Asiatic Journal

Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1834

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234 페이지 - Sometimes the huger stones, striking against each other as they fell, broke into countless fragments, emitting sparks of fire, which caught whatever was combustible within their reach ; and along the plains beyond the city the darkness was now terribly relieved ; for several houses, and even vineyards, had been set on flames; and at various intervals, the fires rose sullenly and fiercely against the solid gloom.
135 페이지 - Seminary (similar in character to those which existed in Europe before the time of Lord Bacon) can only be expected to load the minds of youth with grammatical niceties and metaphysical distinctions of little or no practical use to the possessors or to society. The pupils will there acquire what was known two thousand years ago, with the addition of vain and empty subtleties since produced by speculative men, such as is already commonly taught in all parts of India.
135 페이지 - But as the improvement of the native population is the object of the Government, it will consequently promote a more liberal and enlightened system of instruction, embracing Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Anatomy, with other useful sciences...
282 페이지 - ... fashions of thinking and writing which succeed each other so rapidly among polished nations, that Grotius, who filled so large a space in the eye of his contemporaries, is now perhaps known to some of my readers only by name. Yet if we fairly estimate both his endowments and his virtues, we may justly consider him as one of the most memorable men who have done honour to modern times.
84 페이지 - SIR, — I have the honour to report to you, for the information of the Committee, that on the 16th of December 8 last Mr.
234 페이지 - In some places, immense fragments of rock, hurled upon the house roofs, bore down along the streets masses of confused ruin, which yet more and more, with every hour, obstructed the way; and as the day advanced, the motion of the earth was more sensibly felt — the footing seemed to slide and creep — nor could chariot or litter be kept steady, even on the most level ground.
135 페이지 - If it had been intended to keep the British nation in ignorance of real knowledge, the Baconian philosophy would not have been allowed to displace the system of the schoolmen which was the best calculated to perpetuate ignorance. In the same manner. the Sanskrit system of education would be the best calculated to keep this country in darkness if such had been the policy of the British legislators.
135 페이지 - Sanskrit, in the different parts of the country, engaged in teaching this language as well as the other branches of literature which are to be the object of the new seminary.
134 페이지 - We were filled with sanguine hopes that this sum would be laid out in employing European gentlemen of talents and education to instruct the natives of India in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Anatomy, and other useful sciences, which the natives of Europe have carried to a degree of perfection that has raised them above the inhabitants of other parts of the world.
318 페이지 - English, to go on as usual, and dismissed us with a present of two pieces of silk to each, as a mark of his friendly disposition. The other Nations, one after another, sent away their Boats, under protection of a Chinese flag, and pursued their Business as before. The English were obliged to submit - the Gunner was given up Mr Smith was released - and the English, after being forced to ask pardon of the Magistracy of Canton, in presence of the other Nations, had their Commerce restored. On this occasion,...

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