Non-service-connected Pension Legislation: Hearings, Eighty-ninth Congress, Second Session, on Pending Pension Bills

Considers H.R. 222, H.R. 186, and numerous similar bills, to extend, enlarge, or alter non-service-connected pension provisions for veterans and their dependents.

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4422 페이지 - OF THE ESTIMATES Since the estimates are based on a sample, they may differ somewhat from the figures that would have been obtained if a complete census had been taken using the same schedules, instructions, and enumerators.
4407 페이지 - ... death gratuity; (2) donations from public or private relief or welfare organizations; (3) payments under this chapter, and chapters 11 and 13 (except section 412(a)) of this title; (4) payments under policies of United States Government life insurance or National Service Life Insurance, and payments of servicemen's indemnity...
4400 페이지 - PUBLIC LAW 634 (War Orphans Educational Assistance Act) A child of a person who died of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated while on active duty in the Armed Forces during World War I, World War II, or the Korean Conflict may be eligible for educational assistance under this Act, if certain age requirements are met. In the case of a child who has not reached the age of majority, his guardian must make application for him to the Veterans Administration.
4407 페이지 - Amounts equal to amounts paid by a widow or child of a deceased veteran for: (a) His just debts; (b) The expenses of his last illness; and (c) The expenses of his burial to the extent such expenses are not reimbursed under 38 USC ch.
4360 페이지 - ... will be assigned if the veteran is determined to be unable to secure and follow substantially gainful employment by reason of such disability.
4338 페이지 - Delaware SEYMOUR HALPERN, New York RAY ROBERTS, Texas ROBERT F. ELLSWORTH, Kansas ROBERT T. SECREST, Ohio JOHN J. DUNCAN, Tennessee GEORGE E. BROWN, JR., California WJ BRYAN DORN, South Carolina CHARLES H.
4422 페이지 - ... any systematic biases in the data. The chances are about 68 out of 100 that an estimate from the sample would differ from a complete census figure by less than the standard error.
4422 페이지 - ... to sampling variability. The standard error is primarily a measure of sampling variability, that is, of the variations that occur by chance because a sample rather than the whole of the population is surveyed. The...
4406 페이지 - Korean conflict (for method of computing service see § 3.17) ; or (2) A discharge or release from such service for a service-connected disability; or (3) At the time of death was receiving (or entitled to receive) compensation or retirement pay based upon World War I, World War n or Korean conflict serviceconnected disability.
4363 페이지 - Code, which has been in effect for 10 or more years will not be severed except upon a showing that the original grant was based on fraud or it is clearly shown from military records that the person concerned did not have the requisite service or character of discharge. The...

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