Education Legislation--1968, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Education


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4051 페이지 - ... their decisions as to the type of educational program they should pursue, the vocation they should train for and enter, and the job opportunities in the various fields, and (C) to encourage students with outstanding aptitudes and ability to complete their secondary school education, take the necessary courses for admission to institutions of higher education, and enter such institutions.
3528 페이지 - STATE OF CALIFORNIA, County of San Bernardino, ss: I, V. DENNIS WARDLE, County Clerk and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of San Bernardino County, California, hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true and correct copy of the...
3523 페이지 - That no part of this appropriation shall be available for the purchase of science, mathematics, and modern language teaching equipment, or equipment suitable for use for teaching in such fields of education, which can be identified as originating in or having been exported from a Communist country, unless such equipment is unavailable from any other source...
3513 페이지 - ... credits are accepted, on transfer, by not less than three institutions which are so accredited, for credit on the same basis as if transferred from an institution so accredited.
3513 페이지 - ... a two-year program in engineering, mathematics, or the physical or biological sciences which is designed to prepare the student to work as a technician and at a semiprofessional level in engineering, scientific, or other technological fields which require the understanding and application of basic engineering, scientific, or mathematical principles or knowledge ; (4) is a public or other nonprofit institution...
3324 페이지 - The State Treasurer is hereby designated and appointed custodian of all moneys received by the State from appropriations made by the Congress of the United States for the vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise, and is authorized to receive and provide for the proper custody of the same and to make disbursements therefrom upon the order of the state board herein designated.
3022 페이지 - The complaint should contain a short and plain statement of the grounds upon which the Court's jurisdiction depends.
3184 페이지 - Acts, keep such records, afford such access thereto, and comply with such other provisions as the Commissioner may find necessary to assure himself that such reports are correct and verifiable. Such reports shall include the annual estimate of projected program needs and the annual report.
3513 페이지 - State to provide a program of education beyond secondary education, (3) provides an educational program for which it awards a bachelor's degree or provides not less than a two-year program which is acceptable for full credit toward such a degree...
2926 페이지 - The general supervision of the public schools of the state shall be vested in a board of education...

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