The American Reports: Containing All Decisions of General Interest Decided in the Courts of Last Resort of the Several States with Notes and References, 37권

Bancroft-Whitney, 1882

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61 페이지 - All taxes shall be uniform, upon the same class of subjects, within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax, and shall be levied and collected under general laws...
512 페이지 - ... favor: all deposits of money, bullion or other valuable thing for its use. or for the use of any of its shareholders or creditors: and all payments of money to either...
465 페이지 - State, other than a special holiday, except for the following purposes : 1. To give, upon their request, instructions to a jury when deliberating on their verdict; 2. To receive a verdict or discharge a jury; 3. For the exercise of the powers of a magistrate in a criminal action, or in a proceeding of a criminal nature. Injunctions and writs of prohibition may be issued and served on any day.
125 페이지 - The general assembly shall provide a thorough and efficient system of free schools, whereby all children of this state may receive a good common school education.
757 페이지 - Those directions which are not of the essence of the thing to be done, but which are given with a view merely to the proper, orderly and prompt conduct of the business, and by the failure to obey which the rights of those interested will not be prejudiced, are not commonly to be regarded as mandatory...
290 페이지 - ... general (be they penal or beneficial restrictive or enlarging of the common law) four things are to be discerned and considered : — 1st.
290 페이지 - that whoever drew blood in the streets should be punished with the utmost severity,' did not extend to the surgeon who opened the vein of a person that fell down in the street in a fit.
823 페이지 - I cannot subscribe to the doctrine, that a broker's engagements are necessarily and in all cases limited to his actual authority, the reality of which is afterwards to be tried by the fact. It is clear that he may bind his principal within the limits of the authority with which he has been apparently clothed by the principal in respect of the subjectmatter ; and there would be no safety in mercantile transactions if he could not.
59 페이지 - An arrest for a crime, may be made by an officer, either under a warrant, or without a warrant if the offense is committed in his presence, or the offender is endeavoring to escape, or for other cause there is likely to be a failure of justice for want of an officer to issue a warrant.
781 페이지 - Private property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation. Such compensation, when not made by the State, shall be ascertained by a jury, as shall be prescribed by law.

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