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An Account of the various modes of Shoeing Horses, employed by different Nations, &c. &c. By Joseph Goodwin, Esq. Veterinary Surgeon to his Majesty, &c. Illustrated with plates. 8vo. 12s.


The Monastery, a Romance, by the Author of Waverley, 3 vols. 12mo.

Winter Evening Tales, collected among the Cottagers in the South of Scotland, by James Hogg, (Author of the Queen's Wake, Brownie of Bodsbeck, &c.) 2 vols. 12mo. bds. 14s.


The British Empire in 1820, consisting of a condensed and accurate View of the present state of the British Dominions in Europe, and of the Colonies and Dependencies in the Four Quarters of the World, at the period of the Accession of his present Majesty. By the Rev. J. Goldsmith.

A View of the Political State of Scotland at Michaelmas 1811; with a Supplement, exhibiting the Votes at the General Election, 1812. By James Bridges, W. S.

Reply to an Article in the last Number of the Edinburgh Review, entitled, Parliamentary Inquiry-to which is subjoined, a Letter commented upon in that Article. By John Davison, B.D. Rector of Washington, Durham.

The Trial of Sir Francis Burdett at Leicester. 1s. 6d.

An Essay on the Employment of the Poor. By R. A. Slaney, Esq. 2s.
The Loyal Man is the Man. With fourteen cuts. 8vo. Is.


Practical Essays on Strictures of the Urethra and Diseases of the Testicles, including on Fistula in Perinæo and Hydrocele, illustrated by numerous cases and an engraving; with a Preface, and some Remarks on Life and Organization. Robert Binghom, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. 8vo. 12s.


An Exposition of the Elementary Principles specially concerned in the preserva. tion of Healthiness, and production of Distempers amongst Mariners, Travellers, and Adventurers in Tropical, Variable, and Unkindly Climates. By Andrew Simp son, Surgeon. 8vo. 18s.

A Treatise on Infantile and Adult Rickets, with some Remarks appended on Nursing, for the consideration of Mothers, as connected with this disease. By G. H. Weatherhead, M.D.


An Historical Epitome of the Old and New Testaments, in which the events are arranged according to chronological order. By a Member of the Church of Eng land. For the Use of Schools.

Family Prayers. By the Rev. William Jay. 8vo. 9s.


A Voyage to India. By the Rev. James Cordiner, A. M. Author of a Description of Ceylon, and Minister of St. Paul's Chapel, Aberdeen. 8vo. 7s.

A Journey in Carniola, Italy, and France, in the year 1817 and 1818. With Engravings by W. A. Cadell, Esq. F. R. S. Lond. and Edin. 2 vols. 8vo. 11 16s.

Narrative of a Residence in Algiers, comprising an Account of the Manners. Amusements, and Modes of Living among the different people of Barbary, with Observations on the Climate, Population, Trade, and Productions of the Country, the State of Agriculture, of the Arts, Military and Naval Power, Christian Slavery, Financial and Piratical Systems. By W. M. Pananti. In one vol. 4to. 21 2s.



Works in the Press, or preparing for Publication.

In the press, and speedily will be published, Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania; with numerous Engravings. By the Rev. T. S. Hughes, Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge.

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A very interesting Work will appear next month, entitled, "The History of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746," containing the Causes of the Pretender's Defeat at Culloden, and a variety of interesting Anecdotes hitherto unknown, by Chevalier Johnstone, Aid-de-camp to Prince Charles Edward Stewart, &c.

Dr. Charles Hastings, Physician to the Worcester Infirmary, has in the press, in one volume, 8vo. A Treatise on the Inflammation of the Mucous Membrane of the Lungs; to which is prefixed, An Experimental Inquiry into the General Nature of Inflammation, and the Contractile Power of the Blood Vessels.

In the course of next month will be published, “Winter Nights," by Nathan Drake, M. D. author of "Literary Hours," &c. &c. 2 vols. 8vo.

Rev. W. Moorhouse, West Melton, near Rotherham, is transcribing for the press, Thoughts on the Essential Requisites for Church Communion;' in which will be considered the sentiments of the Rev. S. Greathead, F.R.S. with an Appendix of Miscellaneous Essays, chiefly theological.

Mr. Bradley, of High Wycomb, has in the press a second volume of Sermons, and a fourth edition of the first volume.

In a few days will be published, a Refutation of the Objections to the new translation of the Bible. By J. Bellamy, author of the Anti-Deist,' &c.

Mr. James Grey Jackson, late British Consul at Santa Cruz, has in the press an account of Timbuctoo and Housa, territories in the interior of Africa. By El Hage Abd Salam Shabeenie, a native of Morocco, who personally visited and resided as a merchant in those interesting countries, with Notes critical and explanatory, &c. &c. Travels through Holland, Germany, and part of France, in 1819, with references to their Statistics, Agriculture, and Manufactures. By W. Jacob, Esq. F.R.S. 4to. nearly ready.

The Orientalist, or Electioneering in Ireland, a Tale; in 2 vols. nearly ready. Don Juan, Cantos III. and IV. will speedily appear.

In the press, The Principles of Political Economy considered, with a view to their practical application. By T. R. Malthus.

The Life of the Right Hon. R. B. Sheridan. By Thomas Moore, Esq.-will soon be ready.

Italy and its Inhabitants in the years 1816 and 1817. By James N. Galiffe, of Geneva. 2 vols. 8vo. in the press.

Preparing for publication, An Account of the Abipones, an equestrian people in the interior of South America. Translated from the Original Latin of Martin Dobrizhoffer In 2 vols. 8vo.

Mr. Leigh Hunt, author of Rimini, will shortly publish a translation of Amyntas, a tale of the woods, from the Italian of Torquato Tasso. This work will be embellished with a highly finished portrait of Tasso, engraved by Worthington, and wood cuts by Mr. Branston.

Locheil; or the Field of Culloden, a Novel. In 3 vols. 12mo.

Early Education, or the general management of Children, considered with a view to their future character. By Elizabeth Appleton, Author of Private Education,' &c. &c.

Mr. Fraser's Travels in the Himala Mountains.

Captain Batty's Account of the Campaign in 1815.

Miss Holford's Novel of Sir Warbeck of Wolfsteen. 3 vols.

Dr. Brown's Antiquities of the Jews. 2 vols. 8vo.

The Young Disciple, or, the Power of Divine Grace, and the Advantage of Early Religious Instruction, exemplified in the experience of a Sabbath School Girl. By a Sabbath School Teacher. Price 1s. 6d. in boards.

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JUNE, 1820.

ART. I. An Account of the Arctic Regions, with a History of the Whale Fishery, &c. By WILLIAM SCORESBY, Junior, F.R.S.E. 2 vols. 8vo. Pp. 1207. Constable & Co. 1820.

MR. Scoresby's work on the Arctic Regions, from the known skill and experience of its enterprising author, and from the opportunities he has enjoyed of joining the lights of science to his extensive observation, has long been expected with interest by the public; and although unnecessarily swelled out, perhaps, in some instances, and on the whole not very tastefully put together, it contains such a variety of curious and important information on the natural history of these countries, with such valuable details on the operations of the whale-fishery, that it forms altogether an extremely interesting production, and supplies, in the fullest manner of which the subject is at present capable, what has long been felt as a desideratum in geographical knowledge. It cannot well be appreciated from any general account of its contents; and we prefer, therefore, in addition to a slight analysis, to enter somewhat freely on a few of the topics discussed in it, which seem likely to interest our readers. Mr. Scoresby divides his labours into two parts, each of which forms a volume. The first of these relates to the progress of discovery in the Arctic regions, and the natural history of Spitzbergen and the Greenland sea; the other to the whale-fishery, as conducted in the seas of Greenland and Davis' Strait. We shall take them in order; but we shall first quote some of his prefatory remarks on the information to be derived from preceding authors.

"Though the natural history of the countries within the Arctic circle, and the nature and practice of the whale-fishery, possess peculiar, and, I may add, almost universal interest; yet it is remarkable that no original work, published in Britain, excepting a single

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Tract by Henry Elking, appears to have been devoted entirely to either subject. In this respect, notwithstanding our important and extensive annual adventures to the seas of Greenland and Davis' Strait, we have been anticipated, and our supineness tacitly reproved, by several works that have appeared in other countries. Among fo. reign authors who have treated of the regions of the north, or of the whale-fishery, may be mentioned, La Martiniere, Pierre de Mezange, Boisgelin, and Fortia, though these are writers, it should be observed, who cannot be altogether followed;-M. la Peyronie, and Bernard de Reste, who have given translations in French, not altogether accurate, however, of works of some value;-and Torfæus, Otho Fabricius, Olafsen, Olaving, Egedé, Crantz, Zorgdrager, Eggers, Moriniere, and a few others, who have produced works of real merit.

The accounts of Greenland, by the faithful and enterprising Moravian Missionaries, Hans Egedé and David Crantz, whose zeal and philanthropy carried them into one of the most uncomfortable and inhospitable regions of the globe, but particularly the latter, are works of peculiar fidelity and value; and the account of the whalefishery given by Zorgdrager, though written considerably above a century ago, is, perhaps, on the whole, the best that has appeared in any language. The works of Egedé and Crantz have been translated into English, and, with the article of Sir Charles Giesecké, in Dr. Brewster's Encyclopædia, and some others, included in works on miscellaneous literature or science, form the principal sources of information on the natural history of Greenland, published in the English language. The tract of Henry Elking, already alluded to, entitled, "A View of the Greenland Trade and Whale-Fishery, with the National and Private Advantages thereof," is, I believe, our only original work on this interesting subject.

"A considerable quantity of miscellaneous information, however, relating to Arctic countries and to the whale-fishery, is to be found interspersed through the Collections of Voyages, &c. by Hackluyt, Purchas, Churchill, Harris, Pickersgill, Goldson, Forster, Müller, Coxe, Pinkerton, Kerr, Clarke, Barrow, Burney, &c.; in the translations of the voyages or narratives of Barentz, Martens, M. Le Roy, &c.; and in the original voyages of Ellis, James, Fox, Ross, and others, into Baffin's or Hudson's Bay; of Cook into Behring's Strait; and of Phipps towards the north pole."

The first volume contains six chapters and an appendix, which may be thus summarily entitled: the question of the existence of a sea-communication between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, by the North-descriptive account of the Polar countries-hydrographical survey of the Greenland Sea-account of Polar ice-atmospherology and zoology of the Arctic Regions-meteorological and other tables, chronological account of voyages, and various like topics.

On the first of these subjects, our author occupies 92 pages, filled with evidences, in support of the existence of one or other sea-communication from the Atlantic into the Pacific ocean,

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