick to Rose-Bowman Ì, G. Bickford (1841), L. Heath 1840), to Tweed-Biddlecombe to Fair Rosaand E. M. Mathews (1840) to Iris-C. Í, mond-G. S. Singer to Flamer-J. Postle (1836) to Flamer-J, S, Rundle Walker to Hyacinth. (1836), T. Tickle (1842), F. A, B, Craw. SECRETAries-H. Hunt, to Commoford (1843), and F. P. Warren (1843) to dore A. R. Sharpe, C.B., at Jamaica-F. Fox-W. Tringham, 1826) to be first of J. Fergen to Rear Adml. Bowles. Victoria and Albert, and to command Nautilus-D. Woodruffe (1828) to command Albert-S. Morrish (1841) to

Coast GUARD. I maum.

Masters-W. Parsons to Iris-G. Appointments-Lieut. C. G, Clarke to Grant to Fox-W.P. Birdwood to Star. command Stag-J. S. Godden to station at Shanklin-Lieut. J. O'Reilly (a) to Hamborough Head-Lieut. E, Stade to Pennant.

Removals—Inspecting-Com. J. An.

drews to Dundalk-Com. A. Kellett to Waterford-Com. J. Nugent to West. port-Lieut. W. Sterne to WexfordLieut. C. Bagshot to Yooghal.


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ABROAD. Acorn, 16, Com. J. Adams, Sept, AGINCOURT, 72, Capt. H. W. Bruce, 28th, arr. at Plymouth, from Coast of May 28th, arr. at Macao from Manilla. Africa, Oct. 5th paid off.

AIGLE, 24, Capt. Lord E. Paget, Oct. Belleisle, 72, Capt. J. Kingcome, 5th at Corfu. Sept. 28th paid off at Plymouth.

Beacon, sur. v. Com. T. Graves, Oct. Cyclops, st, v. Capt. H.T. Austen, 5th, Smyrna. Sept 28th paid off at Woolwich.

Beagle, sur, v. Com, J. Stokes, July Dee, st. v. Sept. 25th at Portsmouth. 29th arr. at St. Helena, 31st sailed for

Erebus, Capt. J. Ross, Sept. 23rd England. paid off at Chatham.

Belvidera, 38, Capt. 'Hon. G. Grey, EURYDICE, 26, Capt. Elliott, Oct. 7th. Oct. 5th, Malta.. left Plymouth for Cork, America, and Castor, 36, Capt. C. Graham, Aug. West Indies.

16th, arr. at Madeira. FANTOMB, 16, Com, G, P. Haymes, CLEOPATRA, 26, Capt. Wyvill, August Oct. 8th arr. at Portsmouth from South Ist, at Algoa Bay, America, 10th sailed for Chatham to be CockATRICE, July 3rd, at Monte paid off.

Video, 5th sailed for Buenos Ayres. GRECIAN, 16, Com. W. Smyth, Sept. CURACOA, 24, Capt, Sir T. Paisly, 16th 25th arr. at Plymouth to be paid off. June at Tenerife.

Hyacinth, 18, commissioned at Sheer Curlew, 10, Lieut.-Com. G. Ross, ness, by Com. F. Scott.

Aug. 24th at Bahai. MONARCH, 84, Capt. S. Chambers, DevastATION, st. v. Com. Henry, 5th Oct. 6th, arr. at Plymouth from Mediter. Oct, at Constantinople. ranean, 11th sailed for Sheerness to be Dido, 18, Capt. Hon. H, Keppel, 28th paid off.

June left Singapore for China. PENELOPE, st. frigate Sept. 22nd, arr. Dublin, 50, Capt. J. Tucker, June at Spithead, 25th sailed for Plymouth. 5th at Valparaiso.

Rodney, 92, Capt, R, Mansell, Oct. ESPOIR, 10, Com. A. Morrell, Sept. 2nd, from Cape of Good Hope, 3rd, sailed 5th, arr. at Seirra Leone, from Ply for Portsmouth to be paid off

mouth, Talbot, 26, Capt. 'Sir T. Thompson, Harlequin, 16, Com. Hon. G. HasSept. 20th left Portsmouth, 24th left tings, July 9th, left Singapore on : Plymouth for Rio Janeiro.

cruise. Terror, Com. F. Crozier, Sept. 23rd, HECLA, st. v. Com. J. Daffil, Oct. 5th paid off at Chatham.

at Malta. Thunderer, 84, Capt. Pring, Sert. Hermes, st.v. Lieut. W. Carr, Sept. 25th, arr. at Plymouth from Mauritius. 12th, at Bermuda..

Tweed, 20, Com. H, D. Douglas, Oct. HÉROINE, 16, Lieut. Stewart, Jaly 13th, arr. at Plymouth from W. Indies. 20th cruising off Kabendah.

Virago, st. v. Com. G. Otway, Sept. Indus, 84, Capt, Sir J. Stirling, Oct. 22nd, left Plymouth for Mediterranean. 5th at Athens.

PORTSMOUTH,-In Port-St. Vincent. Lily, 16, Com. G. Barker, July 9th, Warspite, Tortoise. In Harbour-Vic at the Mauritius, tory, Excellent, Fox, Fearless, Emerald. Jupiter, tr. ship, Master Com. R.

PLYMOUTH.-In Harbour-San Josef, Fulton, July 27th, at Singapore Endymion, Apollo, Tweed, Star, Linnet, Locust, st. v. Lieut.-Com. J. Lunn, Peterel, Flamer, Echo, Confiance.-In Oct. 5th Constantinople. the Sound-Caledonia, Camperdown, MAGICIENNE, 24, Capt. Warren, Oct.

5th, at Malta.

MAGPIE, st. v. Lieut.-Com. T. Brock, Oct. 5th, Athens.

MALABAR, 74, Capt, Sir G. Sartorius, SPITEFUL, st. v. Com. W. Maitland, Oct. 5th, Gibraltar.

Aug. 11th at Singapore. MEDEA, st. v. Com. F. Warden, Oct. Thalia, 36, Capt. C. Hope, Aug. 4th, 5th, Malta.

left Singapore, for Calcutta. MINDEN, Hospital ship, July 24th, THUNDERBOLT, st. v. G. N. Broke, 2nd arr. at Hong-Kong, from Chusan, June arr. in Table Bay from Simon's

MODESTE, 18, Com. Baillie, Sept. 12th, Bay. at Madeira on way to Rio,

Vernon, 50, Capt. W. Walpole. Oct. Queen, 110, Capt. G. F. Rich, Oct. 5th at Malta. 5th, at Malta.

Vesuvius, Lieut..Com, Ommaney, 5th Racer, 16, Com. A. Reed, Aug. 12th, Oct. at Athéns. arr, at Madeira from England.

VIPER, 6, Lieut, J, Curtis, July 1st, RAPID, 10, Lieut. Earle, July 20th, arr, at Monte Video, from Buenos Ayres cruising off Kabendah.

5th, sailed for Rio. - SAPPHIRE, troop-ship, Mr. G. H Cole. Vixen, st, v. Com, W. Boyes, July May 23rd, arr. at Macao from Amoy. 23rd, sailed from China.

SAVAGE, 10, Lieut. J. Bowker, Oct. Wanderer, Com. Troubridge, June 5th, Barcelona.

24th, at Singapore, July 9th, sailed on a Scout, Com. J. Larcom, Oct. 5th, cruise. Barcelona.

WASP, 19, Com. A. Drew, Aug, 4th, Siren, 16, Com. W. Smith, July 24th, at Trinidad, siekly. arr: at Madras, from Trincomalee, 25th, Winchester, 50, Capt. Eden, May sailed for Mauritius.

15th, left Simon's Bay for the Mauritius, SNAKE, 16, Com. Hon. W. Devereux, July 3rd, sailed for Bourbon, Oct, 5th at Athens,

wili halitchfieldate Capt. H. Bio Sarah,


At Gosforth, Cumberland, Oct. 5th,

Capt. J. C. Pitman, R.n., to Elizabeth, At Ostend, Sept. 23rd, the lady of W. daughter of Sir H. L. F. 'Senhouse, R.N. H, Banks, Esq. Surgeon R.n., of a son. At Freswick, N.B., Oct. 9, J. Jeffery,

At Southsea, the lady of J, Colwell, Esq., R.N., to Mary, daughter of Lieut. Esq., R.n. of a son.

Madley, R.N. Sept. 16th, at Alloa, Mrs. Duncan, At Wisbeach, Sept. 28th, W. Whitwidow of the late unfortunate commander ting, Esq., of Thorney, in the Isle of Eles, of the Royal Mail Steamer Solway of a to Sophia, eldest daughter of Captain daughter.

Swaine, R.N. Sept. 23rd, at Ostend, the lady of W. Lieutenant H. Warren, R.N. to Sarah, H. Banks, Esq. Surgeon, R.N., of a son. daughter of the late Capt. H. Biggs.

Oct. 7th, at Southsea, the lady of Capt. At Titchfield, Hants, Oct. 5th, B. N. F. Edwards, R.n., of a son.

Wickham, Esq., R.N., to Margaret And, At Jersey, the lady of Lieut. Hogge, eldest dauyhter of the late Capt, R, H. R.N , of a daughter."

Barclay, R.N. In Stonehouse, the lady of Lieutenant At Luton, Sept. 28th, Capt. Hathorn, Walsh, R.m., of a daughter.

R.N., to Mary, daughter of the Rev. W.

M Douell.

Weaths. At Walton-on-the-Naze, Sept. 7th, Mr. John Hodges, of University College, At Bath, Oct. 4th, Capt. W. G. Ro. Oxford, late R.N., to Eliza, youngest berts, R.N. daughter of Mr. A. Lewin, of Worming. At Beacon Grange, Sept. 27th, Chas. ford, Essex.

Jones, Esq., solicitor to the Admiralty, At Wadworth, Oct. 18, Capt. J. C. aged, 77 years. Ross, R.N., to Ann, eldest daughter of Lately at Milford, Lieut. Mott, R.N. T. Coulman, E:9., of Whitgift-hall, April 29th, at sea, Com. R. F. CleaveYorkshire.

land, R.N. At Langley, Norfolk, J. J. Foulkes, Oct. 11th, Capt W. Shallard, R.N., Esq., to Mary, daughter of Rear. Adınl, Inspecting-Com. Coast Guard, Clifden. Sir W. B. Proctor.

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