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404 페이지 - All crimes not capital, and all disorders and neglects, which officers and soldiers may be guilty of, to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, though not mentioned in the foregoing articles of war, are to be taken cognizance of by a general or regimental court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offence, and be punished at their discretion.
502 페이지 - An Act to repeal certain Acts, and amend other Acts, relating to Religious Worship, and Assemblies, and persons teaching or preaching therein ; " and hereby request a Certificate thereof.
50 페이지 - Warwick, the sessions confirmed the order, subject to the opinion of this Court upon the following case. The order of removal was as follows : — County of Warwick, to wit.
276 페이지 - Council shall decide whether the same be, or be not, connected with the civil or military government and revenues of the said territories and possessions in India ; which decision shall be final and conclusive.
385 페이지 - EF as aforesaid, before and at the said several times when, &c. necessarily had, and of right ought to have had, and still of right ought to have...
178 페이지 - If there be a warranty annexed to the release, then the son shall be barred, for albeit the release cannot bar the right for the cause aforesaid, yet the warranty may rebut and bar him and his heirs of a future right which was not in him at that time...
ii 페이지 - Beach, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns respectively? according to the nature and quality of the premises.
55 페이지 - But here the covenant passes with the land to the devisee, and has been broken in the time of the devisee ; for so long as the defendant has not a good title, there is a continuing breach ; and it is not like a covenant to do an act of solitary performance, which, not being done, the covenant is broken once for all, but is in the nature of a covenant to do a thing totics quot'us, as the exigency of the case may require.
36 페이지 - Maranham, to be advanced by the plaintiff', /iis agents or assigns, to the defendant, when required, free from interest and commission, at the current exchange of the place, and the residue of such freight to be paid on the delivery of the cargo in Liverpool, in good and approved bills on London not exceeding three months date.
259 페이지 - The only question is whether this is a conversion in the clerk, which undoubtedly was so in the master. The clerk acted under an unavoidable ignorance and for his master's benefit, when he sent the goods to his master: but, nevertheless, his acts may amount to a conversion ; for a person is guilty of...

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