Encyclopædia Britannica: Or, A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature, 5권,파트 1

Colin Macfarquhar, George Gleig
A. Bell and C. Macfarquhar, 1797

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51 페이지 - A Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again, translated from a manuscript written by the Prefetto of Egypt, in company with some missionaries de propaganda fide, at Grand Cairo: To which are added, Remarks on the Origin of Hieroglyphics, and the Mythology of the ancient Heathens.
342 페이지 - The method of computing these degrees in the canon law which our law has adopted, is as follows : we begin at the common ancestor, and reckon downwards : and in whatsoever degree the two persons, or the most remote of them, is distant from the common ancestor, that is the degree in which they are related to each other.
125 페이지 - Instead, therefore, of placing the world upon the giant, the giant upon the tortoise, and the tortoise upon he could not tell what, he placed the world at once upon itself...
275 페이지 - On hills where flocks are fed, flies toward the springs Of Ganges or Hydaspes, Indian streams; But in his way lights on the barren plains Of Sericana, where Chineses -drive With sails and wind their cany waggons light.: So, on this windy sea of land, the Fiend Walk'd up and down alone, bent on his prey...
147 페이지 - And therefore the common law of England, as such, has no allowance or authority there; they being no part of the mother country, but distinct, though dependent dominions. They are subject, however, to the control of the parliament, though (like Ireland, Man, and the rest) not bound by any acts of parliament, unless particularly named.
38 페이지 - Some Reflections on that part of a Book called Amyntor, or a Defence of Milton's Life, written by Toland, which relates to the Writings of the Primitive Fathers and the Canon of the New Testament, in a Letter to a Friend.
124 페이지 - ... at different distances, that is, surrounded with various spheres of attraction and repulsion ; in the same manner as solid matter is generally supposed to be. Provided, therefore, that any body move with a sufficient degree of velocity, or have...
2 페이지 - Cicero's interest appeared to be superior to that of all the candidates: for the nobles themselves, though always envious, and desirous to depress him, yet, out of regard to the dangers which threatened the city from many quarters, and seemed ready to...
234 페이지 - because they had acted in a manner repugnant to the honour and policy of this nation, and thereby brought great calamities on India, and enormous expenses on the East India company*" Here was no attempt on the charter.
343 페이지 - ... rose from one post to another, till at length he was chosen chief magistrate. In this office he maintained a fair character, and continued to fill...

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