Rough Notes of the Campaign in Sinde and Affghanistan, in 1838-9: Being Extracts from a Personal Journal Kept While on the Staff of the Army of the Indus

J.M. Richardson, 1840 - 262페이지

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250 페이지 - Queen has also been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting the dignity of...
197 페이지 - ... injurious to the security and peace of the frontiers of India; and that he openly threatened, in furtherance of those schemes, to call in every foreign aid which he could command. Ultimately, he gave his undisguised support to the Persian designs in...
199 페이지 - Soojah-ool-Moolk, whose popularity throughout Afghanistan had been proved to his Lordship by the strong and unanimous testimony of the best authorities.
251 페이지 - Jan. 1 1. [The Queen has been pleased to direct Letters Patent to be passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, granting the dignity of a Baron of the said United Kingdom unto Alfred Tennyson, Esq., and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten...
220 페이지 - Braye and a wet ditch, whilst the height of the citadel covered the interior from the commanding fire of the hills from the north, rendering it nugatory. In addition to this screen, walls had been built before the gates, the ditch was filled with water and unfordable, and an outwork built on the right bank of the river, so as to command the bed of it.
237 페이지 - This force was newly raised, and opportunities had not been afforded for its perfect organization and instruction; but it shared honourably in the labours and difficulties of the campaign, and it had the good fortune in repelling an attack made by the enemy in force on the day prior to the storming of Ghuznee, to be enabled to give promise of the excellent service which may hereafter be expected from it. His Lordship has also much satisfaction in adding, that the best acknowledgments of the government...
231 페이지 - Majesty on being in possession of the throne and kingdom of his ancestors, and upon the overthrow of his enemies, and after taking leave of His Majesty, we returned to our camp. " I trust we have thus accomplished all the objects which your Lordship had in contemplation, when you planned and formed the Army of the Indus, and the expedition into Affghanistan.
198 페이지 - His attention was naturally drawn at this conjuncture to the position and claims of Shah Soojah-ool-Moolk, a monarch who, when in power, had cordially acceded to the measures of united resistance to external enmity, which were at that time judged necessary by the British Government, and who, on his empire being usurped by its present rulers, had found an honourable asylum in the British dominions.
214 페이지 - Infantry Division (of the Bengal Army), I have invariably received the strongest support, and on this occasion his exertions were manifest in support of the honour of the profession and of our country.
231 페이지 - Bamian, leaving his guns in position as he had placed them to receive our attack. " It appears that a great part of his army, which was hourly becoming disorganized, refused to...

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