The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner, 35권

W. B. Keen, Cooke, 1877

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539 페이지 - The Ear: its Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases. A Practical Treatise for the Use of Medical Students and Practitioners. By CHARLES H.
201 페이지 - They shall have charge of all matters pertaining to quarantine ; and shall have authority to make such rules and regulations, and such sanitary investigations, as they may from time to time deem necessary for the preservation or improvement of Public Health ; and it shall be the duty of all police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employe.s of the State, to enforce such rules and regulations, so far as the efficiency and success of the Board may depend upon their official...
198 페이지 - Examiners herein named, for verification as to its genuineness. If the diploma is found genuine and if the person named therein be the person claiming and presenting the same, the State Board of Health, if such Board of Health be established by law or the Board of Examiners shall issue its certificate to that effect...
198 페이지 - Board take testimony in all matters relating to their duties; they shall issue certificates to all who furnish satisfactory proof of having received diplomas, or licenses from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing; they shall prepare two forms of certificates, one for persons in possession of diplomas or licenses, the other for candidates examined by the Board ; they shall furnish to the county clerks of the several counties a list of all persons receiving certificates.
201 페이지 - The STATE BOARD OF HEALTH shall have the general supervision of the interests of the health and life of the citizens of the State.
194 페이지 - Students of the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Michigan, on the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of his Doctorate.
200 페이지 - Any person shall be regarded as practicing medicine within the meaning of this act, who shall profess publicly to be a physician and to prescribe for the sick, or who shall append to his name the letters of "MD...
200 페이지 - That any itinerant vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment or appliance of any kind intended for the treatment of diseases or injury...
96 페이지 - That it is the opinion of this convention that no two consecutive sets of lecture tickets shall be regarded as fulfilling the usual pre-requisites of instruction for graduation, where the time between the beginning of the first course and the end of the second is less than fifteen months.
203 페이지 - SECTION 1. — The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the board of health of each city, village and township may, at any time, direct its health officer or health physician to offer vaccination, with bovine vaccine virus, to every child not previously...

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