Plutarch's Lives, 1권

J. Richardson, 1821

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144 페이지 - Begin to cast a beam on the outward shape, The unpolluted temple of the mind, And turns it by degrees to the soul's essence, Till all be made immortal : but when lust By unchaste looks, loose gestures, and foul talk ; But most by lewd and lavish act of sin, Lets in defilement to the inward parts, The soul grows clotted by contagion, Imbodies, and imbrutes, till she quite lose The divine property of her first being.
xli 페이지 - Plutarch, to thy deathless praise Does martial Rome this grateful statue raise ; Because both Greece and she thy fame have shared, (Their heroes written, and their lives compared ;) But thou thyself could'st never write thy own ; Their lives have parallels, but thine has none.
177 페이지 - As for the virgins appearing naked, there was nothing disgraceful in it, because everything was conducted with modesty, and without one indecent word or action. Nay, it caused a simplicity of manners and an emulation for the best habit of body; their ideas too were naturally enlarged, while they were not excluded from their share of bravery and honour.
303 페이지 - And again, Wine, wit, and beauty still their charms bestow, Light all the shades of life, and cheer us as we go. Plato, ambitious to cultivate and adorn the subject of the Atlantic Island, as a delightful spot in some fair field unoccupied, to which also he had some claim by his being related to Solon, laid out magnificent courts and inclosures, and erected a grand entrance to it, such as no other story, fable, or poem ever had.
289 페이지 - Solon, in his sixteenth table, sets on choice victims, were naturally far greater; yet they, too, are very low in comparison of the present. The Athenians were, from the beginning, great enemies to wolves, their fields being better for pasture than corn.
112 페이지 - Mundus,' the same with that of the universe. In the next place, they marked out the city, like a circle round this centre...
169 페이지 - Who would steal or take a bribe, who would defraud or rob, when he could not conceal the booty ; when he could neither be dignified by the possession of it, nor if cut in pieces be served by its use...
305 페이지 - I swear by this blood, which was once so pure, and which nothing but royal villany could have polluted, that I will pursue Lucius Tarquinius the proud, his wicked wife, and their children, with fire and sword; nor will I ever suffer any of that family, or of any other whatsoever, to be king in Rome. Ye Gods, I call you to witness this my oath...
165 페이지 - The people thus assembled had no right to propose any subject of debate, and were only authorized to ratify or reject what might be proposed to them by the senate and the kings.
180 페이지 - ... if it was weakly and deformed, they ordered it to be thrown into the place called Apothetae, which is a deep cavern near the mountain Taygetus ; concluding that its life could be no advantage either to itself or to the public, since nature had not given it at first any strength or goodness of constitution...

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