Review of the Administration, Value, and State of the Colony of Java: With Its Dependencies, as it Was, as it Is, and as it May be

Black, Parbury, and Allen, 1816 - 165페이지
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115 페이지 - Of this actual proprietary right, there can be no doubt that it originally [was] vested solely in the sovereign; but it is equally certain, that the first clearers of the land entitled themselves, as their just reward, to such a real property in the ground they thus in a manner created, that...
64 페이지 - Secondly, the cultivators must be able to feel that their labour on the land was not mere serfs' labour for their lords and masters but in their own interest and for their own profit and the means by which they might raise and civilise their standard of life. ' They are neither sunk in barbarism, nor worn out by effeminacy: they have been both mistaken and misrepresented : they are neither so indolent as to refuse to labour when they feel that the fruits of it are their own, nor so ignorant as to...
152 페이지 - The seventeenth rule provides, that when a case appears to be brought merely for delay, damages shall be awarded >at the rate of ten per cent, on the amount of the judgment ; and, by the...
102 페이지 - Javan village has, from immemorial usage, been considered to have vested in him the general superintendence of the affairs relating to that village, whether in attending to the police, settling the minor disputes that occur within its limits, or of collecting its revenues, or more often its services.
115 페이지 - ... enjoyed the revenues of villages or districts, being deemed merely the executive officers of Government, who received those revenues only from the gift of their lord, and who depended on his will alone for their tenure.
126 페이지 - Regulation for the more effectual administration of justice in the provincial courts of Java...
125 페이지 - It is not enough ,' he wrote, ' that the Government lay down the principles of a benevolent system. ... It is with the Collectors that the application of those principles is entrusted, and to their temper, assiduity, judgment, and integrity that the people have to look for the enjoyment of the blessings which it is intended to bestow on them.
149 페이지 - In these, and all other cases, whether civil or criminal, which come before liim, the Resident shall be guided in his decisions by the existing native laws, and ancient customs of the island ; provided the same be not decidedly at variance with the universal and acknowledged principles of natural justice.
116 페이지 - ... chiefs, who, however well they may have hitherto conducted themselves, would certainly, in such case, possess an ability of injury and oppression, against which the ruling power would have left itself no adequate means of prevention or redress, and which cannot therefore be permitted, consistently with the principles of good government.
116 페이지 - It has, therefore, been resolved, that this intermediate system be entirely done away, the government determining to act, in future, through its immediate officers, directly with each individual cultivator, and to stand forward, in short, the sole collector and enjoyer of its own revenues. On every view, indeed, of the subject, the tiang-halit (or as it is termed in Western India, where it is understood to have been advantageously introduced...

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