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[blocks in formation]

Oats bush. 10 c.

Ochres, or ochery earths,

dry 100'ft>s.50c.

ground in oil 100Tbs.$150

Oil-cloth, (floor,) v. 50c, or

less p. s. yd 35 p. ct.

ditto, ov. 50c. pr. sq. yd... 45 p. ct.

all other, (except silk.).... 45 p. ct.

silk 60p.ct.

Oils, all animal, n. o. p 20 p. ct.

all essential, n. o. p 50 p. ct.

all expressed, n, o. p 20 p. ct.

almonds, essential ,.. lb $1 50.

expressed or fixed lb 10 c.

amber, essential, crude... lb 10 c

rectified lb 20 c.

anise, or anise-seed, ess'l. lb 50 c.

all fruit ethers, &c,

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lb $2 50.

bay leaves, essential lb $17 50.

bay or laurel, (fixed) tb 20 c.

bay-rum essence oz. $2.

behen, (cenne) gal. 30 c.

bergamot, essential lb $1.

cajeput, essential lb 25 c.

caraway, essential lb 50 c.

cassia, essential lb $1,

castor gal. $1.

cinnamon, essential lb $2.

citronella lb 50 c.

civet 30 p. ct.

cloves lb $2.

coal, crude .. gal. 15 c.

refined (See Oil Ilium.) cognac, or oenanthic ether oz. $4.

cotton-seed gal. 30 c.

croton ft) fl.

cubebs ..Tb $1.

fennel lb 50 c.

fish, n. o. p 23 p. ct.

flax-seed , gal. 30 c.

hemp-seed gal. 23 c.

illuminating naphtha,&c. gal. 40 c.

juniper lb 25 c.

laurel ;lb 20 c.

lemons, essential lb 50 c.

linseed gal. 30 c.

mace lb 50 c.

mustard, not salad gal. 25 c.

neat's-foot 20 p. ct.

olive,infl'ksorbot'ls,sal., gal. $1. not sal., not in flasks or bottles gal. 25 c.

orange, essential lb 50 c.

origanum, or red thyme,

essential lb 25 c.

white thyme ...Tb 30 c.■'

roses, or otto oz. $1 50.

petroleum, crude gal. 20 c.

rape-seed gal. 23 c.

rum, essential oz. $2.

salad, all '. gal. $1.

seal 20 p. ct.

sesame seed gal. 30 c.

spermaceti 20 p. ct.

valerian...... Tb $1 50.

whale 20 p. ct.

Olives 30 p. ct.

Opium , Tb $1.

smk'g, &all prep's, n.o.p, IT) $6.

Oranges 20 p. ct.

Orpiment, (sul. of arsenic... 20 p.ct. Osier or willow, p. for b. m.

use., ;30 p. ct.

Paddy lb H c.

Paintings, n. o. p 10 p. ct.

Paintings.on glass or glasses 40 p. ct.

Paints, all n. o. p 25 p- ct.

Pamphlets 25 p. ct.

Paper, all n. o. p 35 p. ct.

manufactures of, &c 35 p. ct.

hangings, &c...v 35 p. ct.

Paper, printing, sized 35 p. ct.

p'g uns., bk. &newsp. exc 20 p. ct.

sheathing 10 p. ct.

stock 20 p. ct.

Papers, illustrated 25 p. ct.

Papier-mache, manufs of... 35 p. ct.

Act of 1872.

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Pipe cases, stems, tips, &c.
Pipes,clay, com. or white..,

Pitch ,

Plaits & plait'gs for bonnets.


Plants, medicinal, n. o. p..,

all n. o. p

Plaster of Paris, ground

(sulph. lime) 20 p. ct.

calcined 20 p. ct.

Plated ware of all kinds,

copper note, v 35 p. ct.

Plates engraved, of steel,

&c, n. -o. p.. 25 p. ct.

copper 45 p. ct.

Platina, articles of, n. o. p.. 40 p. ct.
Plumbago, (see Black Lead) ron $10.

Plums, (dried) Tb 2k c.

Pocket-books of all kinds... 35 p. ct.

Polishing powder, all 25 p. ct.

Pomades 50 p. ct.

Porcelain, plain, white not

decorated 45 p. ct.

gilded, ornamented. &c... 50 D. ct.

Pork .' Tblc.

Potash, acetate of lb 75 c.

bichromate of Tb 3 c.

chlorate of Tb 6 c.

chromate of lb 3 c.

hydriodate of. Tb 75 c.

iodate and iodide of lb 75 c.

nit. of, crude, (See salt-
peter) Tb 2\ c.

refined Tb 3 c.

prussiate of, red Tb 10 c.

yellow lb 5 c.

Potatoes,. bush. 25 c.

Poultry, prep'd in cans, &c. 35 p. ct.

Printed matter, n. o. p 25 p. ct.

Prunes Tb 2i c.

Pulp, dried 20 p. ct.

Putty ft) He.

Quicksilver 15 p. ct.

Quills 30 p. ct.

Quinine, sul. & all salts of.. 45 p. ct.
Rags, all, of what material,!

not otherwise provided, 10 p. ct. I woolen lib 12 c.

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Rattans and reeds, wholly

or p. man'd

Red precipitate

Resins, gum, n. o. p

Rice, cleaned

not cleaned...,



tiles ,

Roots, bulbous, all n. o. p... Rubies, not set



Russia sheetings, flax or




Saddlery, all n. o. p

Saffron cake

Sago and sago flour



Salmon, pickled


Salt,* in bulk

in sacks, barrels, &c

Salpeter, crude .

partially refined


Salts, Epsom, (sul. of mag.)



and prep's of, n. o. p of tin


Sardines, preserved in oil


Sauces of all kinds, n. o. p.,

Sausage, Bologna

Saws, cross-cut

mill pit and drag, notover 9 inches wide

over9 inches .,

hand, not over 24in. long,

over 24 inches long

back, not over 10 in. long,

Saws, back, over 10 inches long

Scagliola tops for tables, &c. Screws, other than iron, n.

o. p


Sea-weed, used for beds or


Seeds, agricultural, n. o. p.






flower,n. b. p

garden, n. o. p


horticultural, n. o. p


medicinal, n. o. p


oil, like hemp and rape...





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Act of

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* Salt used in curing fish, free.

Articles enumerated.

Shale, (ton 28 bushels of 80 pounds)

Shell, boxes, and other m's


Shrubs, n. o. p

Silicate of soda, or other alk. sil <

Silk, in the gum, not bey'd

singles, &c

twist, of silk, or silk and mohair

for sewing, in theg'm and

purified ,

spun, for fill'g in sk'ns, &c, aprons, bonnets, braids.., button-cloth. (See Las'gs)

buttons, &c.

ch'm'tt's, &c, to webbingall other man. of, n. o. p..

Silver, manuf's of, n, o. p. leaf, (package of 5001 Ves),

Silver-pl'd me'l, in sh's, &c,

Sirup of sugar-cane juice... Sisal grass, unmanufact'd manufactures ,

Skates, costing 20 cents or less per pair ,

above 20 cents per pair... Skin, bone, ivory, &c, all manufactures of

Skins, raw, n. o.p

tanned and dres'd, n.o. p. dried, salted, or pickled Angora, unm., wool on..,


sheep, raw or unman., &c. calf, tanned .

Slate, chimney pieces, &c„ n. o. p....

Slates ,

Smalts ,

Soap stocks and stuffs

fancy, perfumed, &c, all toilet and shaving soap

all other, n.o. p ,

Soda, ash

bicarbonate of.

carbonates of, all n. o. p.


hyposulphate of

sal, or brinal

Sparterre, for in'k'g hats, &c Spelter, in blocks or pigs....

in sheets

manufactures of

Spices,all, n.o. p

if ground or prepared

Spirits, dis'd from grain, &c. Spirituous liquors, n. o. p...

beverages, &c, n. o. p



Starch, burnt, (see Gum,

Substitute) '.

Starch, of potatoes or corn

of rice or any other mat'l

Statuary, n.o. p

Staves for pipes, hhds, &c.


Steel, ingots, v. 7 c. or less

per pound

above 7 c. notab. 11 cents

valued at above 11 cents

per pound

in any other form, n.o. p. wire, one class

Acts of 1870.

Act of


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* Except steel rope, strand or chain made of steel wire, which is now subject to pay the same rate of duty that was levied by acts of 1870 upon the steel wire of which said rope or strand or chain is made.

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Articles enumerated.

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Acts of


Yellow metal or sheathin



Zinc, in blocks or pigs

in sheets...

oxide of, dry or gr'd in oil

manufacturers n. o. p.,

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Articles enumerated.

Unenumerated art's,*crude worked ,.

Goods, wares, merch. (ex. raw cotton and silk,r'ld f. t. cocoon, 1865,) produced in countries b'y'd the Cape of Good Hope, when imported from places this side the Cape, in addt'n to duties on such art's when imported direct from the place or places of their production

Upon the reimportation of articles,once exported, of the growth, product, or manufacture of the United States, upon which no internal tax has been assessed or paid, or upon which such tax has been paid and refunded by allowance or drawback, there shall be paid a duty equal to

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*In addition to the articles above named, the following are also enumerated in the Free list of 1872:

Specific—Charcoal, (formerly) 40 cents per ton; chlorate of lime. 30 cents per 100lbs; mustardseed, 3 cents per lb; Brazil nuts, 2 cents per lb; oil of thyme, 25 cents per lb ;quick-grassroot, $5 per ton.

A.DYATuORF^—(Formerly)50percent.: Ambergris; dried flowers, &c.; oils of anthos or rosemary, cedrat, chamomile, jessamine, juglandium, and lavender; 40 per cent.: balm of Gilead, Brazil pebbles, salaeine, sugar of milk; 35 percent.: bamboos, horn strips, indio or Malacca joints, josstick, magnets, sauerkraut, tamarinds; 30 per cent.: bed feathers and downs, cat-gut strings, hop roots, (for cultivation,) sugar-cane seeds, forest tree seeds, storax; 25 percent.: books, (20 years old,) leather, (old scrap); 20 per cent.: aluminium, angelica root, annatto, &c, (extracts of.) aniline, birds, (stuffed,) black salts, black tares,chamomile flowers, china root, cinchona, colcotha, con tray erva,, cow or vaccine virus, curling stones or quoits, curry powder, cyanite, dried bugs, dried blood, elecampane root, farina, galanga or galangal, gentian root, gut for whips, &c, guts, (salted.) hellebore root, hones, &c, lithographic stones, loadstones, marsh mallows, matico leaf, meerschaum, (crude or raw,) mica, (and waste,) poppy oils, oil cake, osmium, oxidizing paste, palladium, pellitory root, polypodium, pulu, railroad ties, rennets, saffron, &c, (and extracts of,) salep,sassafras,(bark and root,) shark skins, stavesacre, talc, tin, (grain,) uranium, wax, (bay or myrtle, Brazil or Chinese,) yeast cakes; 10 per cent.: agates, (unmanufactured,) almond shells, balsam, (Canada,) bladders, (crude,) diamonds, (rough,) fossils, garancine, grease, (soap stock,) madder, &c, (and extract of,) orange flowers, St. John's beans, snails, spunk, straw, (unmanufactured,) succinic acid.

Former Duties Not Determined.—Phanglein, root flour, sausage skins, chia seeds, oxide of strontia. Venice turpentine.

The following on tho free list of 1870 are again placed on thefree list for 1872: Amber gum, iridium, jalap, logs and ship timber, musk, (crude,) nux vomica, persis, Peruvian bark, rattan and reeds, (unmanufactured,) tripoli.

[merged small][table]

After Oct. 1, 1872, stamps of two cents on bank checks, (sight or demand,) drafts or orders, under Schedule B.

All stamps now taxable on proprietary medicines, &c, (Schedule C not having been interfered, with,) four percent.

* These comparative Schedules were compiled with the assistance of the Commissioner's office.

t All manufacturers of cigars must pay special tax of $10.

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