Peg Woffington, Christie Johnstone: And Other Stories

J.R. Osgood, 1871 - 353페이지

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48 페이지 - Pomander smiled, and said he hoped so too. "And if she is what you think, I will but show her she is known, and, blaming myself as much as her, — O yes ! more than her ! — I will go down this night to Shropshire, and never speak word to her again in this world or the next." " Good," said Sir Charles. " ' Le bruit est pour le fat, la plainte est pour le sot, L'honnete homme trompe s'eloigne et ne dit mot.
251 페이지 - You wait on nature's mischief! Come, thick night, And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell, That my keen knife see not the wound it makes, Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark, To cry 'Hold, hold!
107 페이지 - ... hung in the usual way. Of these young women, one had an olive complexion, with the red blood mantling under it, and black hair, and glorious black eyebrows. The other was fair, with a massive but shapely throat, as white as milk; glossy brown hair, the loose threads of which glittered like gold, and a blue eye, which being contrasted with dark eyebrows and lashes, took the luminous effect peculiar to that rare beauty.
95 페이지 - He was shocked, and, strange to say, she, whose death-warrant he had signed, ran and brought him a glass of wine, for he was quite overcome. Then she gave him her hand in her own sweet way, and bade him not grieve for her, for she was not afraid to die, and had long learned that "life is a walking shadow, a poor, poor player, who frets and struts his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.
299 페이지 - She whom he had insulted (Latin for kissed) deposited somewhere at his foot a look of gentle blushing reproach; the other, whom he had not insulted, darted red-hot daggers at him from her eyes, and so they parted. It was perhaps fortunate for Dolignan that he had the grace to be...
299 페이지 - It can't be! Yes, it is!" Miss Haythorn! (not that he knew her name), but what an apotheosis! The duck had become a peahen — radiant, dazzling ; she looked twice as beautiful and almost twice as large as before. He lost sight of her ; he found her again. She was so lovely she made him ill, and he alone must not dance with her, speak to her.
263 페이지 - The king and I in various pictures drawn, Clasping each other, shaded o'er with lawn, Shall be the daily presents I will send, To help thy sorrow to her journey's end : And when we hear at last thy hour draws nigh, My Alexander, my dear love, and I, Will come and hasten on thy lingering fates, And smile and kiss thy soul out through the grates.
301 페이지 - ... this (for my tale is merciful and skips formalities and torturing delays), these two were very happy ; they were once more upon the railroad, going to enjoy their honeymoon all by themselves. Marian Dolignan was dressed just as before — ducklike and delicious ; all bright except her clothes ; but George sat beside her this time instead of opposite ; and she drank him in gently from her long eyelashes. " Marian," said George, " married people should tell each other all.
300 페이지 - ... cutting-out expedition ; he called, and in the usual way asked permission to pay his addresses to his daughter. The worthy Captain straightway began doing Quarter-Deck, when suddenly he was summoned from the apartment by a mysterious message. On his return he announced, with a total change of voice, that " It was all right, and his visitor might run alongside as soon as he chose.
299 페이지 - Hoskyns to descend to an ungentlemanlike word or action as to brush his own trousers below the knee. Captain Dolignan told this gentleman his story in gleeful accents; but Major Hoskyns heard him coldly, and as coldly answered that he had known a man to lose his life for the same thing. "That is nothing," continued the Major, "but unfortunately he deserved to lose it.

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