The Rivals

Thomas Y. Crowell & Company, 1907 - 131페이지

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113 페이지 - Nay, Sir Lucius, you can't have a better second than my friend Acres — He is a most determined dog — called in the country Fighting Bob.
18 페이지 - Heaven to release me from him, 'tis unknown what tears I shed ! But suppose we were going to give you another choice, will you promise us to give up this Beverley ? Lyd.
115 페이지 - Then let us study to preserve it so: and while Hope pictures to us a flattering scene of future bliss, let us deny its pencil those colours which are too bright to be lasting. — When hearts deserving happiness would unite their fortunes, Virtue would crown them with an unfading garland of modest hurtless flowers; but illjudging Passion will force the gaudier rose into the wreath, whose thorn offends them when its leaves are dropped ! [Exeunt omnes Epilogue BY THE AUTHOR Spoken by Mrs.
30 페이지 - I've travelled like a comet, with a tail of dust all the way as long as the Mall.
29 페이지 - Ay, but we may choose whether we will take the hint or not. — So, then, Faulkland, if you were convinced that Julia were well and in spirits, you would be entirely content?
18 페이지 - What business have you, miss, with preference and aversion? They don't become a young woman; and you ought to know, that as both always wear off, 'tis safest in matrimony to begin with a little aversion. I am sure I hated your poor dear uncle before marriage as if he'd been a blackamoor — and yet, miss, you are sensible what a wife I made!
72 페이지 - Look'ee, master, this honour seems to me to be a marvellous false friend: ay, truly, a very courtier-like servant.
123 페이지 - You blockhead, never say more than is necessary. FAG. I beg pardon, Sir— I beg pardon But with submission, a lie is nothing unless one supports it. Sir, whenever I draw on my invention for a good current lie, I always forge indorsements, as well as the bill.
69 페이지 - Pray what is the case ? I ask no names. Acres. Mark me, Sir Lucius, I fall as deep as need be in love with a young lady — her friends take my part — I follow her to Bath — send word of my arrival ; and receive answer that the lady is to be otherwise disposed of. This, Sir Lucius, I call being ill-used. Sir Luc.
52 페이지 - Sir, I repeat it, if I please you in this affair, 'tis all I desire. Not that I think a woman the worse for being handsome; but, sir, if you please to recollect, you before hinted something about a hump or two, one eye, and a few more graces of that kind. Now, without being very nice...

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