Research Handbook in International Economic Law

Andrew T. Guzm¾n, A. O. Sykes
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008. 1. 1. - 640페이지
This major new work consists of carefully commissioned original and incisive contributions from leading scholars in the field of international economic law. Covering a full range of topics, the Handbook provides an accessible treatment of the law in each

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International trade barriers to trade
International trade trade remedies
International trade trade in services
International trade regionalism
International trade dispute settlement
International investment
International commercial law
The economic underpinnings of international taxation
International finance rule choices for global financial markets
International competition law
Intellectual property rights in world trade
Power and cooperation in international environmental law
International telecommunications
Private dispute resolution in international economic law

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30 페이지 - The products of the territory of any contracting party imported into the territory of any other contracting party shall be accorded treatment no less favorable than that accorded to like products of national origin in respect of all laws, regulations and requirements affecting their internal sale, offering for sale, purchase, transportation, distribution or use.
82 페이지 - ... the comparable price, in the ordinary course of trade, for the like product when destined for consumption in the exporting country...
1 페이지 - It is the maxim of every prudent master of a family never to attempt to make at home what it will cost him more to make than to buy. The tailor does not attempt to make his own shoes, but buys them of the shoemaker. The shoemaker does not attempt to make his own clothes, but employs a tailor.
44 페이지 - Subject to the requirement that such measures are not applied in a manner which would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination between countries where the same conditions prevail, or a disguised restriction on international trade...
81 페이지 - States, commonly and systematically to import, sell or cause to be imported or sold such articles within the United States at a price substantially less than the actual market value or wholesale price of such articles, at the time of exportation to the United States...
71 페이지 - Agreement, the competent authorities shall evaluate all relevant factors of an objective and quantifiable nature having a bearing on the situation of that industry, in particular, the rate and amount of the increase in imports of the product concerned in absolute and relative terms, the share of the domestic market taken by increased imports, changes in the level of sales, production, productivity, capacity utilization, profits and losses, and employment.
122 페이지 - In the sectors inscribed in its Schedule, and subject to any conditions and qualifications set out therein, each Member shall accord to services and service suppliers of any other Member, in respect of all measures affecting the supply of services, treatment no less favourable than that it accords to its own like services and service suppliers.
93 페이지 - ... actual and potential decline in output, sales, market share, profits, productivity, return on investments, or utilization of capacity; factors affecting domestic prices; actual and potential negative effects on cash flow, inventories, employment, wages, growth, ability to raise capital or investments and.
49 페이지 - ... necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health; (c) relating to the importation or exportation of gold or silver; (d) necessary to secure compliance with laws or regulations which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement...
45 페이지 - Agreement shall be construed to prevent the adoption or enforcement by any contracting party of measures: [....] (b) necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health; [....] (g) relating to the conservation of exhaustible natural resources if such measures are made effective in conjunction with restrictions on domestic production or consumption.

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