J.B. Lippincott, 1924 - 643페이지

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73 페이지 - ... being prompted and instigated by the devil and not having the fear of God before his eyes." And the Supreme Court of North Carolina as late as 1862 declared "To know the right and still the wrong pursue proceeds from a perverse will brought about by the seductions of the evil one.
119 페이지 - The beginning of delinquency in girls is usually an impulse to get amusement, adventure, pretty clothes, favorable notice, distinction, freedom in the larger world which presents so many allurements and comparisons. The cases which I have examined (about three thousand) show that sexual passion does not play an important role, for the girls have usually become "wild" before the development of sexual desire, and their casual sexual relations do not usually awaken sex feeling.
393 페이지 - Holland ; the last part of the eighteenth and the first part of the nineteenth centuries...
27 페이지 - If a man has made the tooth of a man that is his equal to fall out, one shall make his tooth fall out.
76 페이지 - We have exhaustively compared, with regard to many physical characters, different kinds of criminals with each other, and criminals as a class with the lawabiding public. From these comparisons, no evidence has emerged confirming the existence of a physical criminal type, such as Lombroso and his disciples have described.
417 페이지 - Imprisonment as it exists today is a worse crime than any of those committed by its victims: for no single criminal can be as powerful for evil, or as unrestrained in its exercise, as an organized nation. Therefore, if any person is addressing himself to...
131 페이지 - When we move to town or go to another country, or get into a different social class, or adopt ideas that alienate us from our former associates, it is not at all certain that we shall form new relations equally intimate and cogent with the old. A common result, therefore, is a partial moral isolation and atrophy of the moral sense.
598 페이지 - Two centuries ago, while modern medical science was still young, medical practitioners proceeded upon two general assumptions: one as to the cause of disease, the other as to its treatment. As to the cause of disease, — disease was sent by the inscrutable will of God. No man could fathom that will, nor its arbitrary operation. As to the treatment of disease, there were believed to be a few remedial agents of universal efficacy. Calomel and bloodletting, for example, were two of the principal ones....
320 페이지 - A law of Canute, the Danish king of England, evidently designed to provide a humane substitute for capital punishment, ordained: "Let his [the offender's] hands be cut off, or his feet, or both, according as the deed may be. And if he have wrought yet greater wrong, then let his eyes be put out and his nose and his ears and his upper lip be cut off, or let him be scalped, whichever of these shall counsel those whose duty it is to counsel thereupon, so that punishment be inflicted, and also the soul...
191 페이지 - In America, on the other hand, the student of police travels from one political squabble to another, too often from one scandal to another. He finds a shifting leadership of mediocre calibre — varied now and then by flashes of real ability which are snuffed out when the political wheel turns. There is little conception of policing as a profession or a science to be matured and developed. It is a job, held, perhaps, by the grace of some mysterious political influence, and conducted in an atmosphere...

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