Annual Report of the United States Coast Guard

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915

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37 페이지 - It also provided that it shall constitute a part of the military forces of the United States, and shall operate under the Treasury Department in time of peace and operate as a part of the Navy, subject to the orders of the Secretary of the Navy, in time of war or when the President shall so direct.
12 페이지 - They shall perform such other duties as the Secretary of the Treasury may from time to time prescribe, and their administrative examination shall extend to all customs districts assigned to them by the Secretary of the Treasury.
13 페이지 - ... and the said vessel may be holden for the payment of such penalty, and may be seized and proceeded against summarily by libel for the recovery of the same in any United States district court...
57 페이지 - ... at the hoist. In the upper quarter, next to the hoist, is the union, being the Coat of Arms of the United States, in dark blue on a white field, half of the length of the flag, and extending down the hoist halfway. The distinctive emblem of the Coast Guard in blue and white is placed with its center on a line with the lower edge of the union and over the center of the seventh vertical red stripe from the hoist of the flag, the emblem covering a horizontal space of three stripes.
57 페이지 - Jack" is the union or blue field of the flag. The Revenue Marine Service flag, authorized by Act of Congress, March 2, 1799, was originally prescribed to "consist of sixteen perpendicular stripes, alternate red and white, the union of the ensign bearing the arms of the United States in dark blue on a white field.
37 페이지 - Service was originally established in 1790, at the second session of the First Congress, upon the recommendation of the first Secretary of the Treasury, as the result of the, need for the services of a coast patrol for the enforcement of the customs laws and an organized armed force for the protection of the seacoast.
22 페이지 - ... engineers' stores for the same ; actual traveling expenses or mileage, in the. discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, for officers traveling on duty under orders from the Treasury Department ; commutation of quarters; for maintenance of vessels in the protection of the seal fisheries in Bering Sea and the other waters of Alaska, and the enforcement of the provisions of law in Alaska; for maintenance of vessels in enforcing the provisions of the Acts relating to the anchorage of vessels...
57 페이지 - From then until 1910 it was displayed indiscriminately on customhouses, customs boats, and revenue cutters. In order, therefore, that this distinctive ensign, the sign of authority of a cutter, should be used for no other purpose as originally contemplated, President Taft issued the following Executive order on June 7, 1910 : • By virtue of the authority vested in me under the provisions of section 2764 of the Revised Statutes, I hereby prescribe that the distinguishing flag now used by vessels...
13 페이지 - That at ports or places where there is no revenue cutter available such rules and regulations may be enforced by the Chief of Engineers under - the direction of the Secretary of War.

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