A picture of what a post-pandemic world may look like

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If there was ever a period of uncertainty and a backlog of unanswered questions in recent memory, the years 2020 and 2021 have certainly been uncertain. What does the future hold for us after this pandemic? Has COVID-19 permanently changed our way of life? What is the long-term outlook for the global economy? In this book, I examine what medical experts, political leaders, and well-known futurists are saying with regard to these questions.

Political polarization, fearmongering, and herd mentality are all great obstacles that must be dealt with in order to address the most pressing questions that the pandemic has given rise to. Should our leaders consider universal basic income (UBI) in the long run? How does transportation look in a post-pandemic society? How can we reduce the possibilities of such a pandemic from happening again? How can nations achieve the appropriate balance between public health and individual

rights? Again, these are just a few questions that may arise as we move on from the worst days of the pandemic, and for most of these questions, there is no single, clear, and definite answer. It may be impossible to read the future, but it is possible to prepare for it by educating ourselves with data. In a time where political leaders seem to be driven more by partisanship over data-driven decision-making, the onus is on average citizens to steer their leaders towards practical and helpful legislative practices.

With unstable financial markets, a global economy on fire, and speculations over the efficacy of vaccines, it is important to understand our current circumstances in order to present reasonable solutions. However dim the future may appear, creating a brighter reality must be a collective goal. Through this book, I hope to provide a clear picture of what the world looked like during the peak of the pandemic as well as a picture of what a post-pandemic world may look like.


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A Call For True Leadership
The Recovery
The Future
Final Thoughts

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저자 정보 (2021)

Joshua Park is a University of Southern California alumnus who studied Journalism and Political Science as an undergrad and is currently working as an associate coordinator at Saddleback Church.

Joshua is also a former writer for the Daily Trojan and worked as an intern for Annenberg Media. His range of coverage widely varied from sports to university-related news, local political rallies, and national elections.

Joshua is also passionate about politics, history, education, and sports. He loves talking about current issues with other people and asking them for their thoughts and opinions.

Growing up, Joshua was always interested in understanding history, how political movements are formed, and studying significant events that changed societal landscapes across the globe.

Park said that this book was an excellent opportunity for him to examine the societal effects COVID-19 has created in the past two years, look towards the future, and explore the social changes we can expect to see moving forward. 

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